Top Ten Hated Zodiac Signs

What Zodiac Sign in your opinion is disliked the most in Astrology? Who has the worst reputation and gets the most hate?
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The Top Ten
1 Scorpio

Scorpios say a lot of things and they say whats on their mind, now they may be good but sometimes they can't control themselves and its not good.

Ummm... Y u all be hateing on me and my Scorpions

the Scorpio’s I’d used to know gotten away with murder & homicide

2 Leo

These obnoxious people have to be the worst, that and the fact their high EGO! gets in the way and it's the worst type of person you will have to deal with.

3 Capricorn
4 Pisces

we are hated by everyone

5 Virgo

I knew people hated virgo...

6 Aquarius
7 Gemini

YES! - UltimateHarms

8 Sagittarius
9 Aries
10 Taurus
The Contenders
11 Cancer
12 Libra