Hardest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Achievements


The Top Ten

1 Overachiever

It is so annoyingly impossible! It is so difficult and it will definitely take you a while to finish it if lucky

Earn 48 stars in Special Ops Mission Mode. - decorulez97

Much easier if you've got spec ops dlc

2 The Best of the Best

Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. - decorulez97

3 No Assistance Required

Complete a Special Ops Mission Mode game on Hardened or Veteran with no player getting downed. - decorulez97

4 Unstoppable

Voted for this one just to say that it was very easy. Survival was so easy! How is this hard? - Number

Reach Wave 15 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode. - decorulez97

5 Arms Dealer

Buy all items from the Survival Weapon Armory. - decorulez97

6 Scout Leader

Collect 46 Intel Items. - decorulez97

7 What Goes Up...
8 Strike!

Kill 5 enemies with a single grenade in Single Player or Special Ops. - decorulez97

This achievement is not really all that hard to get.

9 Danger Close
10 Kill Box

Kill 20 enemies with the Chopper Gunner in a single run in "Return to Sender. " - decorulez97

The Contenders

11 This is the End

Complete "Scorched Earth", "Down the Rabbit Hole", and "Dust to Dust" on Veteran difficulty. - decorulez97

12 Menage a Trois
13 Payback
14 Get Rich or Die Trying

Have $50,000 current balance in a Special Ops Survival game. - decorulez97

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