Top Ten Hardest Things About Having a Crush

From your first love in third grade, to your prom date in high school, these are the worst things about crushes

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1 Rejection Rejection

I have this crush. Me and him never really talk, but I love him. I look up to passing him in the hallways. We both glance at each other the same time, and we both quickly look away. Last year, I was dead sure he had a crush on me, but now I don't know because we don't have any classes. Whenever I'm around him, he acts cool and it's cute. I didn't even tell my friends about this, even when we are playing truth or dare and I choose truth and they tell me who is my crush. I tell them I don't have one. I'm scared they will tell him. We both are alike. We are smart, indians, funny, and so on. I love him so much. Someone tell me what I should do!

That can be sad.

I would drink cyanide or jump off a cliff. - TriggerTrashKid

I'm pretty sure that he had a crush on me, and I have this huge crush on him but I don't know now because I'm scared to talk to him and he's pretty popular but I'm still pretty sure he likes me but I'm scared that he doesn't when I ask him out

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2 Attracting every boy/girl, except for the one you like

Ughghhghghg I relate to this so much - KittyWolf

Maybe that's why she is your crush... - Alkadikce

I had these two kids fighting over me when I sat at the same table as both of them, next to one and across from the other. I don't know why they thought they were being so subtle and clever, but they weren't. I also fail to see why they thought any of their tactics would work, like saying in their coolest voice how sure they were they would end up with me, or how I would become some smoking goth person if I went with the other, but to all you guys out there, IT WON'T WORK. Then I have these other two kids who have a crush on me who... don't understand boundaries. It's really annoying and I'm just trying to not fail school, I have no interest in dating at only twelve years old. - pandagirl

Yeah, like in 4th grade and 7th grade. These girls go after me like wannabe Directioners go after Harry Styles. It's crazy, and also invading your privacy. And it's not even the girl you like. But, to be honest, it does teach you a lesson. If your obsessing over a girl or a guy, now you feel the other side of the argument. - ethanmeinster

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3 Accepting that he/she doesn't like you

It's hard to accept but you would have to. - codgtamk34

There is this guy that I have liked for ages now. The thing is, he hates me. He always has hated me, and he always will. But I can't get over him, no matter what I do. He knows I like him, and he calls me obsessed over him. I'm not though. My friend makes it seem like I am, by always going up to him and talking to him about me. That's all they talk about together: me. I'm mainly mad about this whole thing because he won't even say it to my face! He has talked to my friend and my friend alone about this. It sucks. What I have to thank is that he isn't popular. Therefore, not many people know about this. I wish I could talk to him, but I know I can't. I have tried countless times and I can't. I've accepted he doesn't like me, but for some reason I always have hoped...

Boo hoo - TriggerTrashKid

That's not going to be hard for me since I'm use to it - Myyouthisyours

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4 Competition

Yeah, like a lot of girls like my crush. Good thing a lot of them are moving haha, but I'll actually miss Reese *sigh* - Luckys

Yes, 75% of guys like my crush. - TriggerTrashKid

This is usually what happens when guys go after a popular girl or something: they fight, to the death almost. Most of them never get to talk to their crush, since they're just fighting for it. Although many wars are caused by money, different beliefs, land, resources, and greed, I'd say that lust is the most powerful cause. In the Iliad, a great Greek war story by Homer, whole cities are destroyed, for one woman: Helen of Troy. - ethanmeinster

I am about to have a fit of this (good thing I'm on Xmas break) and here is the worst part:The guy that is closest in my class to being a friend of mine has a crush on the girl I have a crush on. Also, we are in different center groups, and she is with my "possible friend" and I'm not, so he has the advantage. The only possible advantage I have is being in the same math group as her.

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5 Friend Zoned

Sadly, it has happened to me. - TriggerTrashKid

I just want to be friends with the person I have a crush on.

If I could overcome my shyness,i could probably get my crush. - DapperPickle

I have a crush on my hot friend.

