Least Favorite Colors

The Top Ten Least Favorite Colors

1 Orange

Why does Orange has to be a worst color in the world. Because my sister Francine hate that color.

Orange is a horrible color, such a basic favorite color almost as basic as blue.

Dark Orange is the stinkiest poo poo color in this mother loving god forsaken world


2 Yellow

It's so basic, everyone either loves yellow or blue

3 Black

BLACK is worse than orange and yellow! - BloodFang

Black is a morbid color. Reminds me of death.

4 Gray

Gray is just.. well, boring. It looks good with some colors, but alone it's just stupid.

5 Brown

Brown looks like poop

Boo brown! It's the color of mud, poo, I COULD GO ON.

There has never been an uglier color. Except maybe yellow.

super-ugly - RW700

6 Beige

Spongebob's favorite color

Beige suck like sponge bob

I don't even need to explain.

I agree sponge Bob. Bla

7 Pink

I hate pink and now what I want and have to say is WHY IS PINK IN 7TH, NOT 1ST PLACE?! It's the worst color! Everyone, or at least almost everyone agrees about it!

Pink sucks
Boo hoo pink lovers

So dumb, like this should be at 3rd.

hate it

8 Scarlet
9 Violet
10 Green

Green is fugly


The Newcomers

? Puce
? Blueberry Blue

The Contenders

11 Teal

It's Basically Two Great Colors (Blue and Green) Made into one bad one

it's ugly for a pretty color like blue - Maddox121


12 Blood Red

It's not for kids and doesn't deserve to be called that way! Get this color LOST! It is the worst, dumbest, idiotic, chaotic and violent color I have ever seen!

blood red should only be for blood. don't use it for anything else.

poopy red.

13 Neon Pink

there is nothing more embarrassing to wear than neon pink

14 Khaki

This colour is disgusting and gross.


15 Purple

Not even a primary or secondary color as we were once taught, so what are you then?

It's so great

16 Dark Orange

Ugly color

17 Blue

It is the number 1 color so it is my least

18 Neon Blue
19 Red

It more of me

20 Neon Yellow

To bright

21 Neon Green

Sooo sooo so bright my eyes!

22 Neon Purple

So gross looking

23 White


24 Poop Brown
25 Poop Green

poop again

26 Indigo
27 Navy Blue
28 Tan

worse than beige

29 Periwinkle


30 Lavender
31 Baby Blue

too overrated for a light colour. colours should be dark - secret key to a happy life :)

32 Puke Brown
33 Puke Green
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