Top Ten One Piece Couples


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1 Luffy & Nami

These two have so many moments in my opinion! They care about each other and understand each other too! Plus the trust and all! (also Nami is like the only one Luffy allowed to wear his straw hat...) They would make an awesome couple! CaptainxNavigator sounds good to me! Without Nami, Luffy wouldn't be able to travel so Luffy needs Nami and Nami needs Luffy to be able to draw the whole world map! So basically they need each other to accomplish their dreams! That what's makes this couple amazing!

Most obvious pairing in the series in my opinion. Oda drops hints of these two like nobody's business. Luffy and Nami have not only an adorable relationship but also a true friendship. They wholeheartedly trust and understand each other. So if they do so happen to get together, I imagine that they'll naturally just merge their bond closer to something romantic. They're already very comfortable with each other's company; a romantic relationship wouldn't ruin their bond but would all the more reinforce it. With that said, LuNa forever!

I think that Luffy and Nami will go perfect. They both need each other and are caring. They both have been together for a long time now, ever since she officially joined the Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy defeated Arlong. Even though Luffy doesn't seemed to be interested in girls, he might possibly someday. Nami even cried for Luffy when she found out Luffy's brother Ace died right in front of him. Although Luffy drives Nami crazy, she accepts that is how Luffy is. They both also argue sometime, maybe frequently. But in my opinion, Luffy and Nami will be great, second to Zoro and Robin.

Yes, they argue, but they're both well aware that they'll never leave each others sides. Luffy saved Nami from her dark past, and even said himself that for her to be happy, he had to destroy the one place that kept her enclosed from the rest of the world. He freed her. And in return, Nami steers Luffy in the right direction, not just as a navigator, but in his life too. She may scold him, but it's always for their benefit. They understand the feeling of loss, and Luffy trusts her with his treasure and his life. They're an amazing combination, and definitely a ship I will support throughout the rest of the manga/anime.

2 Sanji Vinsmoke & Charlotte Pudding

! this couple finally appeared here lol! well wether it's a crack pairing that will someday be canon I definitely love the chemistry between these two. This is the first couple I started shipping where one was trying to kill the other and the other was avoiding to get killed, I don't know but their moments together where we know pudding is evil has the most chemistry of all, and then when sanji complimented her eyes, that's it for me, I started shipping them. As a Sanji fan, I felt like pudding as a woman has the most unique interaction with Sanji, he already did something no one has ever done for her, call her eyes beautiful, now I'm waiting for the thing only she can do for Sanji because if she does, then she will be "The One" for Sanji

Now I can't imagine Sanji with anyone else.

This ship is pretty much more confirmed! Both parties are in LOVE and have great quirks

Definitely the best match in the history of One Piece pairings.

3 Zoro & Robin

You guys are mad. Zoro and Robin? pfft. you all are blind. Zoro is meant to be with Tashigi.

Yes I love her and Zoro. They are great. Don't say Robin is ten years older than Zoro since age doesn't matter. I know plenty of famous women who marry men younger than them. I think Zoro and Robin are perfect. People Robin is NOT UGLY or stupid. She is sexy and beautiful. She loves books like me and has a slightly dark aura. She has a past so sad I want to cry. She is cool, mysterious, and calm in fights. She is a strong women on the inside and outside. She is kind and only wanted to carry her mother's dream : to live. I know Naming is great but Robin is much better for me. She is my role model

I seriously don't see this happening in my opinion... - XxGodlyBVPTrampXx

The worst couple ever. Really senseless. How can one think of something romantic among them? Open your eyes, there is no way they can be together: they are just nakama.

4 Zoro & Sanji

They always fight with each other, but when they work together, they become so powerful. It's the perfect love/hate relationship~ Even though bicker at each other (like an old married couple) they still have mutual care and respect for the other. It seems like if sanji was with a woman then he would have to treat her delicately like glass, and become easily manipulated. However, he can act naturally when with Zoro.

The best thing about it is that they work so well together. It makes sense that they seem to hide their feelings for each other, but when push comes to shove they really do take care of each other. Their personalities match up like puzzle pieces, and they would be depressed if one or the other disappeared/died.

I know this is a slash pairing but this is probably the most "shipped" couple in One Piece.

They have the most chemistry together than any other couple. Their good together.

