Top Ten Hardest Things About Having a Crush

From your first love in third grade, to your prom date in high school, these are the worst things about crushes

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21 When you think they like you and then you see them with another person

Yep R likes me I think I like him I think... But J is a s%~ flirts with everyone and is a know it all! Now I think he likes HER!

22 Making it less obvious that you have a crush

I always glance in her direction
It's really hard not to

23 Trusting your friends about it

So far, I've had no problems with this, but one of them came really close to giving it away when we were RIGHT NEXT TO the girl I like the other day. - Lem

You literally can't, unless your friend is at another school. - ethanmeinster

Someone told me, but it didn't work I: - micahisthebest

My friends forced me to tell them.. :(

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24 Pressure

My friends have pressured me to ask her out but I have no nerve at all

25 When you aren't friends and she barely knows you
26 Feeling weird when you see him/her
27 Getting confused

Its just so annoying when your crush shows signs of liking you back to, yet they show the same signs towards other people.

28 When they don't even know that you exist
29 When you see them with people you think they hardly know

Like girl, I'm sorry but I was here first. I've seen a few people both me and my crush have only known for 9 months or so, flirting with him. They'll sit next to him and I'm just thinking, you should have been here 2 years ago like I was if you want him.

30 When you have to give your crush space

This is hard to go through say your crush makes you upset by dirty looking you or walking away or says something rude, then it mades you stress by giving them space for a few days and you can't go somewhere you like sometimes because your crush is there when your trying to give them space

31 Debating if you should text them first.
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