Top Ten Best Ginkotsu Quotes from InuYasha

The Top Ten

1 I'll turn you all into mince-meat!
2 Quit jumping around so much! You don't want your friends to die alone now, do you?!
3 After letting your friends escape, there's nothing left for you to do except die... Geh-Sh-Sh-Sh, Inuyasha... So die in peace!
4 Geh-Sh-Sh-Sh... you [Inuyasha] want your poisoned friends to rest as soon as possible, eh? ... Don't worry, before the poison gets them, I'll send them all to the afterlife!
5 I will not allow Renkotsu to be killed!
6 Geh-Sh-Sh-Sh! ... I was told to not let you [Inuyasha] swing around that monstrous sword, by my Aniki [brother]...Just die!
7 I'll blow you [Koga] into smithereens!
8 Geh-Sh-Sh-Sh... You won't get away!
9 Ghesh! I gotcha!
10 Ge-heh-heh-heh-hesh... Ge-heh-heh-heh-hesh... Ge-heh-heh-hesh.
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