5 Luffy & Hancock

She is over a decade older than him, and most importantly, he doesn't like her back

Nah because it's is one sided flirtation and Luffy hasn't shown an interest in Hancock. Besides Luffy has already told her that he won't marry her.

She is the closest thing in terms of romance for luffy that one piece has shown on the screen. Rest of them are just fan theories. Go figure. - Hakai

I like Boa, its just impossible for this pair though.

Luffy will be the pirate king and she is the empress so they both are strong and luffy likes strong people. He never showed any attention to anyone and his crewmates are like family to him I don't think he will end up with one of them. I think Hancock is the most suitable one.

6 Sanji & Nami

Just one sided flirtation from the mega flirt Sanji. He had more chemistry with Violet in my opinion.

No. This is a one-sided relationship. Sanji, who is in love with any teenaged/young adult woman, enjoys waiting on Nami's hand and foot; allowing himself to be used by her and enjoy it all the while. Nami has no feelings for Sanji whatsoever, but takes advantage of his enjoyment of being used by her. This relationship is symbiotic in nature, but not romantic.

I really think Nami is special to Sanji and that he would be faithful if he ever got a chance to be with her. Oda has chosen Nami and Sanji for a lot of moments that could be seen as kind of romantic. I think the biggest reason this isn't more popular is because a lot of western fans see him as a playboy, when he's far from. Honestly, the way the current arc is going it would not surprise me if Oda threw in even more scenes between these two in particular. Personally I ship it, and I think they would actually fit really well together. Two people that can be on the same level when it comes to both serious and unserious subjects. Can we all at least agree that they both care deeply about each other? Because no matter how many fans there are that think Nami hates Sanji, they're clearly wrong.

I love this ship. In my opinion, the only reason Nami x Luffy is popular is due to the fact that Luffy is the main protagonist and Nami is the heroine. It is really common among fans to support the hero x heroine standard. However, Luffy shows equal concern for all of his crewmates and the only "moment" between the two is when he allows her to wear his precious Straw Hat, which is not considered romantic by me. I support Sanji x Nami because in the current arc (Sanji retrieval arc), it is hinted that Nami might have some feelings for Sanji as well. It is also well - known that Sanji prefers Nami above all.

7 Usopp & Kaya

OF COURSE! KAYA IS THE ONLY ONE FOR USOPP! This shipping can pretty much be canon. They had a thing for each other before the adventures even started!

Can you see them with anyone else?

They both have feelings for each other. This is gonna be official.

I love Usopp and kaya she is becoming a doctor just to treat him for when he returns and there still best friends. It's obvious that the reason he loved the going merry so much is because it was a gift from her. Plus usopp even made a snow sculpture of Kaya on the going merry how can you not ship them

8 Franky & Robin

Their personalities are similar in some points, and complementary in others. They're both very intelligent, they're both silly (although Robin never speaks her silly thoughts out loud, differently from Franky). They're both mature and have a parental affection towards the other members of the crew. They contrast in Franky being flamboyant and outspoken, as she's quiet and reserved, and I think it goes well because she can have a lot of fun with him. Also, they share similar backstories, in which they've been chased as criminals when they weren't, and when she sees how Franky dealt with it in a different way than she did, he inspired her to not give up and to have faith in her nakama. They went through a lot together and after that, are seen together all the time.

(I don't see her with Zoro exactly because of their personalities. They don't really talk to each other, and Zoro may be smart but he's not intelligent. I don't see any mutual interests they could share.)

People like to claim Franky is not mature but while he is goofy he also takes care of people. His two little sisters Kiwi and Mozu, he stopped them from their downward tale spin of drinking. He straightened out a whole town of gangsters and taught them a productive skill to make a living. He looked after his town and defended them from bad pirates. He is also very responsible when it comes to the ship. He is definitely a guiding figure especially for Ussop. Robin and Franky are like the older guiding siblings of the crew. They try to point the others in the right direction but ultimately let them all live their own lives. Plus Franky catching Robin when they fell and that look they shared says it all.

They share a strong bond and many, many canon moments... they like the other's presence, or else they wouldn't be so close to each other all the time. They have a nice dynamic going on. Together with Luffy x Nami, they're the only couples between Straw Hats I can see happening at the end.


