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121 Sephora

Although it's a makeup store it is still one of the most beautiful names by far. Unique and unused. Soft and angelic.

122 Aphrodite

The goddess of love and beauty. Enough said.

123 Judith V 1 Comment
124 Melrose
125 Mary

I don't like that this name is ALL the way down here. It is the name of Jesus's mother.

126 Sheilla
127 Sabbina
128 Saffron V 1 Comment
129 Aadilla
130 Marilyn

It's a very beautiful, unique name m, and a beautiful girl comes to mind when I hear it.

I have a cousin obsessed with Marilyn monroe

V 1 Comment
131 Maya

My 6 month old's name. A goddess name, most beautiful of Zeus's daughters. It took me the whole pregnancy to find the perfect name.

Maya Hart from Girl Meets World.

132 Maryah
133 Seraphina

I love this name! It makes me think of the book Serafina and the Black Cloak.

I don't know why I always liked this name, it's pretty rare and it sounds really pretty for a girl too. I don't know any girls named Seraphina, but I guess I just really like the name. It sounds like a gentle, generous person. Other names I like are anything with Grace in it (Graciela, Gracie, Gracelyn) and names like Madelyn, Natalie, Callie and Daniela.

V 1 Comment
134 Beverly

This is my mums name and I love it so much

It's my name :3

135 Mackenzie

I love this Irish name. It can have a lot of nicknames; Kenzie, Mack, Mackie, Kenz, and it can be spelt so many different ways!

V 1 Comment
136 Annielizabeth

Weird. Try Anneliese if you want a combination of Anne and Elizabeth.

This name is better than the word perfection

137 Rubily
138 Jeanette
139 Lismar

Had a girlfriend named so

140 Queenberly V 2 Comments
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