Top 10 Teams Most Likely to Win the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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1 Germany

Germany will win be cause they are a very good team and they have been in the most finals

Best Performing overall team in World cup

The rich always stay near the top...

have some great players like havertz, werner, and of course ter stegen

2 Brazil

Brazil Easily won America's Cup. Amazing players have been shown like Everton and of couse, they have the 2 most important players from Liverpool.

They have a good chance because of there amazing players but they should not worry about there players.

They have won it 5 times already and I think they will win one more time.

I think brazil will win because they have lots of good players

3 England

Most talented team with the majority playing in the most competitive league in the world (Premier League). They reached semifinals in Russia, now with a more mature team I think they can win. Also, Kane is the best striker in the world (with Ronaldo aging) he will be decisive

We made it all the way to the semis with the youngest squad in the tournament. Give our boys four more years of experience playing at a high level, and just maybe, we could finally bring it home in Qatar.

The English are really good in youth tournaments so they should use the youth and the players now to create the best squad.

Young team, at least semifinalists 100%

4 Spain

Who can play in the heat? Spain can.

They are taleneted and due for big wins

5 Portugal

Portugal will win because they have cristiano and pele and Silva And many other strong players. They won the nations league fascinatingly I watched the matches and they also beat France in 2016 for the euro 1-0 amazingly in extra time. France are the current world champions and Portugal beat them which is convincing that Portugal will win. And they also tied with Spain which is strong in the World Cup 2018 amazingly with a Ronaldo hat trick and last minute goal.

They have won Nations League and the 2016 Euros. They also have a lot of good youngsters and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo. This would finally win him the trophy he is missing, and the first world cup victory for portugal

I think they have the best chance.

lots of good young players

6 Argentina

Since this will be his last world cup,am sure he will work very hard to grab the trophy.Argentina is a good team,but they really need to improve their defense.I really hope he wins it.

Leo Messi is just the best and this actually might be his last tournament. Argentina needs to make Messi have the best times in his life! Lets go get this trophy, Argentina! I will always support you and will see every match that you guys are in...

Nope. Messi will retire. Argentina would lose in group stages without him.

Argentina will always remains as great champions

7 Italy
8 United States

I think they might find it qualifying. But they wont stand a chance in winning.

9 Mexico

They had amazing 2014 and 2018 World Cup matches. in 2014, they went against Brazil in the Group stage and Ochoa was just a god. In 2018, they won against Germany. I'm gonna say it right now, Germany just plain sucked in last year's world cup

The question is not "if" Mexico will win a World Cup, but rather "when" they will. I expect them to reach semifinals at least in one of the next two World Cups.

Mexico has to at least go to semifinals cause of the youth program. They just need to.

10 France

They probably make it to the quarter-finals because they won last year and it is rarely where a team goes back to back in a world cup. But they still have my vote.

They will not win because they won in 2018

Back to back wins would be so awesome

France won the world cup.

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11 Belgium

They are the best in the world! Semi-Final there best and lost to one goal against that crap team France. They are the best even though I'm from the United States. They suck. (USA) Not Belgium complete opposite so GO BELGIUM!

I think that they should not worry about who they are going against they should just worry about what they are doing with the ball the should not think if there going against the USA they should not just say oh we're going to win there easy look what happens to Germany when they went against Mexico they lost 1-0 they can lose from too much confidence.

Best team should be number 1 if they got this close in Fifa 18. Semi Final there best and lost to one goal against that crap team France.(1-0) They are the best even though I'm from United States. They suck.(USA) Not Belgium complete opposite so GO BELGIUM!

12 Nigeria
13 Netherlands

Netherlands won a Nations League Group with Germany and France, Have super talented Young players in the Likes of De Ligt and De Jong, and have the best Center back on the planet, They should easily be in the top contenders list

They have an up and coming squad for the future can't wait to see them in action

Great team with many world class players such as De Ligt, De Jong, Van Djik, Kluivert, and more

14 Uruguay
15 Cameroon
16 Croatia Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia (independence since 1991), is a sovereign state at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean. Its capital city is Zagreb. It is a member of the European Union. During the Cold War it was part of Yugoslavia. It is a cultural more.
17 Ivory Coast

They don't stand a chance

18 Scotland

Lets get real. The Scots could prove a point if they qualify for Euro 2020 and they could be playing on home soil in Euro 2020. May not be the best team but they could do a 'Costa Rica' and make it to the Quarter Finals.

Scotland will have better players by this time, have a good chance to upset countries.

The Scots will win

19 Colombia

South Americans dude

Radamel falcao

20 New Zealand

We need to get real, New Zealand have only once reached the second round,2010

21 Japan
22 Australia

They are rising from their rugby talent and can do well

I sure hope we do!

23 United Arab Emirates

Now that's a laugh

24 Switzerland
25 Vatican City

why not lets see it

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