Top 10 Minecraft Kit PVP Players


The Top Ten

1 BurnthatRYAN

Never heard of him

He is the BEST
He is so Awesome that is why he is in top 1 - XDXDLOL

He is so GOOD at PvP - XDXDLOL


2 LloydPlays777

He is not that good he is only very good at REDSTONE - XDXDLOL

Reconsider this post retard

3 CaptainSparklez

The author of this must have taken drugs. Please post some decent papers and not these trash you tubers(i like them, but can't live with the fact that they're on this list). - shark109922

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4 GhostManFilms

GhostMan Is The Best PVP Player. Team With BurnthatRYAN And Lloyd

5 KateJA

An average Minecraft pvper can destroy her - XDXDLOL

6 lloyd_lagang
8 AntVenom

He should be #2 he is very good at kit pvp!

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9 xNestorio

Wreck would be an understatement. He could take on all 9 and still 10 heart them.

Bow God. Deserves number 1 slot to be honest. He'd wreck everybody on this list.

10 Ali-A

Ali-A should be at least #3 he's way better than captain sparkles

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The Contenders

11 xRpMx13
12 Lionmaker Studios

He is funny and does a lot of hide and seek.

13 TheCreeperFarts
14 Easir

A really good top PVP player who really can pvp. he is dutch and is west Europe's best PVPer. - NickKFC

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15 Lolitsalex
16 DJSkizzy

He is god he beat zyper

17 Probation
18 MyForever

He has the most kills and the most skills when he gets called a hacker 24/7 but he does not hack nor care what people say.

19 hurricanedh

Never ever died in pvp the bow shots are sick

20 iBallisticSquid
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