Best Ways to Get Revenge on Younger Sisters


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41 Tell her how much you love her when at school or in public around friends

My little sis does this to me I need better revenge

That is what my mom does to me

It made her look cazy

42 Tell your dad that you heard her say she was a lesbian

That Is just inappropriate. Nobody do this

My sister is a lesbian and the family knows it

I did this and my family is Christian. Works perfectly


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43 Make her think her stuffed animals are possessed

I tied strings to them and went under her bed and pulled them down I scared her so much she cried and ran to my moms room

That'd be so funny! She'd probably scream and yell "MY STUFFED ANIMALS DON'T LIKE ME! " And go to my parents.

I am so going to do this one

Lol I wish I could do that but I don't want you know why well because she has a weird obbsecion with them she owns 27

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44 Tell her Santa is not real

She's so stupid she would prove to me he is real by showing me the Elf On The Shelf we got in 2014

Well this would crush her dreams

That is just mean

This is SO mean and would ctrush her dreams! I wouldn't be able to do this.

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45 Pour lemon juice on her head when she is in the shower

But then won't she get lemon juice in her eyes. That is a bit much.


Are you hoping it will get into her eyes or what? [just hope she goes blind]

46 Mess up her bed everyday

Oh my gosh this is so good! But she already damaged her bed

My sister bed Is always mess up she won't fix it up she likes messed up bed

I do it all the time it is so funny

My sister obsesses over her bed. The other night she was crying and I asked what was wrong and she said her blacket had creases in it.

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47 At a meal, tell her that there's somebody at the door, then eat all her food! Last, place the plate under her chair and say a ghost did it!


love it

48 Paint red dots on her face when she is sleeping and when she wakes up tell mom she has chickenpox

Lol this is funny this would totally work but it would get me in trouble but it's worth it

49 Dip a Banana into Sprite and force her to eat it

This will make her puke, never eat bananas and sprite together!


Great one!

My sister has a fear of bananas (don't ask) so this might work! Except she likes Sprite... -_- - Popsicles

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50 Make them watch Ghost caught on tape

It was the other way around. I think it was one summer vacation before my third year of high school started and my sis in her freshman year. So I was about 14 at that time and she was 12. I was laying down the bed reading a book when she called me and said that she wanted to show me a video. We're watching it and the video has some instructions to follow like stare at the computer screen so I did and then a few seconds later there was this ghost like lady that suddenly appeared in the screen! I got shocked that I immediately jumped on the bed.

I did this to my little bro when he was 7 and he cried and I got in trouble. I was 9.

If I did this with my sister she would never forgive me

Sorry but that is a little... BORING!

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51 eat on her bed

That's the most stupidest but funniest one yet

And get crumbs all over her bed. Stupid but smart idea. - nintendofan126

My sister gets so mad when I do this. It definitely works

Napping is just as effective

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52 Put salt in her soap.

Hehehehh the salt will dry her skin out and she will scratch herself! It will be so funny for her to scratch like an animal infront of her crush! So funny!

That would not work 4 me. My family shares soap

Laugh out loud haha I did this one to her this was great

Doing it

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53 Glue the pages of her books together

I did this to her diary and she could not write a story about her crushes. I spied on her. From Caitlin win

HELL.NO. if someone glues my book pages together that book is going back up their throat and they are buying me that same exact book but signed by the author. If someone does that to me I would glue all their school books together. Don't do it. Books are expensive and books are great.

Nice one I need to try this

LOL I might try it.

54 Wake her up by tickling her.

Me and my sister have bunk beds I did this and she cry for a hour we needing to go to the doctor.

Yeah. I agree my sister would just giggle and laugh if I do that.

Seriously a great idea there are many ways to do this - Curti2594

I will not waste my saliva on HER

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55 Ban her favorite website from the computer

She always goes on the computer to my little pony I've got to try this she then won't have anything to do only cartwheels at home

You would have to do this on ALL her devices. - EpicJake

Can't she just use a different device? - nintendofan126

I don't have I favorite website

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56 Switch the signs that says hot or cold water in the shower

I would do that but their are no sings of hot and cold for my shower. :(


57 Put chilli powder on things she loves

Try a fave candy like a marsbar


58 Replace the toothpaste with soap

My little sisters tried to use my toothbrush so I put soap on it and they didn't know I got a new toothbrush after

59 Hide a cup of water in her room and after a few weeks, the water will start rotting

Ew...I don't like my sister, buy I would NEVER do this to anyone... Mosquitoes grow and can spread it's just disgusting and mean.

I'll swich it for her regular water

And mosquitoes might grow in it
(Is this a yay or nay. It's 2016 and there's Zika... :/)

60 Tell her that a ghost lives in her room and put a Halloween toy on a shelf

Noo fair. ghost of a murder lol kidding.#prank

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