9 Sanji & Violet

Sanji and Violet ROCK!
As we all know Sanji is obsessed with women. Sure this can have some really funny moments with Nami and Robin. But the kind of irritating thing is when Sanji refuses to fight women. I know, I know, it's a big part of his character and stuff... But you have to admit it is really annoying when Sanji get's completely defeated by a girl who is actually pretty weak compared to him. But that's how Violet and Sanji are just so awesome.
FINALLY! Sanji's refusals to fight women and his faith in women actually had a positive impact and it actually saved Sanji instead of injuring him. So therefore after years of Sanji believing in women it's only fair that Violet believes in him.

This couple is cute I love it like come on I think that sanji likes violet more than nami now like come on they kissed guys that's evidence for me.

She seems to like him as much as he likes her, and with Nami it is one sided flirtation only. I think the straw hat crew are like brothers and sisters, and any romances just do not work in my opinion. Plus the fact that she can read his dirty mind is funny. They would be a wonderfully romantic couple.

I mean it'd also work considering they're both of royal blood, even though sanji disowned his family he still has royal blood in him.

10 Law & Robin

They're just perfect together, physically and mentally. They share the same dark humor and personality. They are taciturn, smart and mysterious. They form such a good team -in the dress Rosa arc but also against Ussop when they turn him mad haha -. They also seem to not sleep the night -in some episode we can see Robin's reading the night while the others are sleeping and Law has circles under his eyes-. They're also both closed to Chopper, Law because of his medicine's skills and Robin because of her maternal instinct and her love for the books. In fact, Law just seems to be Robin's male version. There's just a little difference between them, Law hates bread while Robin's favorite food are sandwiches, but that's not really important x) - Nukinuchan

A perfect match.

Cute couple



The Contenders

11 Sabo & Koala

I love this couple my second fave in one piece
1- Zoro and Robin
2- sabo and koala
3- Luffy and Nami
4- Sanji and violet
5- ace and vivi
Sabo states that he had a rough childhood and ace and Luffy where the only people that mad him happy koala might just make him happier sabo will feel happy because koala will be by his side

Yes... YES... YES

Only couple that I can ship comfortably here

If you think about shipping them with someone else, think again.

Sabo and Belo Betty.
it's written.

Koala for Sabo is like Nami for Luffy, only a friend who uses violence to beat them up trying to put some good sense in their head

12 Zoro & Tashigi

This couple definitely emits the strongest sexual tension out of all potential pairings in one piece. Their getting together seems inevitable albeit the lack of interactions between them. I need to see them more often! I feel that they could build their relationship into something really special.

Tashigi was obviously created to interact with Zoro and share an emotional connection with him. Her relationship with Zoro has been evolving, from enemies, to rivals in swordsmanship but now they're coming to terms with each other. Oda has also hinted that Tashigi might have a crush in Zoro. I don't ship this but I like their interactions and how Zoro acts when he's around her. He even made her a bandage while she was passed out in Punk Hazard, before running from the gas. He doesn't admit it but he cares for her.

These two are one of my fave couples. They're both swordsmen, which means they have something in common, and the scene where Zoro's carrying her was adorable. Plus, the fact that they're enemies makes me wanna ship them even more! They're like Romeo and Juliet! >//w//<

They're just so perfect, it's just like they were made for each other. But at the same time different, Tashigi's softness and cuteness brings a contrast to Zoro's rough side. The fact that they're a pirate and a marine gives everything an interesting twist. I can't wait to know how their relationship develops! Besides, let's remember Oda confirmed that Tashigi feels attracted to Zoro in the SBS, so this ship is at least 50% canon!

13 Capone & Chiffon

Very affectionate and healthy relationship. They are a good match. - Serenity

14 Don Sai & Baby 5

They surely ended up together

Perfect, in love with tihis (canon) ship! - sionomio

15 Charlotte Katakuri & Vinsmoke Reiju

I didn't think about shipping them but I like it. They are two of my favorite characters. - Serenity

It's this list randomized!?

What, Katakuri and Reiju? lol I don't think they even spoke to each other. But not gonna lie, as a Reiju fan and a Katakuri fan, I wouldn't mind at all. They both deserve the best. And can you imagine their family reunion? Sanji/Pudding, Katakuri/Reiju and Capone/Chiffon... Coolest family ever! :P

Already so high? Wow.

