Best Ways to Get Revenge on Younger Sisters


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121 Put Her Homework In the Garbage

Such a good idea! She would have no idea where her homework is and she be stressing! ( she hogs up the computer so free computer for me! )

Oh my gosh if she had homework right now I would so do this!

Um she's only five no homework

So MMMEEEAAANNN! Why would any one do this meanies

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122 Pretend she's mentally ill.

Treat her like a patient laugh out loud epic just be like "gentle" and "considerate" because they're mental

I find that offensive because my sister actually is mentally disabled

Then why are you on this sight? Prancing a girl who is mental ouch

I don't like this one because It makes fun of mentaly disabled people. I have disided not to take a fence over it even though some could call me mentaly disabled, because I have Azpergers.

123 Put a mouse in her sleeping bag

Does anyone know where to even get a mouse

That's mean... to the mouse not her.👧🏽not🐭

124 Make her think that the house is haunted
125 Put a scary photo in her face when she is asleep and when she wakes up she will freak out V 1 Comment
126 Put poop under her bed V 2 Comments
127 Pee in a cup give it to her and tell her it's lemonade

Imagine if she drank it and the oppisite came out as in lemonade came out instead of pee!

Ugh! Gross! What if she actually drin- wait... I don't even want to go there.

That is SO GROSS

What he/she said ⬇️

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128 Put Brussels sprouts in her drink

Like so noticeable! Ask me! I know all (not)!

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129 Steal her favourite Barbie dolls

And CUT the hair

130 At the fun park tape her to a scary ride

His is perfect cause we're going to six flags 😆

131 Make her bedroom look haunted when she is sleeping

How would you make it look haunted? We don't have Halloween supplies.

132 Get your most realistic looking toy gun and pretend you are going to shoot her
133 Put all the sugar from the sugar box in her drink V 1 Comment
134 Put bug spray on her food

No don't. It's dangerous

That can poison a person

135 Pour milk in her mouth when she is sleeping and it will make her throw up
136 Dip her crayons in water then put them in the freezer
137 Tell her that her nightmare is real

She wont belive me

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138 Draw mustaches on her friends faces when they're sleeping and blame it on her V 1 Comment
139 Tell her crush she wet herself hundreds of times

Where do you even come up with these things

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140 Destroy her stuffed animals

That's a litttle mean

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