Top 10 Best Looking Shoe Brands


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1 Adidas Adidas

Adidas shoes are a comfortable fit. They also provide footy kits which is why I chose Adidas

I like fila better than adidas to me there just 3 stripes on a shoe? That don't last

It so so comfy far better then Nike in terms of satification from A HONEST NIKE/ADIDAS FAN!

adidas #1

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2 Vans

Vans in my opinion are best because they feel comfortable and stylish

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3 Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton

I smell like poo. Poopoo peepee mommy has to change me

5 Element
6 Nike

Should be 1 when you first look at adidas you be like those shoes are comfy as a cloud but they don't look attractive but Mike does!

Nice varieties of shoes.

Why isn't this number 1? Nike is THE BEST!

Should be number 1

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7 Puma Puma V 1 Comment
8 Air Jordan

Jordan's are the best shoes ever. They should be number one because everyone wears them and why are they number 11. Michael Jordan is the greatest there is and people fight, steal ab=and kill over his shoes. You don't see a lot of people stealing vans do you. And why is Nike so low too. DC's are cheap they are for people who can't afford that kind of stuff. You can get those from Flea-will. Goodwill mix up with the flea market. But good list by the way. Vans and DC's should be at the bottom. - DavidHayes

The Jordan brand produces some of the most designer shoes to ever come out. Why isn't this number 1?

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9 Lakai
10 Levis

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11 Supra V 1 Comment
12 Etnies
13 Converse

Converse looks cool!

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14 Geox

Get this to number one - PanteraForever

15 Red Wing
16 Reebok
17 Airwalk
18 Sketchers

Sketchers are so ugly and need to just shut down

19 Johnston & Murphy

The suede copeland chukka is the only shoe I wear (Save for the gym)! - higgsboson2142

20 Superga
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