16 Charlotte Katakuri & Vinsmoke Sanji

I really don't know what to think about this...

Haha I kinda ship it (hide behind desk). I'm not sure why though

... yeah, this is randomized.

I thought I was crazy for shipping them. Well at least I'm not the only crazy one. :P

17 Shanks & Makino

Plot twisted, the father is the fat guy from the shanks's crew. - Police

It would make a lot of sense because shanks is like a father figure to luffy throught the show and Makino is like luffy's mother figure so why not there from the same town and it seemed like might of had a connection in the flashbacks I could totally see them being together

I would be disappointed if Makino's baby isn't from Shanks after all. Makino is a caring woman and Shanks is a kind man, I think they would work very well - smill

I think at this point Shanks and Makino are pretty much canon, especially after the chapter cover.

18 Zoro & Sake

It's not an object. It's a liquid. And to Zoro it is his one and only love!

Let's be real, this is it chief.

True love indeed.

Object love doesn't count.

19 Luffy & Meat

Yeah! That is the real and only luffy's love.

The only true love in this world

I ship LuNa all the way across the world, but THIS... This is the most romantic love in the history of manga kind.

Luffy is so clueless. So to me, it's the only Luffy "ship"that makes sense. If Oda felt that him reacting to a beautiful woman's naked body was out of character for him when he was alone, then the idea of Oda putting Luffy in a relationship in the manga is even more far-fetched. This kind of things work well for a guy like Sanji, but it's very difficult to picture Luffy in such a position. It would be so weird.

20 Zoro & Nami

No. They are like brother and sister; they bicker yet support each other.

This couple just makes sense to me and many other people the most, They have many moments that some people do not notice due to their attention towards other ships, not wishing to ship anyone in one piece, or just simply not caring. I love these this ship because of the way they interact and deal with situations together, most of the time Zoro is the one that saves Nami, not because shes being useless (She is actually strong in her own way just like everyone else can be) but because shes in trouble and he cares. He has done this more than anyone else has. They have a lot of similar aspects and have many things in common, like drinking, both can be scary/stubborn and they are more calm and mature than most crew members, but at the same time, they are quite short-tempered and react in funny ways (Nami often overreacts more) AND THE BEST THING YET, Zoro smells like steel, while Nami loves the smell of money.

These two also have opposite traits, and if you don't know opposites ...more

They find the other annoying and zoro calls her a witch I really can't see it

They fight like an old married couple. I seriously would not be surprised if I found out they had been dating the entire series

21 Ace & Vivi

I think they are the best couple ever! I mean how could you not love them? When they talked and laughed next to the fire was simply amazing! Also when they were buried in the sand, he ran to her first. And I think she likes him, too. They make so much sense!

Their conversation by the fire made me realise that they just look good together. Impossible I know but oh well!

Why? It could have been nice, but Ace is dead and they had no significant scenes together in the first place. Seriously, I don't understand how people can support a pairing in that context. There was nothing between them and now we're 100% sure there never will be. That's just stupid. I'm sure Vivi will eventually find someone.

I love this couple, even though ace died they can still be a couple

22 Kid and Law

Kid seems very interested in Law, cannot take his eyes off of him.

This is a very popular pairing, very surprised it is not higher on the list.

Kid/killer and law/corazon are better

That is one HOT pairing, I'm telling yo.

23 Luffy & Sanji

Obviously not gonna happen in a shonen manga, but I must confess that since WCI this pairing grew on me. Their scenes together were some of the most emotional moments of the entire series. Sanji opened up to Luffy in a way he never did to anyone before. And Luffy's devotion to him during the entire arc was breathtaking. The best parts were Luffy's speech to Sanji after the fight (you know THAT speech) and the whole Luffy rescue: Sanji saving him, carrying him and shielding him during the escape, also Luffy falling asleep in his arms despite the desperate situation, showing absolute trust in him and how safe he felt. Awww

I love their bond and the bromance in Whole Cake Island was something else. But as a couple? lol I don't think Luffy has the proper... equipment for Sanji to be interested. lol

Just yes...

24 Luffy & Vivi

There has to be a reason Vivi (a princess) was put on the crew for awhile. in my opinion once Luffy becomes pirate king, he will reveal Vivi is the girl for him and make her his queen.

