Top 10 Most Handsome EXO Members

EXO is a South Korean boy band under SM Entertainment. It consists of EXO-K and EXO-M. Let's vote who's the best!
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1 Luhan Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member, known as Luhan, of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-group EXO-M, before leaving the group in October 2014.

Luhan is a god, or an angel that's descended from heaven to enlighten us all with his beauty. Somehow he is sexy, adorable and prettier than every other human I've ever seen all at the same time. There is genuinely NOTHING wrong with his face, he has perfect proportions and his gaze is killer. He's the ultimate flower boy, and also looks like he's come straight out of a shoujo manga. Everything about him is absolutely breath taking and he will forever be my ultimate bias although he has left EXO.

Luhan is so adorable. He's innocent face (He's like an angel! ) I feel like his perfect. He so HANDSOME, CUTE, HOT, JOYFUL, INNOCENT guy I know. Some times when I see he's cute face on a picture... I can't hardly breath it's like I'm going to die any minute if I keep looking at it. He's childish face or baby-looking face I think he can attract any girl in any age. I feel like I can call him or he's the definition of perfection... Luhan! So please stay cute and loving, oh and be respectful too. And please come back to EXO... I continue to love hehehe as a fan

Luhan looks like a angel. Like a legit angel sent from the heavens. His delicate, soft features could pierce through anyone's heart, and his enchanting smile could light up a whole room. His face may look like an adorable little angel, but hidden underneath his shirt lies a super ripped body with abs. Aside from his beautiful face and body, he also has a really beautiful personality, which only adds to his charm.

For me, Luhan was the one that captured my attention first, since my first exposure to EXO was their second teaser Time Control. My reaction was "Kai, good looking, Luhan... wow! Is this guy real? " And he's really talented, main vocalist, lead dancer, and visual of EXO-M! Also, there's a quite, understated charm about him. He's never loud or boisterous or arrogant, but nonetheless, he stands out and is unforgettable.

2 Sehun Oh Se-hun, better known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-K.

I have soft spot for maknaes like seriously, but Sehun Oh my. He's so naturally charming, he doesn't have to try at all, he always looks so good grrr. He has like the most innocent, warm face ever, he looks like a baby, but he can pull of sexiness so easily at the same time, he doesn't necessarily looks like the youngest, he looks like the ideal 'oppa'. Don't even get me started on the dancing.. He looks so good while dancing, he already is such a brilliant dancer and his gorgeous looks are just a huge plus point. I love all the EXO members, but Sehun to me has the best looks, he truly blessed.

He is the Most cute, handsome, best Maknae in the world! He is so innocent and cute like an angel. He may is not the best dancer or rapper but his skills are awesome. He is my bias forever and I think he is the most handsome man in the world. And people said that he had done plastic surgery but I don't think because his eyes just looks bigger because of the Makeup and his nose is the same when he laugh. Sorry I have too many mistakes but English is not my first language

Oh my gosh he is crazy sexy When I first saw him I thought he would be so strait and mean. No when I get to know him he is cute adroable and funny. His actions are cute and he is fun and also lovely. I fall for him at first sight! It is like love at first sight. And also his face features are perfect! Just jang!
He is also manly sometimes. Love ya Sehun oppa! Hope to see you! I am your biggest fan! No matter what happen I will never stop being a fan of EXO! So hwating Oppa! You are the most handsome guy I have every seen!

I think Sehun is one of the most attractive idols in the K-Pop industry today. With his long legs and his face feature, he really looks like a model. Besides, his dance is always on point and his smooth voice just makes him more irresistible (which, in this case, he already is). I just want SM to give him more lines in EXO's songs, though. He really is more than just a pretty face. Sehun-ah, fighting!

3 Kris Wu Kris Yifan, professionally known as Kris Wu or Kris, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. He is a former member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO and its subgroup EXO-M under S.M. Entertainment.