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6 Fear

I'm very shy and quiet. Talking to people takes a lot of effort I find. (Not very helpful when I have a crush) It took me a year to talk to him.
(He is just as shy as me)
A whole year.
Even then I had to come up with things to say beforehand. (I had a mental list of topics)

The day I talked to him:
(That morning I decided: this afternoon I will talk to him at our sports practice. I will no matter what. I will ask him about a class we both have)
I just ignored the fact that I felt like my throat was closing up, that I felt like vomiting, that my heart was beating so hard I could feel my heartbeat in every limb, and that my not risky brain was yelling at me to stop and sprint in the other direction.
I took a deep breath, marched over, and said something. And he said something back!
I felt like I had just gotten 100% on a test, or just won a race.
And then there was the day when he started a conversation with me! I literally could not stop smiling after ...more

Yes. - TriggerTrashKid

Look, it's hard to talk to someone that gives you butterflies in your stomach. And there's those "what ifs"
What if he/she rejects me? What if he/she thinks I'm ugly? It's sometimes hard to get over your fears. However, how do you know that your crush hates you, if he/she hasn't told you yet? You shouldn't cry before talking to him/her, when, it's possible that they like you back. - ethanmeinster

For three terms, I've been trying to get the courage to talk to her, and ask her out, but I have gotten practically nowhere. - Lem

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7 Seeing your crush "having a thing" with a bully

*heart shatters into a thousand pieces* - TriggerTrashKid

A bully that beat you up and harassed you millions of times. It's really heartbreaking. - ethanmeinster

They could be friends with jerks, which also sucks.

I know the feeling. I have the biggest crush on someone who hangs out with a boy who's bullied me for years (I kid you not, he's bullied me since elementary school and hasn't gotten bored of it).

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8 Jealousy

Nearly every time I have a crush on someone, they already have a girlfriend/boyfriend. And that sucks. There's been only one time where the feeling was reciprocal. But now we broke up (but we're still friends). I like someone currently, but I know I have no chance with him and he probably has a girlfriend. I'm considering stopping all romantic feelings towards other people if this keeps up. - galaxyfox

My best bro is really really good friends with my crush, so you know, it's hard for me. - TriggerTrashKid

I'm immune to it - Myyouthisyours

So my crush likes my best friend and my best friend likes him and once my crush asked me if I knew about him and my bff and I'm like uh yeah. All he said was he was surprised I didn't tease him about it. I was dying on the inside.

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9 Break-up

This only happens if you're lucky enough to get to third base. But still, it's influenced many people's lives. It's really hard to let go. Plus, the Bible states that people should be in a happy, eternal relationship, which is much better than breaking up every 6 months, like Taylor Swift. - ethanmeinster

This should be number 2 on the list. The best girlfriend I had broke up with me because of a rumor that came from her sister because her sister liked me. I'm still not over the brake up, and its been 2 years since she broke up with me. And I'm still not over it. :( - fierceoni226

Why middle school relationships are pointless. You get a "date", but only for about 3 weeks, then you break up and find a new one. It goes on forever! - RiverClanRocks

At least you got to date for some time

10 It probably won't last

Yeah, that's sad. - TriggerTrashKid

Everyone goes separate ways after high school. Your crush could be the next Beyonce or living in a dumpster. Your classmates would be spread out across the world. It's possible to make it last, you know, by calling him/her and stuff, but you sometimes have to let go. - ethanmeinster

With a negative attitude like that you won't get far in life when it comes to dating. If you already think that it won't last before you can date the guy / girl, you never will. The opposite attitude " I can and I will succeed " will give you the challenge to fight for what you desire.

Mine Always Lasts Around 2 Weeks - AlphaQ

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The Newcomers

? When their friends tell you he likes you but he never comes up and talks to you

This was oddly specific but it's happening to me right now so I mean lol

? They don't make time for you

If they don't make time for you, they are not interested. Remember that. - codgtamk34

The Contenders

11 Getting his/her attention without making a complete fool of yourself

Hm - TriggerTrashKid

Oh, crud! I do this a lot! Once, we were going to the library, and I put a pencil on my ear. I was holding a ton of stuff. Then, I said I was doing this to be "wise."
Are you kidding me!

I was preaching in front of my crush.

Oh, crud! I do this a lot!

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12 When they are friends with someone you don't like or a bully

Welcome to life people. - codgtamk34

13 Seeing your crush with one of your friends

Not many things make my blood boil as much as seeing my crush with one of my friends does. It triggers me to even see her with ANOTHER BOY, regardless if I even know him or not. My best friend used to have a crush on her but he's moved on ( thank god) and it STILL pisses me off when he even goes near her. In fact, recently he and my crush took a picture together, just the two of them. Unfortunately I had to endure watching that. I tell you, only reason I didn't RKO him right then and there was that he no longer had feelings for her. Still it was Hell to watch

I saw my friend that I known for 5 years then my ex I known for 3 years went out with each other then I talked to my friend about it. I made him brake up with her - fierceoni226

One of my best friends for 11 years was dating my crush, and I was a third wheel...

