Top Ten Best Novelty Items

It does not really have a purpose in life but is sure a hell load of fun!
The Top Ten
1 Airhorn

That Noise will keep you awake for ever, especially if someone surprises yo-EEEeEeeEeEeeAaA!

2 Drink Hat

Ever wanted to keep your drink in a hat but not in your hand? Well, use this double drink holder and sip through it from a special straw!

3 Slam Dump!

If you have no idea, it's like a basketball game on the toilet, doing a DUMP!

4 Lava Lamps
5 Pillow Music Player

Music when you rest your head on a pillow, nifty!

6 Remote Control Wall Crawling Spiders
7 Bobbleheads
8 X-Wing Cutlery Holder
9 Tiny Piano
10 Death Star Ceiling Lamp

Call me a child, but I do want one in my living room.

The Contenders
11 Willy Warmer

OK, What Sick Man Would Make This?
Lets hope its not the meaning I'm thinking of...

12 Christmas Cracker Items
13 Fake Breasts
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