He handsome, can speak many languages, good at basketball and tall. And oh? Who can forget his sexy husky and seducing manly voice? He can take care of his members (EXO M) and also ACE. He's also a fillial son :) he loves his mom so much also his friends and his fans. There's one incident when they're going back to their hometown 'because its Chinese new year. The guards keep on pushing his fans. He said to the guards that they shouldn't do that 'because they waited too long just to see him. He didn't take the VIP route even if he's sick that time. He even held the hands of his fans and said thank you. He wants to improve himself the most at dancing. We all know the he's not the best rapper, but who cares? There's something in him that we can't over

Maybe everyone has their own taste, someone likes cute faces most, or others like cool faces most. But if we objectively look at the features of the face, such as nose, eyes, lips and so on, nobody can really say that Kris is not good looking. Because he has the standard and the ideal face of being handsome. Maybe accompany with growing ages people have varied ideal types. But still, nobody can deny that he is good looking.

Really good looking and cool guy, probably the most handsome guy I've ever seen. Has a really manly voice and most importantly, he's tall. He's able to speak more than two languages, such as English, Chinese, Korean, Cantonese and a bit of Japanese, which is a really incredible thing to do. Though he's not the oldest in the group, he takes care of his members well and is the leader of EXO-M. He is just too awesome.

I think he is the most handsome cute and charming member of exo.. I really love the voice of this guy... He is very sweet caring and loving to his other member.. I really like him becauce he makes his other member laugh if they have a problem.. He is a very supportive friend.. Maybe the others see that kris is not really handsome.. Yah! I know but I like him because of his attitude.. So please vote for him.. He rally needs your vote...

I don't know if this is just a rumor that kris is leaving exo... Please don't!

4 Chanyeol

He's totally the most handsome among all. He's almost perfect. His eyes are round and big and shining, his teeth are neat, his voice is so deep which means it's my weakness, his hair is perfectly straight, he's tall, he can play many music instruments which is it's kinda girl's type of guy, I really love him he made of a 100% of boyfriend material. His personality is also good he's kind polite and he's a mood booster. And also, his taste of music and fashion is very very well. He has a good body too so hey you cannot resist that he's perfect!

Chanyeol = #1 in Exo. The first thing that caught my attention about Chanyeol was his voice. I didn't notice him much in the beginning. I didn't expect such a deep voice to come out of that innocent looking dorky face! It made him so attractive and on top of that, I noticed how tall he was. His height was also unexpected. That was when I started to pay attention to him and I saw how adorablee and talented he is! He's so cute and such a trouble maker but he's also so polite and sweet when he should be. Perfect guy right there.

Chanyeol is attractive in every possible way with his round eyes, plump lips, cute button nose, and a beautiful smile. He's tall and is all cute, handsome, and sexy. He also has a bubbly personality, since he's happy virus and is very positive and is good with kids(was shown on return of superman). He has a deep and sultry voice that is very nice. He is also very talented which I find attractive as he sings great, can rap, and he plays many different instruments.

At first you'll probably fall for his good looks... But when watching T.V. shows featuring him; that is when you really fall in love with his personality.over all he is the prince charming every girl should be wanting. I'm very happy that he is my bias because I look up to him so much...he is very determined and talented and seeing him play all these instruments and those acting skills makes an art and drama student like me very jealous I think I'm going to love him forever...

5 Kai

He is very attractive. He is the first one who immediately caught my attention when they debuted in 2012. His would be described as someone with a handsome face, and not a pretty face. He is also sexy.

Kai has a unique kind of attractiveness to him. Sure, he's not the most handsome member, but there's something about his aura that makes him STAND OUT.

If you look carefully at each of Kai's facial features individual, none of them are considered the "ideal". But when you put them together, somehow it all works out so BEAUTIFULLY, like a puzzle. I think that's why so many fans find Kai attractive: he has a unique face and an even more unique personality.

He's a man of contradictions. He is sexy, yet shy. Mature, yet playful. Blunt, yet thoughtful. Gentle most of the time, but can be hyper in the right situation. He's so serious when it comes to his career but he's a downright goofball when he's in "let's tease my members! " mode. He's extremely talented, yet so endearingly humble. He can be seen as somewhat cold to his fans and co-workers but he's SO AFFECTIONATE towards the people that means the most to him in his life (his niece, taemin, sisters, 3 dogs).

