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1 Luffy & Nami

These two have so many moments in my opinion! They care about each other and understand each other too! Plus the trust and all! (also Nami is like the only one Luffy allowed to wear his straw hat...) They would make an awesome couple! CaptainxNavigator sounds good to me! Without Nami, Luffy wouldn't be able to travel so Luffy needs Nami and Nami needs Luffy to be able to draw the whole world map! So basically they need each other to accomplish their dreams! That what's makes this couple amazing!

Most obvious pairing in the series in my opinion. Oda drops hints of these two like nobody's business. Luffy and Nami have not only an adorable relationship but also a true friendship. They wholeheartedly trust and understand each other. So if they do so happen to get together, I imagine that they'll naturally just merge their bond closer to something romantic. They're already very comfortable with each other's company; a romantic relationship wouldn't ruin their bond but would all the more reinforce it. With that said, LuNa forever!

I think that Luffy and Nami will go perfect. They both need each other and are caring. They both have been together for a long time now, ever since she officially joined the Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy defeated Arlong. Even though Luffy doesn't seemed to be interested in girls, he might possibly someday. Nami even cried for Luffy when she found out Luffy's brother Ace died right in front of him. Although Luffy drives Nami crazy, she accepts that is how Luffy is. They both also argue sometime, maybe frequently. But in my opinion, Luffy and Nami will be great, second to Zoro and Robin.

Damn, I must have really missed something because I never noticed any kind of romantic hints between them. What are people talking about? O_O - Annabelle6

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2 Zoro & Robin

Yes I love her and Zoro. They are great. Don't say Robin is ten years older than Zoro since age doesn't matter. I know plenty of famous women who marry men younger than them. I think Zoro and Robin are perfect. People Robin is NOT UGLY or stupid. She is sexy and beautiful. She loves books like me and has a slightly dark aura. She has a past so sad I want to cry. She is cool, mysterious, and calm in fights. She is a strong women on the inside and outside. She is kind and only wanted to carry her mother's dream : to live. I know Naming is great but Robin is much better for me. She is my role model

I love it Zoro is BAE and he deserves to be with a female BAE SO YAH. Also, there was episode 135 Robin gave Zoro a blanket (even though he doesn't trust her and he also refuses it) and she is never getting on his nerves. Its like Chopper is their child cause they are both so nice to him. Zoro is always protecting Robin after 2 years when they meet up again. But overall, I just love this couple.

I choose them as the best couple in one piece! The reason is just simple, zoro and robin has a big chemistry between them. And also robin is the only woman that zoro never treat her fool (like he did to nami or tashigi or perona or any female outside there), he also has a respect to robin. The rare things that we can see from zoro. I don't thing this relationship will become a lovey dovey, but this relationship will going more mature and somehow romantics in silent.

I am genuinely surprise at the top two pairings on this list. Well okay LuNa I disagree with but I can understand. This one though... Where did that come from? They mostly ignore each other. Besides I always thought Oda strongly hinted at FrankyxRobin, no? - Annabelle6

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3 Zoro & Tashigi

Tashigi is annoying on my opinion and I think she irritates zoro as well.

This couple definitely emits the strongest sexual tension out of all potential pairings in one piece. Their getting together seems inevitable albeit the lack of interactions between them. I need to see them more often! I feel that they could build their relationship into something really special.

Tashigi was obviously created to interact with Zoro and share an emotional connection with him. Her relationship with Zoro has been evolving, from enemies, to rivals in swordsmanship but now they're coming to terms with each other. Oda has also hinted that Tashigi might have a crush in Zoro. I don't ship this but I like their interactions and how Zoro acts when he's around her. He even made her a bandage while she was passed out in Punk Hazard, before running from the gas. He doesn't admit it but he cares for her.

Meh. I don't know. Guess they have a hobby in common at least, but their personalities don't seem to match. - madrigaelle

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4 Usopp & Kaya

OF COURSE! KAYA IS THE ONLY ONE FOR USOPP! This shipping can pretty much be canon. They had a thing for each other before the adventures even started!

Can you see them with anyone else?