Luffy's Japanese Voice Actor, herself said that it was Princess Vivi Luffy was interested with, not Nami.. She said that once a crew got in a ship, it'd be impossible for them to be in that kind of relationship

Trust me this will happen :) I saw hints with this one

Love those two together! they had a lot of cute moments together and LuNa fans tend to forget that luffy gave his hat to vivi too. luffy, nami is just brother sister relationship and fanmade couple. luffy and vivi could happen

25 Smoker & Hina

Simply amazing! They understand each other well, and were mates during their training years, plus who would ever be good enough for Smoker other than Hina

OOH these two would be adorably funny together! Hina would be the boss of the relationship, of course!

Smoker and and Hina are two close friends who always have each other backs and I think that they have good chemistry between them I would love to see them end up together. They would be one awesome marine couple

LOVE IT! I am totally supporting this

26 Kohza & Vivi

Vivi and Kohza have known each other for a long time unlike Vivi and Ace so I vote to STOP SHIPPING VIVI AND ACE I think that this couple is adorable and they are both perfect for each other!

They grew up together! They love each other. Kohza protected Vivi when she was younger. The care about each other.

I really like this couple but nah

Who ships them? This couple is like a crown pushed into a garbage can. First of all Vivi is with ACE.

27 Sanji & Vivi

I didn't know people actually used to ship Sanji with Vivi. I just can't see it happening - smill

Vivi is with Kohza.

I prefer Sanji with Monet & Vivi with Luffy, no thanks!

Sure why not they look good together

28 Dracule Mihawk & Roronoa Zoro

Mihawk is a rival an mentor. It is disturbing to me. - Serenity

Just awesome. They have both a big black Sword... Sword fight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

29 Sabo & Portgas D. Ace

They are brothers! Brothers! - Serenity

I think that this relationship could work pretty well, I mean, sabo was the first person ace opened up to; until luffy, they shared their secrets and dreams only with each other. maybe the whole “brotherly thing” was a beautiful way to express their love from a young age. I could see them together as grown up adults who fell for their best friend. super cute, and they’re both super handsome! heh, love this pairing

30 Luffy & Law

Not only did Law help Luffy when he was in trouble, something completely unusual to his reputation, even though Luffy was a rival, and would possibly be an enemy in the future. After they met and became allies, they got close really fast. Luffy hangs on Law all the time. More than his crew, and Law complains about it, but never does anything about it. When confronting Doflamingo, it was apparent that Law has total faith in Luffy and the other straw hats for all the miracles they pulled off. Also I can't forget Luffy's rage when he thought Law was dead in dressrosa, moving him out of the Battle field and Laws vow, to watch the battle to the end, and Die with Luffy if he fails. Say what you want, but it is obvious these two have a connection, and that they care for each other, even if Law wont admit it.

Law helped Luffy when he had no obligation to help, he cares about him.

I have to admit that I can't really ship Luffy with anyone else now. But I also ship it because he had zero reaction to Hancock naked or her power, so doesn't that say at least a little bit about his sexuality? Also, this pairing in the top four relationships (based on popularity) on AO3.

Ah yes, one of my favorites. A classic.

31 Rayleigh & Shakky

They are actually a canon pairing, and it's just so sweet that they are married!

They are actually married! So like it or not it's cannon!

Not surprised after all. Only surprised they are not married

They're married. So even if you don't ship it, there's nothing you could do about it. Besides, It's not like there's anyone else to ship Rayleigh/Shakky with, discluding each other.

32 Kizaru & Weeds

One Piece shippers are a strange species. But sure I'll go along! - XxMaxX

Cool 10/10 agree to this

My favourite ship

This is so canon...

33 Tony Tony Chopper & Milky (Reindeer Mink)

I ship Chopper and Milk, Milk is the first and probably the last person or mink Chopper will ever show interest in plus when he firsts met her he got hearts in his eyes like Sanji does. Maybe once chopper matures more and towards the end of the series we find out they're an item and she migh be pregnant.

