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21 KermitPlaysMinecraft

Um I can't believe he's all the way down here kermit I the reason sky is funny

He has a really funny voice when sky. Deadlox and kermit. Kermit did high 5 high 5 when sky died he went to his floor (room) and he bitted him and Kermit said bye I love you

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22 Tobuscus

Darkness then redness then whiteness!

You need Toby at the top. He's hilarious!

He makes my throat soar of laughing

I think he the best

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23 ZexyZex

I LOVE he's Trolling videos AWESOME And This One Year Old really Makes A Point

I Mean Come On ZexyZex Is The Funniest Name Ever Well Not In Front Of Sky But Yeah Just Please PLEASE Vote For
Him Just For The Record I'm Only 1 Years Old So Please Vote I'm Begging You PLEASE PLEASE.

He's Awesome With His Trololololololololoing What Ever Red Line. My Point
Being He's Funny So Vote For Him You Impisole

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24 LforLeeeeeex

I love him when he is in stampys world when he comes from the painting and stuff - AlexL

Beast Minecrafter he is a very lovable Scottish Teddy bear (as his skin says) you can always trust lee he is a helper with many people in the uk that play Minecraft!

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25 Iancoullahan1
26 SquaishyQuack

We all need a duck or is it a chicken any way we allneed a duck in Minecraft

She is awesome and hilarious, and goes great with StampLongHead

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27 AntVenom

Antvenom has a few series going on and can be a noob at times but it makes his videos hilarious! :) vote antvenom

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28 Amy lee 33
29 Bashurverse‎

All his videos are awesome and funny, he talks funny too, he is much more funny than sky or anyone in the top 10

He is so funny his voice makes me laghf all time I really hope he makes it to the top ten

Bashur purposely bought the FUNNIEST mike EVER to make his voice the FUNNIEST voise EVER!

I am surprised he is not in the top tens he should be number 1 - venomouskillingmachine

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30 TheMinebox
31 KasiTheMinecraft
32 House_owner

(Ps name has been changed to "YourPalRoss) Kid-friendly and fun to watch!

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33 MunchingBrotato

MunchingBrotato is by FAR the funniest. Janet is hilarious

His is the funniest

34 CreeperMovie
35 UberHaxorNova‎
36 FearADubh

Love his videos like when he plays with squid nugget

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37 ChimneySwift11
38 TheCampingRusher

Rough like the wood of a bark tree

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39 SnakeDoctor
40 DoubleAAMiner

Hmmm, considering I am DoubleAAMiner, I don't know how I got here. I don't even have a YouTube account. Thanks for voting anyways.

He is halarious! He is the best youtuber yet! He gives me free items on dubcraft and is always funny there! The ip to meet him there one day is play.

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