Best Minecraft Plugins

What is your favorite plugin to add to your server? Vote here and tell others why!
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1 Essentials

This is amazing! there helps to be Essentials GroupManager for ranks! And Essentials Chat for Coloring chat using &a for light green &b for light blue &c for light red &d for light purple &e for light yellow &f for White &1 For Dark Blue &2 for I don't know &3 for I don't know &4 for dark anger blood red &5 for I forgot &6 for orange &7 for gray &8 for half black &9for some blue &0 for flat straight black

The name says it all. This is a group of basic, "essential" commands, designed to make life easier.

This is a great plugin, there are 99999999999999999 more commands

2 World Edit

Commands designed to add, change, move, or take away. Incredibly useful for building any type of structure, and required for all major servers.

It makes life 100000+ times easier

3 World Guard

We all know how many griefers there are out there. For any major, public server, this will not only protect you, but all of your players against in-game threats.

4 Permissions

Not to be confused with World Guard, this makes it so you can restricts players from any number of things you desire.

5 Mcmmo

Adding an RPG twist to your world, this plugin acts like the majority of Mass Medieval Multiplayer games out there, adding levels to most of the daily things you do

6 iConomy

This includes dozens of different plugins combined into one, designed to create an amazing economy like feeling to your server.

7 Crackshot

Best plugin ever! It's sad though that almost everyone uses only the default weapons and they do not even try to make custom weapons. Still my favorite plugin!

One of my personal favorites, it adds about 15 different guns to your game, as well as bombs, traps, airstrikes, grenades, and so much more.

Very fun! I wish that all servers had these for Donators and that sort of thing...

8 mmSupernaturals

All of them having special powers, you can now be any race you want, including Werewolves, Demons, Ghouls, Vampires, Priests, and Witchhunters.

9 LogBlock

While not necessary, it can be extremely handy in finding the culprit to of a griefing, as well as do many more things.

10 AdminFun
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11 Punishmental
12 iControlU
13 Multiverse-Core
14 Chestshop

Great with adding to iConomy, this makes you able to create your own shop, and sell or buy anything you like!

15 DisguiseCraft
16 SlimeFun

This plugin needs CS-CoreLib plugin to work once you got all the plugins needed you can start with /sf guide, if you want to take things for free, you need to be an admin, if you are opped or an admin do /sf cheat and take things for free, in conclusion, It's THE BEST!

17 Cobrakits

This plugin makes you create your own kits!
When downloaded and added to your server type /ckits to show the help page.

18 VanishNoPacket
19 PlotSquared
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