Top 10 Ludicrous Ways to Punish Cerealguy

The Top Ten

1 Have His Dank Memes,Doritos & MLG Quickscoping Skills Confiscate

What about my crisis with my doritos?! - CerealGuy

2 Have Him Play E.T With 5 Second Jumpscare's and 10 Second Hole Falling
3 Have His Important Role in the Illuminati Leaked
4 Have Him to Pay for 999$ for A Comment That Ended With the Word "M8"
5 Have His Blog Post Series Like "Yo Dawg","Crazy Old Man" and "TopTenners In A TopTennersBox" Changed to A Blog Post Series About Praising Nicki Minaj Musics and Hating on Memes
6 Have Him to Twerk to A Tree If He Becomes Drunk and Praise A Lamp Post
7 Have His Username Changed to "I'mAnIdiotGuy" If He Ever Post Random Comments
8 Have His List That Contains the Word "Asinine" Removed And Must Write 5000 Notes to the Admin As A Punishment
9 Send Him to the A School for 1-3 Years Old If He Becomes A Grammar Breaker Like Spoderman
10 Have Him to Pay Everything He Do in TheTopTens for 1 Million Dollar
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