Milky need an actual personality that fits well with Chopper's before I can really get into this pairing. - BillyJoel

I'm not sure if it's cute or disturbing. - XxMaxX

I love this ship it's really cute

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34 Sai & Baby 5

Such a dynamic cute dumo

I really love this ship! they are so adorable together! SHIP it

35 Marshall D. Teach & Portgas D. Ace

Are you kidding me?! *SPOILER* It's Teach's fault there was a war and why Ace dies! This is an abomination!

36 Trafalgar D. Water Law & Nico Robin

I know the chances are low and that Franky and Robin is more likely but this one is my favorite Robin ship. - Serenity


37 Luffy & Nico Robin

I think this is an amazing ship, luffy I believe is an ambitious guy so much so that girls don't matter to him yet, but ultimately every legend passes his torch so I wouldn't like if luffy is alone at the end of the series.
I believe robin has some feelings for luffy something special and different than how she feels for others,also I feel that the only reason robin doesn't show is because she is conscious about the age difference between her and luffy. But I think she will make a great wife for luffy cause she can balance luffy out, luffy is energetic and loud whereas robin is quiet and sophisticated. not only that the biggest thing is that she can understand luffy and that is what you want in your girl. Luffy is immature and dunce and pure and robin is mature and the smartest in the crew she can help luffy with understanding things whereas luffy is like a light than can pull robin out of her darkness there are both dependent on each other which for me is a great thing to have in ...more

Why not? Robin owes Luffy her life for having declared war against the World Government to bring her back. He didn't want her to sacrifice herself in order for them to live. He'd rather die than have one of his nakama sacrifice themselves. This should be at least in top ten people!

I would not be surprised if Luffy and Robin ended up together. Personally I feel this relationship will be Perfect! Robin is not bossy, a control freak, obsessed etc. and does not get on Luffy's nerves. And Luffy does not feel she is scary, he is quite comfortable with her. This pair will be perfect as Luffy is so powerful and energetic like the Sun while Robin is like the cool beautiful Moon. Robin will know when to stop Luffy or not instead of beating him up at anything and everything he does. That's just Luffy being Luffy and Robin thinks that's adorable and so do I. Opposites attract and so I can only pray and imagine how amazing and cute they will be together. I can see Robin sitting in the porch viewing her beautiful garden and feeding Luffy yummy meat while two Raven haired kids scream and shout Mommy and Daddy, one a chibi cute crazy hyper Luffy Jr. and the other a cool cute chibi beauty Robin...

Luffy declared war for her against world, no one declares war with world for someone unless you love them more than world. If luffy wanted to save her and didn't loved her but cared for her as others, he would saved her have the same way he saved nami just get rid of the arlong's gang but he didn't, he didn't fight with bellemay's gang when they said they would purchase nami.

Luffy realized it was an empty threat and if bellamy tried it He would kick his ass like he did when he hurt mount blanc cricket and those two ape pirates. - bcrowley0213

38 Mihawk & Perona

The most interesting couple in the manga. A semi-spoiled ghost girl, that is quite childish in the beginning, but has matured after the time skip. A very serious badass swordsman, that is a bit of a loner, but capable of loosening up. I feel this couple works because Perona is still with Mihawk after Zoro left and she is the only human character that has remained so close to the World's Strongest Swordsman.

These two would be the gothic couple. Vampire Knight and Ghost Princess.

The both are in a castle in the middle of nowhere.

Uh, no. Just no. While a previous comment says that they'd would be 'the gothic couple', it just doesn't make any sense. There is no proof that they actually have feeling for each other. If Perona didn't go to Mihawk, would you still ship them?

39 Zoro & Perona

Either that or Robin x Zoro

Well in all honesty, I believe it's an amazing ship because over the 2 years they spent together there was a mutual respect placed in a bond between them. Also there were also hints of her showing affection and she did heal him out of her own will. Mihawk obviously didn't care and he could've gotten rid of her and etc; In the end Perona blossomed into a beauty along with her affection with Zoro

Where has it ever said that Nami and Zoro end up together? If you have some proof of that, I would love to see it, along with any other couples that are supposed to end up together. Personally, I can see Sanji with either Zoro or Nami, for different reasons. Zoro I don't see with Nami at all.

Absolutely can see this. currently watching after the two year training gap. I can see obvious possible romantic tension between the two. Perona definitely developed genuine romantic feelings for zoro and zoro seems less and less annoyed with her from when they first interacted.

