Hardest Ores to Find In Minecraft

Some ores you can easily find without mining. When you find the easy ore in a mineshaft, little cave, stone tower, etc, but can you really find these other ones?

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1 Emerald Ore

Emeralds are easy to get by mining all the wheat in the Villages and selling it to Farmer Villagers (this still works rly). But emerald ore? Purely impossible within a few weeks. - Extractinator04

I've played Minecraft once and it took me 3 hours just to find 1 Emerald just 1 - DogeFan132

I never found that and fond 23 diamonds

Much rarer than diamonds, only in xtreme hills.

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2 Diamond Ore

The second hardest ore to find. All the highest upgraded tools and armor are made from diamonds. Diamonds are able to found anywhere, but you need to mine to at least Level 12 for diamonds. - SuperBacca

It only took me 7 hours to find 15 diamond ores

Old Xbox tutorial world. Look under house wall. DIAMONDS! - computerfan0

I actually find emeralds more then diamonds

3 Iron Ore

To find iron without digging or anything, find a mineshaft and get the iron there. It is easier and a good start to find iron. - SuperBacca

4 Nether Ore
5 Redstone Ore
6 Gold Ore

I've been playing Minecraft for 3 years and I be only found 3 gold in all that time

Me too

7 Coal Ore

Man, coal is easy to find. - Datguyisweird666

8 Lapis Lazuli Ore

I have never found it. Definitely harder to find than Coal. - Extractinator04

Lapis always takes so long to find

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