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21 Amy

I think Samey is better, because if you stare at Amy, that mole is gonna make you forget your name!

She's ugly

22 Mary

Mary is a sexy nerd, love smart girls

23 Kitty

I think she is is cute and has a girly personality

24 Crimson

Crimson (ungothed) is really cute!

25 Scarlett
26 Jo

Jo actually is pretty. She is natural, she doesn't wear tons of makeup like the other girls do, and she doesn't wear skimpy clothing. She is pretty good looking for someone who is 100% natural, plus she takes care of herself, she eats right and works out. I think Jo is the hottest for not only being pretty on the outside, but being brave enough to do it naturally when everyone else is glammed up. Before you judge her for wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, reconsider this. Being hot isn't all about wearing pounds of makeup or fancy clothes.

I'm surprised that Jo is not at the bottom!

27 Sadie

Sadie is really cute. She's not fat. She's curvy and cute and stylish.

Sadie is like really ugly and fat!

28 Josee

Josee is a really pretty girl, despite her awful attitude, she's still pretty, I personally think she is the hottest out of all of them, and I love her accent. Her makeup and outfit is always perfect as well.

Very mean but determined and nonetheless very pretty.

29 Jen

She is really pretty and her fashion sense and style is amazing!

30 Sanders

Sanders is very attractive, and the fact that she's a police cadet makes her that much hotter. She is very brave and believes in herself and that's hot in itself.

Sanders is the hottest police woman I have ever seen.

31 Miles

She is hot on the outside, but very beautiful on the inside. She has a good, caring heart and loves animals and nature and wants to take care of Earth.

32 Carrie

I like her hair. It's pretty.

33 Laurie
34 Taylor

She hot and she thicc

35 Ellody
36 Ella
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