40 Trafalgar D. Water Law & Monkey D. Luffy

Better than LuNa

I just love them both being a couple!

I love LawLu. It is my favorite pairing out of all possibilities, but I doubt that Oda would do that, simply because it would upset too many people who don't want to see a gay couple in One piece. Especially the main character. It would really be nice if people stopped worrying about that so much, but I have seen people freak out over people shipping them, as well as Zoro and Sanji, and that pair is really popular too.

It started when Law apparently saved Luffy on a whim, just a spur of the moment he says. Then two years later, meeting Luffy again and eventually forms an alliance.

41 Usopp & Nami

Well if kaya wasnt introduced, this pairing would be a huge competitor for Luna. - Shadowforce162

I know it is very weird and unlikely but I like this ship. - Serenity

I love this ship, they both have been shown to invest huge amounts of trust in each other, and let's be honest, pre-timeskip they were as far from the Monster Trio as it got. They are both used to fighting on wits and deception and they are very emotionally connected, as seen on Thriller Bark where Nami rushed to his side. I absolutely love this ship!

I LOVE THEM, why is this not more popular? If there wouldn't be the Kaya-thing then I'd totally want them together...they are like a better LuNa version since they have more developmend...

42 Smoker & Tashigi

Well I'm not a big fan of Tashigi but I'm a fan of this pairing. I think they're cute together.

Give me pleasure! Their relationship is similar to father and daughter! - PinkPepper

Yes. Reasonable ship!

i ship it

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43 Roger & Rouge

Of course Roger and Rouge they are married and cannon and their son is Fire Fist Ace for God Damn sake!

I really wished we would have learned about them and their relationship! - Zeffira

I don't think it's gonna happen :P


44 Law & Bonney

They would be so cute together

NO WAY! She would totally gross out clean freak Law.

I could see them together, they're cute together, they'd make a cute couple, but no, no, no, no. If they had more screen time interaction together, then maybe.

That's it. Law and Bonney, handsome+gorgeous. that's perfect.

45 Ace & Robin

Yes yes yes

They have so many similarities! Their past is similar, if they knew each other, it is on that they would get along wonderfully! Plus, they're both strong, quiet, polite, funny, I love them a lot together.
And their style! Cowboy! YEAHH


46 Gladius & Baby 5

I wish to see this one as cannon

It might be sexy but Baby 5 needs some one who treats her with romance and warmness aand Gladius is just so cold.


I am still hoping that Oda changes his mind and chooses this couple instead of BabySai.

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47 Zoro & Luffy

One of my favourite pairings out of anything. Not necessarily romantic but much more than that. No other pair in One Piece compares in my opinion. They have a true understanding and respect for eachother, are so similar yet so different in many ways. Zoro goes from saying he will cut down Luffy if he gets in the way of his dream, to being willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of Luffy. Mihawk even knows that he had found something more important than his own ambition. I think that the other members of the crew could leave over time and go their own way, but I believe Zoro and Luffy will have a strong bond together until their death.
Seeing it so low on the list is very sad.

God, this ship gives me life!

OTP. I don't care what other people say. just OTP

I'd go into detail about why I love this ship, but seriously, what ISN'T to love? I couldn't care less what other people say, this pairing is amazing. In my opinion it should be No. 1 on every list of One Piece ships, but I suppose people are a little... predictable at times... To each their own, though ^^

48 Monkey D. Dragon & Nico Robin

Pretty weird pairing

They hooked up over the timeskip?!


Yes please

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49 Sogeking & Usopp

One person

There's a reason why they have kept their "friendship" a secret until that stormy night on the train...

I really hope people somehow make this top ten.

Winner. Bump this one UP people!

50 Aokiji & Robin

Hmmm it seems this ship is not very popular but it makes sense to me, aokiji is the only person who cares about robin future since she lost her homeland, he tried to kill her because he thought she became someone dangerous and he assumed it was his responsibility since he spared her life 20 years ago, but at the end he figures that she found her place and he keeps an eye on her to protect her. When the manga will end I can't see a place where Robin could go back to, but next to aokiji, she has no homeland anymore and when world government will be crashed by luffy, revolutionnaries will have no reason to exist anymore

I can understand why people would ship it, but I guess that Aokiji is more of a father figure than a lover.

He is most likely her father so no

No, simple as that

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