Most Popular Baby Names

Here Are The Most Popular Baby Names.
If you know someone that pregnant are use this list!!

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1 Michael

so popular it is kind of an overrated name no offense to all the michaels out there it is a good but overused name - moose4life19

2 Andrew
3 Andy
4 James

My little brother is called James so I voted but I also just love the name.

5 Ethan
6 Carlos
7 Matthew

That's my name laugh out loud

8 Mark
9 Jacob
10 Amy

The Contenders

11 Lily

Lilly is a cute name

12 Christopher

I've always loved this name because Christopher sounds so awesome! It can be speller so many ways too!

13 Joshua
14 Daniel
15 Nick

I love this name (partially because there is this fit boy I know called nick)

16 Amanda
17 Anthony

I love the name anthony, cause a guy at my school is named anthony hughes and he is so cute!

I'm Anthony and my name is awesome

Anthony is a boring name
My name is Anthony - Ajkloth

I had the biggest crush on this guy named Anthony in eighth grade. He was just so unbelievably cute and had the best personality. We ended up becoming close friends, even though I liked him, and I hoped he'd end up liking me eventually. He moved away and lost touch with him for three years. When I found his number again, we started talking and realized he'd moved back in the area. He also revealed he had liked me ever since he met me. Four months later, we've been dating since then and it's been amazing

18 Jack
19 Steven
20 Jessica
21 William
22 Sam

This is SUCH A CUTE NAME! can be either boy or girl : ) =)

23 Jackson
24 Abigail
25 Giorgio
26 Connor

My brother's name is Connor

27 Addison
28 Ann
29 Katherine

It's cool because it can be spelled different ways and have many nicknames! Love this name!

30 Brendon
31 Kaitelyyn

This is how I spell it but there re at least 10 way to spell it in my world :D

32 Adam
33 Brianna

I love this name, its mine by the way

34 Chayanne

This is my bff's name and I just love it

35 Naja

This is also one of my bff's name and this is one of the best names I heard

36 Nalani

This name is so unique and cute
This is besties name

37 Ally
38 Lauren
39 Raquel
40 Alex
41 Selena
42 Natalie
43 Shaun
44 Sean

Sean is not a very common name,
But it sounds so awesome!

45 George
46 Oscar
47 Lucas
48 Louis
49 Maria
50 Dylan
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