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101 Pretend to be sleeping whenever she asks something

Haha when she is talking to me I actually doze of sometimes

I do this, but she ALWAYS knows I'm bluffing. And she's 3!

Did this to my little
Sister and she got mad

102 Make her eat her least favorite foods for a week

I did this and she all most thorough up each day

Dude she just wont eat them

So almost everything then. - Anonymousxcxc

Laugh out loud so funny

103 destroy her headphones

My sister is always listening to her ipod and whenever I try to talk to her she acts like she can't even hear me. Plus if I do that she would be out of headphones.

Effective especially when she always puts them on to ignore you.

You can't. Because if you do you would get in trouble. - nintendofan126

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104 Hide Her Phone

She would just get the home phone and call her cell phone so she could find out where it is. Unless you didn't hide it in the house? - nintendofan126

We have to share a phone I'll delete this history

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105 Blame her for something she hasn't done

Don't you have to prove it was done

106 Use saran wrap and put it over there door when they're sleeping

I did this but I put flour in front of the door and antiqued her and my older siblings fell over laughing and when mom and dad got home we cleaned up and claimed that nothing happened my older siblings baked me up and now treat me with respect and pat me me on the bak

107 hide one of her school shoes

All that would do is cause havoc in the morning, which tends to stress me out a lot

This is perfect! My little cousin is going to school in september and it's her first day in kindergarden so I'm gonna ask her right now wich are her shcool shoes and she's gonna be late on her first day! Although she might put on other pair of shoes

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108 Spread cracker crumbs all over her bed right before she goes to bed

Open the window to so in the morning the birds can have breakfast!

When she was sleeping I drew a smile on her face

It drove her crazy

I did that before

109 Mess up her room

I always do that but then they tell my mom that they didn't do nit so I have to clean it up

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110 Put salt on her lipstick

When she puts on her lipstick, she'll wonder why her lips are so salty. If she has more than one lipstick, put salt on all of them. Do this for a few days and before you know it, she'll throw them away. ( If your sister doesn't wear lipstick and wears lip gloss, put salt on her lip gloss)

I tried it but my brother told her that I tried to put salt on her lipstick

My stepsister is too young (she's 10), but she can sometimes to things that aren't really wise for someone her age (ex. she's asked my mom if she could try on a tampon before) so maybe this could work (she has makeup that she uses for her drama performances). However along with my other comments this list will only be beneficial if she's done something horrible. - Anonymousxcxc

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111 Put Kool Aid or Lemonade powder in the shower head so the water will be colorful and sweet.

Kool aid actually dyes your hair

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112 Put your mom's make up on her face when she is asleep and call your mom and blame it on her.

I don't think that's a good revenge.

113 Take shaving cream and put it on her ice cream tell her its whip cream

I tried that and it worked really good I like that ideas

She will get diaria

114 Hide when you brush your teeth

What does this even do?

It's happening now. I'm watching Emmerdale, waiting for Britain's got talent and she has just finished brushing.

115 Pretend to prank her, make her paranoid and then laugh at her

Ooh Ill try to do that. She knows I'm looking at this site anyway.

So I have a big sis she wont fall for it

116 Start stealing stuff and tell her to do something crazy to make it stop

Like sing a song a song about fat guy undies real loud at recess!

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117 Put lemon juice in her drink V 3 Comments
118 When she's not in her room, change the channel and tell her a ghost did it.
119 Put Her Homework In the Garbage

Such a good idea! She would have no idea where her homework is and she be stressing! ( she hogs up the computer so free computer for me! )

Oh my gosh if she had homework right now I would so do this!

Um she's only five no homework

So MMMEEEAAANNN! Why would any one do this meanies

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120 Pretend she's mentally ill.

Treat her like a patient laugh out loud epic just be like "gentle" and "considerate" because they're mental

I find that offensive because my sister actually is mentally disabled

Then why are you on this sight? Prancing a girl who is mental ouch

I don't like this one because It makes fun of mentaly disabled people. I have disided not to take a fence over it even though some could call me mentaly disabled, because I have Azpergers.

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