Or a bully, even worse - micahisthebest

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14 When they are famous

Okay this is true. - codgtamk34

I have a crush on Zayn Malik

15 When your crush/you are moving schools.

I moved from my home town recently. - codgtamk34

Please no! - TriggerTrashKid

Oh my gosh this is what is happening with me. I've been going to the same school as my crush since first grade. She is one of my best friends. We are both going to 7th grade now, and we're going to different middle schools. It makes me feel INFURIATED. Originally we were supposed to meet up again in High school and we were originally going to that same school, but now she's moving to another CITY. Now she might not go to the same high school as me! NOW I'M ONLY GOING TO GET TO SEE HER ON BREAKS! GAHHH! So those of you, reading this, know that you aren't alone and other people (myself included) are going through this pain! I know, it's really painful, it kills me every second I'm not with her! The best thing to do is just talk to someone about it. It's still gonna be pretty crappy having to accept this, but talking about it will hopefully make you feel just a bit better about the situation. It sucks even more if you have my problem and your crush is a friend of yours. This means losing ...more

Hey my comment from 2017 is still here! by the way I still see the girl I love sometimes, not just on breaks so that’s good.

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16 Harassment

I wanted to sit with the girl I liked at lunch, and by chance everyone except her moved away from the table. Since stuff spreads fast, everyone at the table in front of me knew, and started egging on me the entire lunch. - WonkeyDude98

I am constantly accused of having a girlfriend when I am just friends with a girl. Geez. - 445956

As I mentioned, many of my crush's classmates ganged up on me. You might wanna watch out for this. - ethanmeinster

17 Keeping it a secret

So I had a crush on this boy in seventh grade, I kept it a secret for about 10 months. The only person I told was my BFF Isabella, she said she would not tell anyone. But on May 10th 2018, we were taking a practice test until Isabella decided to write on her paper "Micaela Likes You" and showed it to him. He was shocked and was just like "Why didn't you tell me? ". In Eighth Grade, he came up to me and asked me out, I said yes and to this day in 2019 we are still dating.

Worst thing is if someone tell them that you have a crush on them or they suddenly hear it from you - Myyouthisyours

Very Very Hard To. I End Up Spreading The News Within 5 Seconds - AlphaQ

I haven't told him I like him yet but have had a boyfriend and keeping it a secret is so hard he almost told my sister we each got to tell one person and he cheated on me with my sister

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18 When he/she disappears

I'd Just Get A New One... - AlphaQ

This happened to me... - Lem


I imagined what it'd be like if my crush died and I wojld be depressed for life. I would just quit preaching and dling my prophetic ministry and pray that God will take my life, so I don't have to feel this way. I won't commit suicide, but I'd be depressed and would wish to just disappear until the time of judgement comes.

19 When you aren't even friends anymore

Sort of. - TriggerTrashKid

Liking someone you can't talk to anymore because of past history with friends is the worst especially when they used to like you back

We used to be friends, but one day he was being super bratty so I flipped him off. Then he caught me staring at him about 6 times, and now he hates me. - Popsicles

20 Being way too afraid to talk

I also had this happen as well, I was afraid to talk to my crush, and was nervous to go up to her, I always was scared she would get mad at me or say go away or something rude, I also had a substitute teacher that was like family to her and sometimes she help me talk to my crush

Me and my crush used to text 24/7 but now we don't as much anymore. I'd be friends with his friends and went to the park with all them once and we didn't say one word to each other. We have never talked irl but text a bit. Another thing is my crush is 2 years older and he doesn't wanna go with me in case he gets bullied. I need advice

I am. - TriggerTrashKid

Yeah I had this with my crush I always wanted to talk by myself and I would be always to nervous to go up to her and talk to her I was always nervous she would get upset or something, and the only way I talked was with a substitute teacher

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21 When you think they like you and then you see them with another person

I have had a crush on this boy named Arturo forever, in one of my classes he does everything possible to make me laugh and he blinks his eyebrows at me. until one unexpected day I saw him with this girl named Itzayana, My eyes were filling with a Pacific Ocean of tears, I bet the only reason he likes her is because she has the stupid IPhone X. And my friend Tatiana said “He likes Itzayana” and I was like why because she thinks she’s the hottest kid in class”, she said “Well I have to say Itzayana is very pretty”. I ran back home and used up 15 boxes of tissues

Yep R likes me I think I like him I think... But J is a s%~ flirts with everyone and is a know it all! Now I think he likes HER!

This is horrible. It truly sucks.
I have a guy I like; we've talked a few times, have a lot in common, and are very similar in personality. He leans in when we talk and stares into my eyes. I've also caught him staring at me during classes.