I love Usopp and kaya she is becoming a doctor just to treat him for when he returns and there still best friends. It's obvious that the reason he loved the going merry so much is because it was a gift from her. Plus usopp even made a snow sculpture of Kaya on the going merry how can you not ship them

I can definitely see that happening. But I would not vote for it because this couple kinda bore me to be honest. - Yan_6

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5 Franky & Robin

Just because they're like the same age doesn't mean they are meant for each other. (No offense but I'm a ZoRo fan)

I damn hate it.. WORST couple EVER not only in one piece X(

Their personalities are similar in some points, and complementary in others. They're both very intelligent, they're both silly (although Robin never speaks her silly thoughts out loud, differently from Franky). They're both mature and have a parental affection towards the other members of the crew. They contrast in Franky being flamboyant and outspoken, as she's quiet and reserved, and I think it goes well because she can have a lot of fun with him. Also, they share similar backstories, in which they've been chased as criminals when they weren't, and when she sees how Franky dealt with it in a different way than she did, he inspired her to not give up and to have faith in her nakama. They went through a lot together and after that, are seen together all the time.

(I don't see her with Zoro exactly because of their personalities. They don't really talk to each other, and Zoro may be smart but he's not intelligent. I don't see any mutual interests they could share.)

I really think Oda is hinting at this couple, not that I particularly care who Robin ends up with. But wow reading the comments make me think that a bunch of people feel threatened by this pairing, because the mean comments are really over the top... - madrigaelle

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6 Sanji & Violet

Sanji and Violet ROCK!
As we all know Sanji is obsessed with women. Sure this can have some really funny moments with Nami and Robin. But the kind of irritating thing is when Sanji refuses to fight women. I know, I know, it's a big part of his character and stuff... But you have to admit it is really annoying when Sanji get's completely defeated by a girl who is actually pretty weak compared to him. But that's how Violet and Sanji are just so awesome.
FINALLY! Sanji's refusals to fight women and his faith in women actually had a positive impact and it actually saved Sanji instead of injuring him. So therefore after years of Sanji believing in women it's only fair that Violet believes in him.

This couple is cute I love it like come on I think that sanji likes violet more than nami now like come on they kissed guys that's evidence for me.

She seems to like him as much as he likes her, and with Nami it is one sided flirtation only. I think the straw hat crew are like brothers and sisters, and any romances just do not work in my opinion. Plus the fact that she can read his dirty mind is funny. They would be a wonderfully romantic couple.

They are cute, but I don't see the potential long term. - madrigaelle

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7 Sanji & Nami

Just one sided flirtation from the mega flirt Sanji. He had more chemistry with Violet in my opinion.

No. This is a one-sided relationship. Sanji, who is in love with any teenaged/young adult woman, enjoys waiting on Nami's hand and foot; allowing himself to be used by her and enjoy it all the while. Nami has no feelings for Sanji whatsoever, but takes advantage of his enjoyment of being used by her. This relationship is symbiotic in nature, but not romantic.

I honestly love them together because Sanji is obviously in love with Nami. Sure he flirts with all the girls he sees but I really think he had already set his heart out for Nami. During the Davy Back fight arc even when he was surrounded by a lot of girls he ditched them when Nami cried for help. But I don't think this ship will be canon even though I wish it could be. Nami does seem to like Luffy more and I think she only sees Sanji as her servant

Well, there are many moments, no doubt about it. I'm just not sure Nami would be good for Sanji... - madrigaelle

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8 Zoro & Nami

No. They are like brother and sister; they bicker yet support each other.

This couple just makes sense to me and many other people the most, They have many moments that some people do not notice due to their attention towards other ships, not wishing to ship anyone in one piece, or just simply not caring. I love these this ship because of the way they interact and deal with situations together, most of the time Zoro is the one that saves Nami, not because shes being useless (She is actually strong in her own way just like everyone else can be) but because shes in trouble and he cares. He has done this more than anyone else has. They have a lot of similar aspects and have many things in common, like drinking, both can be scary/stubborn and they are more calm and mature than most crew members, but at the same time, they are quite short-tempered and react in funny ways (Nami often overreacts more) AND THE BEST THING YET, Zoro smells like steel, while Nami loves the smell of money.

