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1 December

Yay! My birthmonth! - Misfire

You might not believe but all my family members were born in December except my maternal grandmother (that's bad)!

My little brother was born in this month. I wouldn't mind having this as a birth month. It is a very happy time of year, you share it with some pretty good people, and beautiful Birthstones. Also, I'm never bored of the cold weather in December. The only bad thing is you get presents really close to Christmas or even get gifts counted for both, but I'd still take it over my birth month.

Well I know so many friends in school or family members who were born that month what I can say this is the worst month to be born because if someone was born that month they get a Christmas present and a birthday one. Remove it June is the best - Lordvader3500

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2 April

I have a large family member, I am the only one I was born on April. Just like February, being born in April is uncommon - Leafeon

My birthday is today. Right now, today is April 17th 2019.

My birthday is on April! - SpinelliFan

It is a good month and a good time to have birthdays

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3 September

This means you are one of the oldest in your year at school - DylanB5

I was born I September
- my birthstone is sapphire - Murphypaw

My sister hates that she was born in September, however I wish I was. The weather is amazing. School isn't boring yet because it just started. I know a lot of great famous people born in this month too, like my favorite singer. Not to mention this month has amazing birthstones. I wish me and my sister could trade birthdays, then we definitely would.

You are one of the oldest people in your grade which makes you seem more mature - Pieclone

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4 November

November is Truly The Best birth month Its RIGHT in between Halloween and Christmas - XxMontrealxXRBLX

There was a story about a girl that was born in the best month november and I'm the last one to celebrate it in the family

I was born in November and I love it! Diary of a Wimpy Kid books come in just in time for my birthday and well, the list goes on and on about how many good reasons your birthday is in November!

I was born in November and it is super awesome. Churchill's birthday, my favorite actor, Charles Bronson's birthday, Thanksgiving, Patton's birthday, and probably a lot more.

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5 October

2 of my cousins share a birthday

My birthday is in October and that is when all the games come out plus my birthday is the day after Grand Theft Auto San Andreas came out. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas came out 20 October. I was 21 October lol. Also my birthday is 10 days before Halloween which is crazy. I think October is just a great month for everything like holidays, birthdays, celebrations and everything. - Carly19781

Well my birthday is this month and I just turned 18 and I hate it I wish I was born in June because it's my favorite month in the year you end up being the oldest in school and school is boring June is the best month to be born and school is over this month ugh sucks compared to September and December! - Lordvader3500

16th october

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6 May

May is perfect because it not cold, but not boiling. It's rains just enough. It just a wonderful month to be born!

May 6!

May is by far the best month to have your birthday in. It is warm. It is not cold, like the winter and fall months. And it is not boiling like the Summer months.

The month of growth

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7 March

I think March is the best month to be born and I feel so glad that I was born in March. Have you ever heard about March for our lives. I think March is the best month for the beginning of anything special. It's a good luck month for everybody. People who are born in March are luckier than anyone.

Well another great month to be born 20th of March begins Spring Christmas is over 3 months ahead and 9 months far away from December even though Santa Claus birthday is on the 15th of March March is the best along with April May and June and the 21st of June Spring is over and the Summer begins! I have friends who birthday that month! - Lordvader3500

If everyone here read "why it sucks to be a March Baby", this would be at number 12 for sure. I will never be happy with being born in this awful month.

Nope. I was born in March and I hate every single thing about it.

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8 January

January is always sunny in Australia!

I live in Australia and it's summer in my birth month: January. Luckily I DON'T celebrate New Year's in winter because it's gloomy, full of pure depression, it's boring and especially I HATE winter. At least New year's in summer is way better.

It's the best!

I was born on the 16th, it's actually not as bad as people think of January in general and it's something to look after to because what's there really to do in January?

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9 June

Mine is in june witch is cool - trains45

Tomorrow is my birthday, it's June 1 2019 when I put this, and my birthday is on the 2nd

At least my birthday month isn't listed at the top 12th best birthday month

Mine is in june, I thought june would been number 1 or 2

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10 February

My birthday is the 7th February and I love it! Winter is my favourite season, it's around the middle of the year, and its birthstone amethyst is beautiful!

Valentines day Is STRAIGHT before my birthday (my birthday is 15th February, while Valentines day is 14th February) - Wobblygaming7

Yes! #btwitsmybirthday - HufflepuffGeekGirl

I think I am more unique here - paasadani

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11 July

Where is my cancer squad at? I was born on July 15!

Why the hell is July so low, I wish I was born in July!

It's a great month to have your birthday in, seeing as there's no school! The only things I don't like about it are the cancer zodiac sign (you might have Leo if you were born later) and the fact that you're younger than most people in your grade. But still!

Best birthday in hoilday

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12 August

My birthday is August 9th I think that lots of people hate August birthdays because school, starts. But if your birthday is in early August it is awesome.

Why is August last? Good weather, summer, and great people born in this month. Peridot is also a great Birthstone. I would love to be born in August!

My birthday is today! - Userguy44

A final celebration before school starts up again! - Cyri

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