Top Ten Hardest Things About Losing a World Cup Final

Argentina out a lot of effort. Unluckily, this time Germany got the World Cup. Stand up and clap for the winners, but also for the fallen, who gave the best of them!

The Top Ten

1 That you lost the final
2 The next cup is in four years

Fours years is definitely long. But Argentina at least got the runner up. They might win the world cup next time. - Kiteretsunu

3 The probability of succeeding next cup is very low
4 The whole world has seen you lose

Well... At least it's better to get to the final and lose than to even never make it to the knockout stage! - Britgirl

Though Argentina fell with pride! - keyson

5 The emptiness
6 All that effort and illusions for a silver medal
7 The feeling that you could have done more

Though sometimes, you just gave it all - keyson

8 The fact you will never forget the match
9 The feeling that you were so close...

Great! You're the best of the losers. - keyson

10 The fact you lost such a huge and anticipated event

Thanks to whoever added the element. I just needed more reasons to feel bad! Laugh out loud - keyson

The Contenders

11 The... now what?

No more matches... How boring. - keyson

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