Top Ten Most Needed Items for a Minecraft PE Update

We really need items from PC to make Minecraft PE a better game.

The Top Ten

1 The End Portal

It is already in Minecraft pe though.

I really want End Portal, I played mcpe so long. - InfernoTopTenners


2 Piston, Buttons, and Other Redstones Items
3 Jukebox and Note Block
4 Iron Doors
5 Be Able to Trade Villagers
6 More Awesome Seeds
7 Witches

Added in mcpe 0.14

8 Rabbits
9 Horse and Mules
10 Withers and Ender Dragon

The Contenders

11 Item Frames
12 Maps
13 Commands

I would love to march on a Minecraft pe server riding a tamed skeleton horse carrying
a diamond sword with enchantments, the horse wearing a diamond horse armor enchanted and myself wearing an enchanted armor, carrying a shield with the other hand
doing this hard and difficult project by only using one item in Minecraft which is
a command block.

14 Foxes
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