Its ...more

To be honest, compared to the rest of the members, Kai's appearance do not stand out that much. What stands out the most from Kai is the fact that he has double personalities and double selves; he'd be Kai the stunning panty-dropping sexy dancer onstage, and he'd be Jongin the shy big cuddly adorable teddy bear offstage. His eye expressions are no joke, though; his passion for dancing and performing makes him stand out so much and it's the reason why Kai is the "key" of EXO. Besides, who wouldn't deny that sexy slender ballerino body? Or them defined godly jawline? Or that well-sculpted face with elegant nose-bridge and plump kissable lips? Kai is charming and daring, whereas Jongin is lovable and caring. Both Kai and Jongin make up one amazingly-passionate young boy, and this is exactly the reason why Kai is everyone's eyecatcher!

I fell for Kai as soon as I first watched EXO's music videos. His handsomeness is very different from others. That's not the cute face like LuHan, Sehun or D.O, not as tall as Kris, not diplomatic like Chanyeol,...He is Kim Jong-in in backstage life-shy, adorable and funny. But when he's on stage, he is KAI-sexy and skilled dance. What he gains today is from his diligence, determination and love for dance. I really love him, very much

6 D.O.

I really think D.O. has, out of all of them, the most natural ability to dance. Even though he isn't as enthusiastic as the others, when you really observe how he moves, he has a very good dance sensibility and makes steps look really REALLY good. And even with the steps that you can kind of tell aren't the most comfortable for him, he's very precise with his movements, and the choreography still looks really good on him.

I really feel like he should be highlighted more in some dances, but eh.

Also, I don't know "beauty" or whatever is perceived in Korea, but I'm from the Philippines, and to me, D.O. is DEFINITELY the most attractive from EXO. A close second I think is Chanyeol.

The cutest and most adorable member, practically EXO's teddy bear. May be well known for throwing the death stares (poor guy can't help but wear the naturally occurring expressions due to his weak eyesight) but once he flashes his famous heart shaped smile that is regarded with jealousy by the other members, even the most cold hearted could feel their heart flutter and the world around them light up! Saranghae Do Kyungsoo you stunning ray of sunshine and talented being (singer, dancer, actor - how long is the list?! ) Uh and his unexpectedly manly, soothing and charismatic voice - I'm in love! T_T

When I first encountered EXO ( I am a late EXO-L) I gravitated to Sehun… but over just a short number of weeks and watching all the MVs and Lives and silly videos, D.O. completely made me switch my bias to him. It is not even close. His voice is deep, calming, sultry, and he has some of the best parts on every song. He is sneakily very good at dancing and he can pull off all the styles while remaining more demure. He isn't flashy but that is ok. He just melts my heart whenever he appears on screen and all the EXO members seem to cherish him.

For me, D.O. is the most handsome one. Well the reasons are very obvious! His heart shaped lips and beautiful big eyes can melt anyone's heart instantly. He doesn't really need heavy makeup or long hair to stand out. He is naturally attractive. He may not be tall but there is an aura in him that makes him unique and you can't resist to fall in love with him again and again.If I start to write about his talents, thousand words will not be enough! His deep honey like voice can soothe your soul instanly. He is literally good in everything ( acting, singing, cooking, dancing, beatboxing etc). Is there sonething this guy can't do? He is beyond perfection T_T

7 Baekhyun

Baekhyun is definitely the most beautiful in my opinion. His facial features are so symmetrical, and he always has the sweetest and most innocent expression. He's got gorgeous, somewhat feminine eyes, and they're always sparkling like he's about to laugh. He also has perfect skin, and a super alluring mouth. And his physique...boi. Not to mention his hair? I mean, come on. His looks, along with his angelic voice and adorable personality, are enough to get him to the top. I know he's more the "pretty boy" type, but to me he is the best

Baekhyun's face and his body (check out that pic in the gym! ) and his fingers and when his hair is up, holy cow. This guy is super handsome. The guy's face can do cute, hot, sexy, manly, pretty, handsome, everything, really. Plus, massive talent. Great voice and vocal skills, great dancing, great personality, perfect.

