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121 Melrose
122 Mary

I don't like that this name is ALL the way down here. It is the name of Jesus's mother.

123 Sheilla
124 Sabbina
125 Saffron V 1 Comment
126 Aadilla
127 Marilyn

It's a very beautiful, unique name m, and a beautiful girl comes to mind when I hear it.

I have a cousin obsessed with Marilyn monroe

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128 Maya

My 6 month old's name. A goddess name, most beautiful of Zeus's daughters. It took me the whole pregnancy to find the perfect name.

Maya Hart from Girl Meets World.

129 Maryah
130 Seraphina

I love this name! It makes me think of the book Serafina and the Black Cloak.

I don't know why I always liked this name, it's pretty rare and it sounds really pretty for a girl too. I don't know any girls named Seraphina, but I guess I just really like the name. It sounds like a gentle, generous person. Other names I like are anything with Grace in it (Graciela, Gracie, Gracelyn) and names like Madelyn, Natalie, Callie and Daniela.

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131 Beverly

This is my mums name and I love it so much

It's my name :3

132 Mackenzie

I love this Irish name. It can have a lot of nicknames; Kenzie, Mack, Mackie, Kenz, and it can be spelt so many different ways!

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133 Annielizabeth

Weird. Try Anneliese if you want a combination of Anne and Elizabeth.

This name is better than the word perfection

134 Rubily
135 Jeanette
136 Lismar

Had a girlfriend named so

137 Queenberly V 2 Comments
138 Floraliz

I have a cousin named so because everyone likes her name and also ass

139 Amielizabeth

So I will name my first daughter

140 Melody V 2 Comments
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