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1 Total Drama: Outside The Heat

This would be a movie about what Total Drama is like when nobody's competing. - Turkeyasylum

2 The Tragedy Of Trent And Gwen

This would be a parody of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with a few modern translations, and I promise it would be much better than the 1996 movie. - Turkeyasylum

3 Total Drama's Conquest

It would be about some of the Total Drama cast trying to become icons in the celebrity world! - Turkeyasylum

4 Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Doc

It would be an animated movie about how Total Drama was produced (by the camera crew's point of view). - Turkeyasylum

5 The Dawn Movie

It's a movie about Dawn's life, but a problem arises: the forest next to her house is going to be built to create a waste water facility! - Turkeyasylum

6 Heather vs. LeShawna: Ultimate Sports War

Heather and LeShawna make sports teams, who will win? - Turkeyasylum

7 Life In The Bowen House

Amy and Sammy Bowen have been fighting for years. Let's see what the life is like in their house. Also, a third sister (the middle sister) named Penny is featured. She doesn't care about Amy and Sammy's arguments. - Turkeyasylum

8 Shopping Spree!

Heather, Lindsay, LeShawna, Beth, Anne Maria, Amy, Sammy, And Dakota go on a shopping contest! - Turkeyasylum

9 Blaineley Vs. Chris: The Hosting Job

Both Chris and Blaineley want to host Total Drama, so theu are pitted against each other in a series of challenges from all the seasons! Spoiler: Both are gonna SUCK at the challenges. - Turkeyasylum

10 Total Drama: Locked In A House

It's where all the cast is locked in a house with lots of food (enough for 2 weeks), but they eventually argue and begin to panic! - Turkeyasylum

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11 Jacques gets kidnapped

Josee has to team up with the others to get Jacques back.

12 The Princess and the Punk
13 Drama Queen: Action Paradise
14 Cody and the Chocolate Factory
15 Duncan and Courtney: Stranded

It'd be a cute way for them to end up back together!

16 Total Drama Wedding
17 Total Drama Mutant Academy
18 Total Drama Zombie Island
19 Total Drama Killer Island
20 Total Drama The Musical
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