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21 PocketGaming

Its surprising me so much that pocketgaming is on 27 he should at least be top 15...

He is one of the best PvPers I've seen in the MCPE Community. He is truly inspiring. He really should be top 10.

There is so much better pvpers than this guy


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22 LixhSkillz

Destroyed Many Known Pvpers. And Has A Very Good Aim

23 IPlatinum

What?! He use hacks dudes. Nobody Know that but someone SAID He Is Using HACKS.

He may not be good at PvP but he is good at sucking my big fat 10 pack willy

Who in the world has thought to voting him? people below the list are capable of gg10-ing him. LOL

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This guy sucks he's trash lol

He is overrated on this list

Chipper is really good he should be on the list - TBNRForthewin2

Top 1 meme in mcpe

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25 PocketBlockHD

Ayy pocket my dude -epic

Great at pwning

cool - PocketBlockHD

He is Part Of KoNE and Has beaten people like Roheatos,Shlenux and NOTGUD
He is Friendly and fights for his friends and himself - PocketBlockHD

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26 xBullen

Best LBSG player ever: Split god

Not on the top 20, probably 43rd.. - esgmcpe

This Guy Is Best Pvper

Bullen Back

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27 MartinJeanZ_ V 2 Comments
28 Ziaxite V 2 Comments
29 FireBallMC

To be honest he's better than Pocket

Yes he's a great strafer and hits combos so fast

Yes he should be at top 15


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30 LegendEth
31 K1llerPro
32 GalaxyWing2949

What Galaxy doesn't even play on those servers this guy who is saying he killed is a randy and Galaxy doesn't "accuse people of being childish "

Lol he was on top of me but now I'm on top of him!

Lol I can't believe people actually thought I was Galaxy I was just faking

Boi there is no way I am better than elmayor and stop being a catfish your not me faker but I do agree I should be at least top 15 because for god sake look at my IGN highlights, ALSO I CAN NOT TAKE ON WESLEY DEATO AND MAYOR WHEN I CAN BARELY BEAT PROFLAME... also I do play on crazedcraft and comboPE. Nvm I should be top 5 because I was probably tge best split pvper back then, well I don't know about Chaotic.. also I swear that Mcpe hypixle player are better than crazedcraft players... like for real go check it out

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33 SoySmore V 3 Comments
34 Roxas55

Great Strafer, Beat Many Elites, Loyal Member of MS and Exciting Combos!

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35 HerbondYT

He should be in the top 20 look at his videos

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36 xShqdOPvP
37 IRaZZoR
38 Zach4444

Zach is good you guys just do fame how is Zach no 41? - TBNRForthewin2

Zach is good why is he not on TOP 10?

Very underrated but good

God he gg10 me...

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39 BlueFlameX98

This guy is so bad! He should not be on the list,he uses Third Person and always complain.He have no skills and can't even get a normal 2 hits combo he doesn't even deserve top 90 should be removed!

He lied about the to7 takeout he died instantly,and for steve and frankie he killed them after 20 trys with a diamond sword.

Real awesome non split pvper he killed 5 people with just a Gold sword on LBSG. He beat SteveCGaming and Frankie a few times. He killed everyone in a LBSG match in 5 mins which is insane and he took out a team of 7 before.

40 UntryableZ
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