Best Female K-pop Rappers of 2013

The Top Ten
1 CL CL, born Lee Chae-rin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and rapper. She gained international fame as the leader of the girl group 2NE1 under YG Entertainment. Known for her unique style and powerful vocals, CL has been an influential figure in K-pop and has also ventured into the American music market. She has released numerous hit singles and albums both as a group member and a solo artist.

Yep the baddest female.. As usual the top spot..

2 Minzy
3 Amber
4 Jia
5 Yubin
6 Miryo
7 Yoon Mi Rae
8 E.via
9 Bora
10 Eunjung
The Contenders
11 Lime
12 Hyuna Kim Hyuna, better known by the mononym Hyuna, stylized as HyunA, is a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and model.
13 Lexy
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