Then one day...
I see a girl with her arms wrapped around him, and he is just standing there. He and I made awkward eye contact. I rush out with my friend.

I found out that she is his girlfriend! However, they are apparently an 'on again off again' couple.

That was not a very nice day.

22 Asking Him/Her To A Dance or Prom

Oh I asked my crush to the prom 2 years ago, even out. She said yes to both. Then she cheated on me... - codgtamk34

23 When you aren't friends and she barely knows you

She knows me and we are friends - TriggerTrashKid

That's like me now. But I'm gonna try and talk to him

Trust me it’s the WORST! And it’s not like he doesn't want to be friends with me, I’ve just never actually talked to him bcs I’m always too scared! I rly rly rly just want to be friends with him, but it doesn't help that I rarely see him more than once every five months or so! Plus I think he has a girlfriend now.😭"

24 Finding out they're taken

Once asked someone to the movies, she said yeah and I find out a day later she was taken. - codgtamk34

Oh. My. Gosh. Yes. That is so me rn. Since I’m not completely positive that they’re together I have a tiny glimmer of hope that they don't have a relationship.
The only thing is that my glimmer of hope is probably wrong. She was leaning on his shoulder, his head was on hers. She and he were constantly hugging. Not likely that she’s not his girlfriend. :/

25 Asking her/him out

I never can - TriggerTrashKid

LISEN! Your scared of asking them out! End your waiting them to ask you out! That's NOT going to work. Their are scared too! Your not the only 1 that. Do that! Be BRAVE!

This is the hardest! - micahisthebest

26 When they don't give you a second chance
27 Feeling weird when you see him/her

True. Very true for me. And I hate it when she is near ANY boy. And now she has a boyfriend. :(

28 Making it less obvious that you have a crush

I always glance in her direction
It's really hard not to

29 Trusting your friends about it

This can be difficult. They are your friends, and they can offer advice, or they can just bother you.

I like this guy, and after my friends relentlessly trying to pry it out of me, I told them who. (Bad idea! )

In the halls when we passed him this is what would happen:
Friend 1: (stops in the middle of the hall) "oh look! Isn't that him? "
Friend 2: "Where? "
Friend 1: "there! " (Points)
Friend 3: "who? "
Friend 1: "her crush! "
Friend 3: "where? "
Friend 2: "there! " (points)
Me: shhh! (Tries to switch topics. Gives up. Pretends I forgot something at my locker, and leaves)

Or another day,
Friend 1: " do you know what time the event will be at? "
Me: no, I'll let you know if I find out though
Friend 2: "isn't your crush going to the event? "
Me: "yes"
Friend 2: "go ask him what time? He's right there! " (Grabs my arm and steers me in that direction. Chants "be brave! ")
Me: (awkwardly asks my crush about the ...more

So far, I've had no problems with this, but one of them came really close to giving it away when we were RIGHT NEXT TO the girl I like the other day. - Lem

You literally can't, unless your friend is at another school. - ethanmeinster

Someone told me, but it didn't work I: - micahisthebest

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30 Pressure

My friends have pressured me to ask her out but I have no nerve at all

31 When they don't even know that you exist
32 Debating if you should text them first.
33 Getting confused

Its just so annoying when your crush shows signs of liking you back to, yet they show the same signs towards other people.

34 When you see them with people you think they hardly know

Like girl, I'm sorry but I was here first. I've seen a few people both me and my crush have only known for 9 months or so, flirting with him. They'll sit next to him and I'm just thinking, you should have been here 2 years ago like I was if you want him.

35 When you have to give your crush space

This is hard to go through say your crush makes you upset by dirty looking you or walking away or says something rude, then it mades you stress by giving them space for a few days and you can't go somewhere you like sometimes because your crush is there when your trying to give them space

36 When your crush says that you are like their sister/brother.
37 Confessing your love

Impossible for me - TriggerTrashKid

38 When they show signs of liking you, you get nervous

A guy I liked who was my friend used to stare at me when he thought I wasn't looking and used to always wait for me after I did stuff and he used to want to make me laugh whenever he could. This just made me more nervous than ever

39 When your crush's friend doesn't like you

I had this happen in grade 10, my crush best friend didn't like me! And she would keep dirty looking me and seem upset near me, it was hard to go through, I remember one day I was being bugged by some girl who had crush on me was a different girl, them my crush and her friend were outside, and my crush friend asked me what's wrong? Then never mind something in a rude way, upset me, and it was hard to go by my crush sometimes with her friend around, lucky she quit or moved to a new school after the first week of grade 11 and I was able to go near my crush without her friend dirty looking me or seeming rude,

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