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21 Gold/Brown Hair and Turquoise Eyes

This is me and honestly it's (not to brag) the BEST COMBO EVER!


22 Red Hair and Blue Eyes

This is the rarest combo

23 Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes
24 Black Hair and Grey Eyes

I have this combo with jet black hair and bright green eyes and tanned skin some people think it is odd!

25 Blonde Hair and Grey Eyes

This is my combo and I'm not sure if I like it. Most people in my place (including my family) all have brown/black hair and brown, black or hazel eyes. However, I have albinism and my eye pigments aren't as strong as normally expected. Sometimes my eyes are blue, sometimes blue-grey, sometimes turquoise and sometimes grey. They were green six years ago, blue last year, and now they're grey. What do you think?

26 Very Light Brown Hair and Dark Blue Eyes

I think it is gorgeous

27 Light Brown Eyes and Brown Hair
28 Light Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair and Greyish Blue Eyes

I have gotten a ton of coments about my appearence and this is what I have, :3

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29 Dark Brown Hair and Brownish Hazel Eyes
30 Hazel Eyes and Red Hair

I know it seems weird but this is how I was born o my sis commeted that she has green eyes and red hair even thou its hazle I think

31 Blue Green Eyes and Blond Hair
32 Dirty Blonde Hair and Amber Eyes
33 Red Hair and Amber Eyes
34 Brown Hair and Grey Eyes

I have this to be honest I love it

35 Very Light Brown-Golden Hair and Light Blue Eyes

I don't have this but I added it because it's an AMAZING combo!

36 Brown Hair and Grey-Blue Eyes
37 Silver Hair and Green Eyes


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