Hottest Total Drama Girls

The Top Ten Hottest Total Drama Girls

1 Gwen

I just love the hair, she has a great shape and everything but I have to say she would be cuter without the weird shirt. Love the skirt though 💞

I always thought she was so hot and I don't know why but the fact that she was goth kind of made her hotter

Gwen is one of the hottest and her attidude helps.

Gwen is so pretty and I like her blue hair. I love how nice she is to others to.

2 Lindsay

They say Lindsey is the prettiest but honestly there are others that are prettier. Like, what's up with the blue headband? It ruined the whole look.

Second hottest original cast member not the brightest one but the shiniest

Lindsey is by far the best looking girl on TD. I don't even know where to begin with the people who think Bully Heather and Surfer Chic Bridgette but this is all about Lindsey so I'll talk about her. She may not be the most smartest player on the Total Drama series but as we all know good looks can get u very far. Her hair is pretty. Her eyes are pretty. There is know where on Lindsey's body that I't pretty. Anyone who doesn't like Lindsey, DEEL WITH ME!

It's not just the boobs, she's funny and carefree too.

3 Heather

She might be a backstabbing mean girl but she is actually really pretty.

No one should be voting for Heather because she's a conniving backstabber little witch

She really is cool. She's also #3 on the "Top 10 Best Total Drama Characters" list. And here's a coincidence: In TDI, she came 3rd place, and she won (in USA, runner-up in Canada) season 3! Just pointing out a coincidence... Anyway, she is so hot. But I can't blame the person who created this list for making Gwen #1 instead. All the male Total Drama characters from the original cast thinks Gwen's hot. #3 is a good place for Heather anyway.

Ever since season 1 I thought that Heather was the prettiest girl. The only reason people think that Lindsay is the least bit attractive is because she has the biggest boobs! Lindsay really isn't that pretty! Plus her being stupid makes her even less attractive!

4 Courtney

definitely super naturally pretty, she has a great body and a beautiful tan skin tone.

Courtney is a beautiful and sexy girl. I love that she doesn't feel the need to dress overly revealing to be hot like some of the other girls; that are only hot because they show a lot of body off. Most of her body is covered up a lot of the time, and she still manages to look good just like that. I also love how fiesty she is, and how she's not a Sissy. She's really girly but at the same time isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She also has a really pretty tan, and just the right amount of makeup.

She has a sexy body, gorgeous hair, pretty eyes, beautiful skin, huge butt and boobs

Courtney is the hottest, she has a perfect tan, perfect body, and beautiful face without having to wear too much makeup.

5 Bridgette

the classic Blondie blue eyes surfer chick was a really good addition, cute hairstyle too.

Naturally beautiful surfer blonde chick who respects the environment is perfection! No doubt

In my opinion she is by far the hottest girl on the whole Total Drama series - Spongehouse

In my opinion she is the hottest she likes to keep in natural and real while the other girls dye there hair or where makeup to make them look hot she’s just a naturally awesome

6 Zoey

The red hair and the flower make her look so pretty, and I really love the choker look. Super gorgeous.

Hottest girl in show should be 1 best female personality and looks the subtle curves

Zoey should be higher. She is so pretty.

She's so beautiful with that red hair and perfect smile. I really do think she's the hottest girl in the entire series. Her figure is great and is sweet too. She always shows compassion for others and that's what I appreciate about Zoey. I love her.

7 Izzy

She might be crazy, but her outfit is my favorite outfit on the show, and her eyes and hair are both really pretty colors.

Izzy is the hottest Total Drama girl there is. She is wild, crazy, fun, sexy, and all around really beautiful and likeable. Her orangish red hair is a good color and goes well with green.

Izzy is the sexiest psycho ever!

The hottest crazy-girl I ever seen

8 Dawn

I have never seen this picture, but judging by the picture she is a really pretty, natural, platinum blondie.

Dawn is the prettiest Total Drama girl ever! Her style, look, attitude, it's all hot!

Dawn is the best looking girl on Total Drama. Her hair is perfect!

If there was a real Dawn in the real world, every boy would fight for her cuteness

9 Blaineley

definitely a more mature, prettier version of Lindsey honestly. She would look good with wavy hair when you think about it.

Blaineley is the Hottest! She has the perfect body, curves, beautiful face, pretty eyes, huge butt and boobs, and cute hair. She looks like she does modeling, and if she doesn't then she should.

She may be pretty but she sure is annoying - Spongehouse

10 Dakota

Dakota should be in the top ten. She is stunning.

I think Dakota should be number one because she is the hottest girl in the world

Hot what more can I say

untill she became a monster she looked so hot!

The Contenders

11 Sierra

She was my favorite girl character from world tour her body , hair, she was good looking. She did creep me out sometimes but her being a fangirl of total drama is cool

Sierra is cute with her hair style but she is a crazy stalker

Her butt though

I feel like Sierra really had potential, but her character really started to get boring in all-stars when Cody wasn't there anymore. I just think Sierra is more smart than people think she is, and in a way, that kind of makes her hot.

12 Leshawna

She likes to fight and be nice but sometimes there's like embarrassing momments for her like the time when she farts to much and the time when she need to pee but still good at least she still fight and be nice and be sassy

NO she's ugly DUH let me see a story hmm.. ik let me make I hate her leshawna : HEATHER BE QUICK I NEED TO TAKE A PISS heather : *ignores* leshawna : HEATHER GET OUT BEFORE I PEE ON YOU heather : idc *ignores* leshawna : *pees pants* uh oh heather :*gets out* AHAHAAH I'm POSTING TO EVERYONE leshawna : grr this is embarrassing... THE END that's da best

Leshawna is cute and deserves to be in top 10 and her attitude helps to

She is the best girl and best character in my opinion.