Baekhyun is always perfect and cute as well! He's got cute manners and he always makes me fall in love with him! And he's my favorite member in exo followed by Chanyeol! Though he is currently in a relationship with Taeyeon, I never feel disappointed with him! When he's happy, I'm also happy! I dun want him hurt because of his relationship! And I'll always support him and he's always gonna be in my heart like forever! I_Love_u_oppa_BaekHyun! ^_^

I voted for baekhyun because he's not only amazing in the outside but also inside. I'm a little new to exo and the first mv I saw is 'love shot' and the first time I saw him I was like "handsome.. and he's got an amazing voice too" and after I saw his funny moments I was like "ok he's my bias" so yeah... that's why I voted for baekhyun

8 Suho Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

Suho is the most perfect man I have ever seen. His face is angelic and cute and sexy all at once. He's such a gentleman and is so caring to the other EXO members. His sense of humor is adorable; he's so funny! I also happen to think that Suho's singing skills are seriously underrated. He's so good! Plus, he makes the cutest faces when he sings! <3 Suho oppa is definitely the most handsome

I can't really understand people's taste in looks these days though...
Hey open your eyes suho is really the most good looking! He has it all! Girls these days have no idea what does good looking mean.. they so much rely on their first impression and DO NOT THINK
Don't tell me that famous 'you should respect everyone's taste' sentence!

Although there are times when he tries too hard to act cool, he fails terribly. laugh out loud. And he has a derpy face when he laughs. But seriously though, he has a milky white skin that GLOWS! And he would look handsome, like what D. O said, when he just stands there. Although Oppa has lot of flaws, I think he's really handsome. And he has a face and smile like an Angel. JUNMEN JJANG!

While Exo showcases all sorts of visuals- I like Suho's the best. I prefer the classy type and good boy- hahaa. Although he can also be SO SEXY. He's got just a sweet personality and I really don't like it when people make fun of his lack of popularity. Seriously, forget about dating him, I'd marry him.

9 Xiumin

All of the members in EXO are handsome but for me, Minseok's face is something you'll never get tired of looking at. The more you look at him, the more handsome he gets. He is really cute. He has strong features and his eyes is so damn mesmerizing. I admit that when I first got into the EXO fandom (after hearing Chen's OST in Descendants of the Sun---damn his voice is the best), I got attracted to Chanyeol first but as time goes on, I got to appreciate Minseok's beauty more. As for the other members, you can clearly see how they age as time goes by but with Minseok, he is like aging backwards! I cannot explain it but the older he gets, the younger he looks. He really is the foundation of youth. Please stop sleeping on Minseok!

My little chipmunk of sunshine and happiness! He has a youthful face, beautiful eyes, squishy cheeks, nice lips and a uniquely intriguing smile, a great body, and just the sweetest most innocent personality ever! An excellent example of a bagel guy. Literal perfection. I also love that he focuses more on personality than appearance when being asked about his ideal type because it seems many idols just want someone whose pretty, not necessarily smart or interesting. I dunno he just seems like a great guy.

Adorable man who looks like he is the maknae. Whenever I see him it's a mixture of beauty and masculinity. He doesn't say much but he is easy on the eyes and has a masculine personality. When he's confident it catches you off guard, otherwise he's well-mannered and often in the back looking cute. He has the cutest smile and best eyebrows IMHO. His voice is heavenly and it's a shame they hid it for EXO-M era and made him into a rapper, but now I miss him as a rapper, he's a man of many talents. He also got a wicked bod!

He is just perfect! He can be sexy, handsome, hot and cute when it is needed. He is so talented though he is so underrated in the group. He is strong too. I really like his I-don't-really-care attitude, his sexy stare and his Do-I-look-like-I-care personality! To me, he is the most perfect of them all.

10 Chen

Chen is a real sweetheart. He may not be be center of attention like Luhan, Kai or Sehun, but it's what inside that counts. Chen is a really strong person internally, and you can tell by just looking at the way he acts around the other group members. It's sad that he doesn't get nearly as much attention as the other guys because he's an amazing singer, is extremely attractive, and seems like the type of person who's really shy/concealed at first but when given the chance will open up and blossom into a beautiful flower. Chen really has potential, and he deserves to have more attention.

