Top Ten Most Friendly and Clean Minecraft YouTubers

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41 BereghostGames

I like his kid's

Never swears - Review

Bereghostgames don't swear, he is kid friendly. Bere and his family play multiple of games. They are hilarious!

i love him

42 Samgladiator

He does swear sometimes but at least his videos are funny he loves telling jokes!

He sometimes has a tendency to create unnecessary conflicts to extend series

Never swears - Review

Says things like h*l l and d*m n, but other than that he is kid friendly

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43 SmallishBeans

He's Very Funny And I Like His Video Idea's

Great YouTuber! Never heard him curse! Extremely hilarious! Very friendly! Great guy! 👍👍👍

44 Huahwi Huahwi

Never swears - Review

45 Collins Key

I never heard him swear before so it's alright to watch him!

46 Bins Toy Bin

Bins Toy Bin is an amazing toy channel that showcase toys of all kind. They never swear, and I don't even remember them saying 'heck', or 'stupid'. I'm not saying you're not going to hear that, but they rarely say any swear words. They also have a series that is called 'Bins Crafty Bin', or something like that. They are hilarious and amazing, and I can't stop watching their videos.

Never swear - Review

47 CookieSwirlC

I love her videos I have never heard her swear she is so awesome!

She is just so kid friendly

She is most she should be 1ST dude 40th place harsh

My sister has a doppelgänger. It is definitely not Lorleai messing because the doppelgänger has a really realistic voice. It is called Candy. Candy owns CookieSwirl - Review

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48 XxDarkKnightxX

He should not swear - chop612

He never swears - Review

I made his channel trailer - chop612


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49 Craftbattleduty

He is so funny and underrated!

I love Lachlan and I am a person who only likes clean YouTubers because I am 12 #littlelachy

Little lachy/ craft battle pony/ the blur whatever persona he is he is always clean.

Never sweard - Review

50 ZackScottGames

Never causes

Never swears - Review

He is funny

51 HayImBee

I heard HeyImBee cuss once but she is pretty friendly to kids.

Very clean

She definitely does not cuss

It's HeyImBee

52 TheDiamondBoat

Never swears - Review

Top he's probaly cool he doesn't swear at all

Great tipster like thediamondminecart

53 LifeSimmer

I love life simmer she does not swear at all

54 Golden Armor

He only says "crap" - Review

A mc youtuber do a lots of animation.

55 sWooZie

He is AMAZINGLY his videos are SO funny I've NEVERTHELESS heard him swear and he is ONE of my fave YouTubers

How is pewdiepie above him! This guy is awesome and mostly clean!

Yea he swears sometimes, but his content is so funny!

Never swears - Review

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56 JackFrostMiner

He never swears I promise and even if something bad happens he never dose or says anything bad I think he's the most kid friendliest YouTuber ever please vote for him

Never swears - Review

Gen never cusses and plays MCPE (Pocket Edition)

57 Lachlan Power (Craftbattleduty)

Never sweras - Review

He is awesome but... sometimes swears

58 Itsfunneh

Itsfunneh dose NOT swear I have watched most of her video's and she has never cursed or swore

I like be here

I've watched all of her videos and she hasn't sworn once..Althoufg Draco has said "hoe" but Funneh said to excuse his bad language

59 Wipper179

He is mostly kid-friendly but sometimes he swears. I would recommend the age for like 7+ year olds.

60 MinecraftUniverse

He is funny and kid friendly and does #HIGHAUALITY videos. However he did curse ONCE, but he put a parrot sound in front of it. You don't usually see him curse and that happened ONLY ONCE.

Umm... He has sworn at least once but he did put a parrot sound in front of it.

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