13 Crimson

I have never seen this character, but there is something about her that just makes you have the feeling she is really pretty.

Crimson (ungothed) is really cute!

Crimson is so damn hot! She is the hottest goth girl in the universe! Perfect body. Perfect face.
100% Hot! <3 She is even hotter than Gwen. She should be in the TOP 10 as number 2, with Lindsay as number 1.

I agree with the second one a lot crimson goth and ungothed is yass queeen mode we love some more screentime of that sister. and that's the tea sis

14 Anne Maria

Hot in bod yet annoying in personality great combo plus just try and argue that she’s not hot for a cartoon character

Anne Maria should be way higher! She is gorgeous!

Anne Maria is beautiful, her hair is perfect, her makeup is perfect, and her outfit is perfect!

Anne Maria should be number one. Have you not seen her in a bikini?!

15 Sky

Sky is my favorite Total Drama girl, and she is very attractive.

Sky looks amazing and why is she 16th she is so attractive

Sky is not that pretty. She looks just like Zoey!

Sky is cute and she is really like an Olympian

16 Kitty

I think she is is cute and has a girly personality

Most underrated in the series I’m terms of beauty. Way prettier than Emma in my opinion

she is cute and kind and shes kitty. we love that.

17 Emma

I think Emma is really pretty. But she should be higher!

if your kittys sister you half to be cute.

18 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

She's clearly the hottest

Samey was nice twin and she's very hot and sexy.

Cute yet vulnerable

She's so hot! I'm suprised she's not on the list

19 Jasmine

Jasmine is really pretty. Her accent is amazing, her height oh my.

Hot long legs Australian accent killer combo

She's got such a nice face

20 Ella

She is like snow white I hope total drama will be more because I really want her to win

Ella is so much prettier than this!

She is a beautiful princess not the first though! - SierraOpinions

Dave's a lucky guy!

21 Katie

your a fun sweet cute little girl and way better then Sadie looks. but her moments are bettr but still its not about that.

Much hotter than Sadie. Maybe that is why she seems hotter. She is always seen with Sadie, who is fat and ugly which brings out extra hotness in Katie!

Katie is a beautiful girl, and her outfit shows off her perfect and tan figure.

Is cute pretty too

22 Stephanie
23 Carrie

I like her hair. It's pretty.

Prettiest race character

She’s very sweet and has a heart of gold also she’s very curvy she’s a plus 10

24 Taylor

She hot and she thicc

25 Scarlett

Imagine if she took her sweater off? I mean usually, when someone wears a sweater, their real figure is hidden. What if her waist is actually smaller and her bust is actually larger?

26 Cody

It's fitting that Cody's on here because we know Noah wears the pants in their relationship.

But cody is not a girl
he's cute anyway


27 Sadie

She is kinda fat you guys say but I think she is just the most beautiful THICK girl - SierraOpinions

Sadie is really cute. She's not fat. She's curvy and cute and stylish.

Sadie is so pretty. She is so cute, curvy and has a gorgeus body.

Sadie is like really ugly and fat!

28 Amy

I think Samey is better, because if you stare at Amy, that mole is gonna make you forget your name!

29 Svetlana

She is the best mike persona Other than mike - SierraOpinions

Technically a Girl.

30 Josee

Josee is a really pretty girl, despite her awful attitude, she's still pretty, I personally think she is the hottest out of all of them, and I love her accent. Her makeup and outfit is always perfect as well.

Very mean but determined and nonetheless very pretty.

31 Ellody

She is cute

32 Kelly

She is literally a "Milfy".sooo hot.

33 Jo

Jo actually is pretty. She is natural, she doesn't wear tons of makeup like the other girls do, and she doesn't wear skimpy clothing. She is pretty good looking for someone who is 100% natural, plus she takes care of herself, she eats right and works out. I think Jo is the hottest for not only being pretty on the outside, but being brave enough to do it naturally when everyone else is glammed up. Before you judge her for wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, reconsider this. Being hot isn't all about wearing pounds of makeup or fancy clothes.

Jo is hot remember that clip were she says every morning she strips naked and does jumping jacks she is totally bangable

I'm surprised that Jo is not at the bottom!

Jo is very obviously a lezie

34 Jen

She is really pretty and her fashion sense and style is amazing!

35 Laurie
36 Tammy
37 Sugar
38 Eva

Am I the only one who thinks she is actually hot. I mean come on! She thic and does have a good hair style.

She's strong but super ugly

She's on her because she has a smokin hot tight body. Too bad her face doesn't match :( but I voted her for body. Body is hot, face is ugly.

39 Beth

She's such a nerd in an ugly ugly way

I think Beth is really pretty on the inside because she's a really nice girl

She has a big butt. That's why I voted for her.

I love Beth but she is not really that pretty

40 Sanders

Sanders is very attractive, and the fact that she's a police cadet makes her that much hotter. She is very brave and believes in herself and that's hot in itself.

Sanders is the hottest police woman I have ever seen.

41 Mary

Mary is a sexy nerd, love smart girls

42 Miles

She is hot on the outside, but very beautiful on the inside. She has a good, caring heart and loves animals and nature and wants to take care of Earth.

43 Dakotazoid
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