Best Months to Have Your Birthday In

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1 December

Most of my relatives' birthdays are from late September on, 4 of my 6 cousins are born in November or December. And I "end" the birthday chain in the late year (December 21). Even if it may be a bad spot (Christmas comes 3 days after), I absolutely love it. I also know of at least one good friend in university, who was born on Dec 21 and she loves it too!

You might not believe but all my family members were born in December except my maternal grandmother (that's bad)!

It is the best, my teacher says having a birthday on December is a special person.

My little brother was born in this month. I wouldn't mind having this as a birth month. It is a very happy time of year, you share it with some pretty good people, and beautiful Birthstones. Also, I'm never bored of the cold weather in December. The only bad thing is you get presents really close to Christmas or even get gifts counted for both, but I'd still take it over my birth month.

2 April

Being an April child from the 1st to the 18th you are considered an Aries (zodiac sign)
also I was born on the 15th so the middle of the month along with the middle of the season (winter) this is South Africa

April is an awesome month because it's when Taurus enters the sun, flowers start to bloom, it's a rainier month typically, and Easter is in it! It also has a pretty name and I was born in it.

My birthday is April 6th. It's hard to invite someone to your birthday party if they think it's an April fools joke.

The day I was born was an Easter Sunday. Though you'll never guess what day in April!

3 September

Yess so many people I know have a birthday in September (including me) :D

My sister hates that she was born in September, however I wish I was. The weather is amazing. School isn't boring yet because it just started. I know a lot of great famous people born in this month too, like my favorite singer. Not to mention this month has amazing birthstones. I wish me and my sister could trade birthdays, then we definitely would.

I was born September 11th, not the day it happened but a few years after. I like birthdays in September because you go to school but something to look forward to isn't your birthday in less than 2 weeks! I also like September birthdays because the weather is great because it is almost the end of summer and the trees are beautiful. The tempatire is not too hot and not too cold.

My birthday is Thursday, September 16, 2004. And it's usually nice and warm. If not, it's rain, but who cares? A little rain won't hurt. We won't be crowded by a snowstorm, right September babies?

4 November

I was born in November and I love it! Diary of a Wimpy Kid books come in just in time for my birthday and well, the list goes on and on about how many good reasons your birthday is in November!

I was born in November and it is super awesome. Churchill's birthday, my favorite actor, Charles Bronson's birthday, Thanksgiving, Patton's birthday, and probably a lot more.

All the games are out around October - November time and that is why I love having my birthday in November so I can get all the latest top games for my Xbox

November is Truly The Best birth month Its RIGHT in between Halloween and Christmas

5 May

That's my birth month! The school year sometimes ends in this month (for me). - SoongeBill

May is perfect because it not cold, but not boiling. It's rains just enough. It just a wonderful month to be born!

My birthday is May 27th. I really like it- it isn't near a major holiday, so people are usually free. The weather is nice for parties most of the time. And it's far from Christmas, which I like because it stretches the time you have new, exciting stuff.

Very nice, I'm proud to hear that you were born in May my dad was born in that month I was born in October so what I have to say that my least favorite month is October because is my birthday and its too far and it's the worst month to be born I love Birthdays on May June and July I wish I was born in June best month ever!

May is by far the best month to have your birthday in. It is warm. It is not cold, like the winter and fall months. And it is not boiling like the Summer months.

6 October

My birthday is in October and that is when all the games come out plus my birthday is the day after Grand Theft Auto San Andreas came out. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas came out 20 October. I was 21 October lol. Also my birthday is 10 days before Halloween which is crazy. I think October is just a great month for everything like holidays, birthdays, celebrations and everything.

Well my birthday is this month and I just turned 18 and I hate it I wish I was born in June because it's my favorite month in the year you end up being the oldest in school and school is boring June is the best month to be born and school is over this month ugh sucks compared to September and December!

My birthday is on Halloween. I get candy and presents. Only problem is I can't have a big birthday party

I was born October 20th

7 March

I'm sorry to disappoint you but to be a Pisces, you have to be born between February 19 and March 20 so if you're born on March 28, you are an ARIES. Google it if you don't believe me.

March is a great month, one of the only months with no major holidays but my BIRTHDAY March 28th, the greatest day of the year.

I think March is the best month to be born and I feel so glad that I was born in March. Have you ever heard about March for our lives. I think March is the best month for the beginning of anything special. It's a good luck month for everybody. People who are born in March are luckier than anyone.

March is best. A few months after Christmas plus it is close to Ester so if your birthday is near that, you have heaps of chocolate to snack on

8 January

I live in Australia and it's summer in my birth month: January. Luckily I DON'T celebrate New Year's in winter because it's gloomy, full of pure depression, it's boring and especially I HATE winter. At least New year's in summer is way better.

I was born on the 16th, it's actually not as bad as people think of January in general and it's something to look after to because what's there really to do in January?

Mine's in late January and I love it - such a great way to start off the year, plus it's something to look forward to all over again once Christmas is over.

Awesome Holiday after xmas

9 February

My birthday is the 7th February and I love it! Winter is my favourite season, it's around the middle of the year, and its birthstone amethyst is beautiful!

Valentines day Is STRAIGHT before my birthday (my birthday is 15th February, while Valentines day is 14th February)

I think I am more unique here

February 27th Bois

10 June

June is my absolute favorite month of the year! My birthday is in August but my brother's birthday is in June and I am so jealous of him! School ends, it's the beginning of summer (my favorite season), camp starts, its just an amazing month in general and I wish I had a birthday in June

Tomorrow is my birthday, it's June 1 2019 when I put this, and my birthday is on the 2nd

You're on the other end of Christmas, so you will get presents throughout the year.

Thank God is the best for birthdays June is my absolute favorite month of the year I was born on October 18th, I wanted to be born on June it would make my so happy! I was born on the worst month! October is the worst to have birthdays May June or July are better and is the last month of School! Still June will be the best month for birthdays better than September and October!

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11 July

This month rocks 4th of July Independence day of the United States no school and were off vacations Love this month so much I wish I was born in this month my birthday is on October 18 so that month is the worst for birthdays. Love July a billion best month for birthdays like May and June too! I wish my birthday was July because there's no school you can go anywhere you like!

It's a great month to have your birthday in, seeing as there's no school! The only things I don't like about it are the cancer zodiac sign (you might have Leo if you were born later) and the fact that you're younger than most people in your grade. But still!

It's in the middle of summer! No school, on vacation

Where is my cancer squad at? I was born on July 15!

12 August

My birthday is August 9th I think that lots of people hate August birthdays because school, starts. But if your birthday is in early August it is awesome.

Why is August last? All of the other months were chosen based on greed because of Christmas. If you were to have your birthday on a month with a holiday, a lot of people wouldn't show up because they are out of town. August is the perfect month to go to beach and to just have fun in the sun.

I was born in June & actually that's not cool till I'm a student (exams, etc.)... & now I think August's cool you still can have a big party cause it's still summer & probably you're in holiday...

I wasn't born in August, but I love the warm weather, no school yet (well, for some of the month ) and it's just awesome.

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