Top 10 Teams Most Likely to Win the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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1 Brazil

Brazil definitely has hope, lots of good players playing in Europe. We have Fred for Manchester United, Neymar for Paris Saint-Germain, the list goes on and on. Quality team as always.

Brazil have always have had good players like Pele ,Neymar ,Ronaldinho and more so I hope that Brazil wins and secures their record with most World cup titles.

They have a good chance because of there amazing players but they should not worry about there players.

2 Germany

Germany has Neuer in goals, a string midfield and attack too. Top team.

Won 4 ties and are one of the best in Europe .

The rich always stay near the top...

3 Argentina

Leo Messi is just the best and this actually might be his last tournament. Argentina needs to make Messi have the best times in his life! Lets go get this trophy, Argentina! I will always support you and will see every match that you guys are in...

I know that they lost against Saudi Arabia but that was a fluke and Messi will be motivated as ever to win. This possibly being his last world cup.

I'm a Messi fan so make Messi his and he wil be happy and so wil I because it's pro belly his last World Cup so go Argentina.

4 England

Most talented team with the majority playing in the most competitive league in the world (Premier League). They reached semifinals in Russia, now with a more mature team I think they can win. Also, Kane is the best striker in the world (with Ronaldo aging) he will be decisive

We made it all the way to the semis with the youngest squad in the tournament. Give our boys four more years of experience playing at a high level, and just maybe, we could finally bring it home in Qatar.

Lots of quality in this national side, Sancho, Kane, Sterling, Maguire, Henderson, Alexander-Arnold. I reckon we should beat Iran 2-0, USA 1-0, UEFA Play offs 2-1 (if Wales), 1-0 (if Scotland), 4-0 (if Ukraine).

5 Spain

Who can play in the heat? Spain can.

Spain are all out the best team because they have to best young Squad in the World Cup

Great side, Morata's goal at home vs Sweden was sick to grant them qualification.

6 Portugal

Portugal will win because they have cristiano and pele and Silva And many other strong players. They won the nations league fascinatingly I watched the matches and they also beat France in 2016 for the euro 1-0 amazingly in extra time. France are the current world champions and Portugal beat them which is convincing that Portugal will win. And they also tied with Spain which is strong in the World Cup 2018 amazingly with a Ronaldo hat trick and last minute goal.

They have won Nations League and the 2016 Euros. They also have a lot of good youngsters and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo. This would finally win him the trophy he is missing, and the first world cup victory for portugal

7 Belgium

They are the best in the world! Semi-Final there best and lost to one goal against that crap team France. They are the best even though I'm from the United States. They suck. (USA) Not Belgium complete opposite so GO BELGIUM!

Best team should be number 1 if they got this close in Fifa 18. Semi Final there best and lost to one goal against that crap team France.(1-0) They are the best even though I'm from United States. They suck.(USA) Not Belgium complete opposite so GO BELGIUM!

They ended up 3rd place last year and are one of the best in Europe .

8 Netherlands

They have good offense and are tough to beat .

They have an up and coming squad for the future can't wait to see them in action

9 Mexico

They had amazing 2014 and 2018 World Cup matches. in 2014, they went against Brazil in the Group stage and Ochoa was just a god. In 2018, they won against Germany. I'm gonna say it right now, Germany just plain sucked in last year's world cup

The question is not "if" Mexico will win a World Cup, but rather "when" they will. I expect them to reach semifinals at least in one of the next two World Cups.

Mexico has to at least go to semifinals cause of the youth program. They just need to.

10 United States

I think they might find it qualifying. But they wont stand a chance in winning.

Amazing how they qualified should do superb.

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11 France

They probably make it to the quarter-finals because they won last year and it is rarely where a team goes back to back in a world cup. But they still have my vote.

They won last year and they are really good (in the euros it was weird, none of the players were outstanding), especially with mbappe being on form this season.

They won the world cup last year and are number one in Europe .

12 Croatia
13 Morocco

Morocco beat Portugal and right now are really good so yeah.

Don't think anyone predicted them to reach the Semi's.

14 Uruguay
15 Japan
16 Cameroon
17 Canada

I feel so bad for them. Dominated in the CONCACAF qualifiers, qualified for the first time since 86, only to not even register a point in the group stage. Should've beaten Belgium.

Canada are truly a team to watch out for. They are the kings of CONCACAF, beating Mexico 2-1 and beating USA 2-0, and thrashing Panama 4-1 and Jamaica 4-0 (they beat Jamaica to qualify), watch out Belgium and Croatia, Canada could shine in the World Cup.

Well personally since Italy inst playing this world cup maybe Canada, They have beaten mexico and us lots and they might be one of the top 15 teams itw right now.

18 Australia

We are doing very well in the World Cup. We are Second in Group D and we even made it to the top 16! We have a very good chance to winning the World Cup.

19 South Korea
20 Switzerland
21 Saudi Arabia
22 Serbia
23 Costa Rica
24 Ghana

Ghana has super strong players need focus and techniques them boom!

25 Senegal

They actually have a lot of talent. Should get passed the group stage, and they can definitely surprise a few.

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