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21 Dallas

FC Dallas finishes in the top every year over the last few years. They have the least goals against so far this season. They've played a couple of games less than every other team and still have the most points in the conference. Only undefeated team so far. What else needs to be said?

#1 (highest points this year)

Cause I like them


22 Chicago

How is this team so low for me number 1

Finally a smart person speaks

This team is bad New England is better

23 New England

this team was such a success in their past they may have not had a very good 2010 but the made it to the playoffs every year since 2001 and they have the best finisher in mls of all time taylor twellman and they have steve ralston who is the all time leader in asstists and joseph is the best center defensive mid and reis is the best goalkeeper in mls

this team is obviously the best. it contains Twellman, Ralston, Joseph this squad is amazing. the revs are awesome, They made it to mls cup 4 times playoff 8 time in a row YEA!

WOW! How is this not 1st, and how come D.C. united are not even on this list, they are more successful than L.A.

New England is by far better than half the teams above them

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24 F.C. Dallas


25 Los Angeles Galaxy Los Angeles Galaxy
26 Chicago Fire Chicago Fire
27 Philadelphia

Lets go union

Snakeskin, yess

28 Atlanta United FC Atlanta United FC

Atlanta United FC?

Should be at least 5 or 6 plus super funto watch

Watch out. #UniteAndConquer

Almiron, Asad, Villalba, Martinez, and Carmona all carry us to victory

29 Houston Dynamo Houston Dynamo
30 Los Angeles (Chivas)

they suck

31 Orlando City
32 Seattle Sounders Seattle Sounders
33 Colorado Rapids Colorado Rapids The Colorado Rapids are an American professional men's soccer team, based in the Denver suburb of Commerce City, Colorado.
34 Minnesota United FC
35 Atlanta

In 2017 they'll be the best team. Or at least better than Orlando City

Atlanta will never beat Orlando

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36 Saint Louis FC
37 Real Salt Lake Real Salt Lake
38 Columbus Crew Columbus Crew
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