Top Ten Best Minecraft Servers for MCPe


The Top Ten

1 Lifeboat

No way it has Super lag and sexist roleplays

2 Nexus PE

U dad gay

3 Crystalyx PE
4 Hippiecraft
5 Dark Realms
6 Zircon
7 TeamCraft
8 Instant Network

It dos not duster 8th place

9 Happy Peepz
10 BrokenLens

You can easily make friends here and you will feel like part of it instead of in a unfamiliar place.

#1 for this server

It's one of best server by far in terms of unique games. It's a bit laggy, but you will be addicted to it. It doesn't require much to play, so it's not like Mineplex. Mineplex needs XBOX Live Account, while BrokenLens, you just need a normal account on the server itself. In my (ChipTheWiiU // Minecraft Check me out on YouTube! ) opinion, it is a pretty good server!

The Contenders

11 Samcraft Realms
12 Cybertech
13 Djpecraft
14 BC Realms

I used to love this server so much before it was closed down, the owner hotshothd was a great guy - SCMGamingYT

15 CrazedCraft

It's Such a good pvp Server

Best 1v1 server at a long shot just a little lag

Best 1v1 Server Ever Made, Thank You Jack :D - SCMGamingYT

16 Comic Pe
17 4lifecraft
18 KJJ Server
19 Inpvp

Good super I love your build wars and blok hunt but I'm sade you haven't updated your super to 0.12.0

20 Valeanetwork

Probably the best PvP server

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