To my eyes he is very cute with a manly feeling. But is his voice that heals my soul! every time I listen to his parts in the songs, the heavy feeling in my chest disappears and I start singing along with him (even though I have no idea what am I saying since I don't know the language). Chen you will never know how much you help me when I start losing hope that I will ever succeed as a singer. Thank you Kim Jong-Dae, thank you with my whole heart. Lots of love from Central Europe

Even though all of the Exo members are extremely handsome, I can honestly say that Chen is just one gorgeous man. I don't get why some people call him ugly, he is so beautiful, his face is so soft and angelic, yet sexy and smooth at the same time. And his voice is super powerful, one of the absolute best for me.

Why is Chen so underrated? I mean this guy is like the best singer of all time. And his smile and face are adorable. He should at least be 5th not 9th. I would totally date him if I didn't get a chance at Chanyeol, Sehun, Baekhyun, or Tao first. I mean I consider Luhan my son So I won't date him.

The Contenders
11 Lay Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

To be honest, I lot of people overlook Lay, because he's always overshadowed by some else, and that's really annoying. The only time he really got to shine on a variety show was when he won the Dancing King on Weekly Idol. Like, although Lay is easily one of the best dancers, most people tend to look at Kai for dancing. Maybe because he's in EXO-K? I don't know. But Lay should definitely get more recognition. Also, he's really funny, with his mispronunciations and cute laughs. And his smile, like have you seen his DIMPLE? It's so adorable and cute. Looks wise, he has a nice build, and in performances, you can see that he always tries his best.
Well, anyway, LAY FOR THE WIN!

There is nothing Lay can't do. He said one day he would prove himself in Korea and China and he had surpassed everyone's expectations. Outside of being sexy and rocking a bod that doesn't quit, he's naive, sweet, humble and doesn't expect love from fans even though he is one of the most talented Asian men out there. He is sponsored by many companies including Calvin Klein and has his own Converse line. Heaven help me!

Lay should be the most handsome guy in EXO, he should be the first and the only one as he can dance, sing, play piano and guitar very well. Besides that, he also can act very well in drama/movie. His smile is extremely charming and the most important thing is, he's helpful, cute, handsome, gentleman, hardworking... and many more. If the whole world betrayed you, I will still support you no matter what. I promise.

For me he's perfect with attitude, dancing and that dimple to kill. I'm not that music person, but I really enjoy his drama and movie... have any of you seeing him playing at mystic nine? that's the first I seen him, can you imagine haha oh when he's being a captain at Street dance of China season 3... all I can say is wow, I read some of the comment here and compare with what I seen at SDC is different, I seen many expresion and how simple human being he is, so funny and easy going person

12 Tao

His head is small and cute. The reason I love him most is he is introverted. Introverts have the best nature from inside. They are always loving but seem serious and cold just as Tao oppa. He is a great martial artist but still is scared of horror stories. Such a childish boy! Obviously most stylish and handsome. I wish he comes back to EXO. Band seems incomplete without him, Luhan and Kris. I support Tao to the very end. He is worth to be a role model and his close relationship with all the members.

I fell for that uniquely beautiful face of his. His eyes, his lips, his sharp face, and an olive skintone. Sigh~ He also is tall, with a nice body. Really, have you seen him in those sleeveless tops? <3

And now here is more why Tao is so lovely. He is skilled in Kung fu, he raps well, he dances well- I think he's a bit underrated. Oh and he's so cute and sensitive. <3 I thought he was some bad boy at first. Also, though he's quiet a lot of the time, he's not afraid to speak his mind and be honest! And I absolutely love that airy, slightly husky voice of his.

Why doesn't more people like him? He's so hot and and looks like a bad boy, but he's so cute and shy! Plus he's TALL and is the youngest. Also, he knows martial arts, has pierced ears, and is just…arghh. He's almost like the loner and stands apart looking like a lonely panda in interviews. He's so sensitive too, which is just too cute!

Tao is so talented! He is handsome before and got more handsome today! He is hot! Hot! Hot! And sexy! And at the same time cute! And a bad-boy type of guy which is really attractive!

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