These two also have opposite traits, and if you don't know opposites ...more

Yes, this is a very good pairing. Based on their zodiac signs, their a perfect match. Zoro is a Scorpio, Nami a Cancer and Sanji a Pisces. They're all water signs, so either Zoro or Sanji is a good match for Nami. Very interesting love triangle, remains me of the countless times Zoro throws an insult like "love-cook" towards Sanji whenever he flirts with Nami and then a fight begins. I've noticed Nami uses Zoro as a shield/protector often and it's a fact Zoro has saved her life more than any other in the crew. I dare say in any dangerous situation, Nami depends on Zoro more than any other. I like the idea of the person with the worst sense of direction being together with the person with the best sense direction. I see them as a pair of Tsundere, their fights just demonstrate their passion for each other.

Best couple ever.

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9 Luffy & Hancock

She is over a decade older than him, and most importantly, he doesn't like her back

Nah because it's is one sided flirtation and Luffy hasn't shown an interest in Hancock. Besides Luffy has already told her that he won't marry her.

I like Boa, its just impossible for this pair though.

I can't really imagine them together, and I don't know how a serious relationship could work. - Annabelle6

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10 Sabo & Koala

I love this couple my second fave in one piece
1- Zoro and Robin
2- sabo and koala
3- Luffy and Nami
4- Sanji and violet
5- ace and vivi
Sabo states that he had a rough childhood and ace and Luffy where the only people that mad him happy koala might just make him happier sabo will feel happy because koala will be by his side

If you think about shipping them with someone else, think again.

Yes... YES... YES

Only couple that I can ship comfortably here

I think this pairing is the most obvious one. - Annabelle6

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The Newcomers

? Sanji Vinsmoke & Charlotte Pudding

! this couple finally appeared here lol! well wether it's a crack pairing that will someday be canon I definitely love the chemistry between these two. This is the first couple I started shipping where one was trying to kill the other and the other was avoiding to get killed, I don't know but their moments together where we know pudding is evil has the most chemistry of all, and then when sanji complimented her eyes, that's it for me, I started shipping them. As a Sanji fan, I felt like pudding as a woman has the most unique interaction with Sanji, he already did something no one has ever done for her, call her eyes beautiful, now I'm waiting for the thing only she can do for Sanji because if she does, then she will be "The One" for Sanji

This ship is pretty much more confirmed! Both parties are in LOVE and have great quirks

Finally I've been waiting for this c:

Out of all the pairings, I think this one has the most potential, along with SaboxKoala. They are compatible and Oda gave obvious hints. - Annabelle6

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? Trafalgar D. Water Law & Monkey D. Luffy

I love LawLu. It is my favorite pairing out of all possibilities, but I doubt that Oda would do that, simply because it would upset too many people who don't want to see a gay couple in One piece. Especially the main character. It would really be nice if people stopped worrying about that so much, but I have seen people freak out over people shipping them, as well as Zoro and Sanji, and that pair is really popular too.

It started when Law apparently saved Luffy on a whim, just a spur of the moment he says. Then two years later, meeting Luffy again and eventually forms an alliance.

You've got a character who's grumpy, serious and cool. Then there's this ball of sunshine, happy go lucky and somehow idiotic character. So cute together!

Overrated and noncanon. luffy is asexual and law is in love with his dead benefactor (lol)

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11 Zoro & Sanji

They always fight with each other, but when they work together, they become so powerful. It's the perfect love/hate relationship~ Even though bicker at each other (like an old married couple) they still have mutual care and respect for the other. It seems like if sanji was with a woman then he would have to treat her delicately like glass, and become easily manipulated. However, he can act naturally when with Zoro.

The best thing about it is that they work so well together. It makes sense that they seem to hide their feelings for each other, but when push comes to shove they really do take care of each other. Their personalities match up like puzzle pieces, and they would be depressed if one or the other disappeared/died.

I know this is a slash pairing but this is probably the most "shipped" couple in One Piece.

A guilty pleasure. I kinda like them, even though it's never going to become canon. It would be a very interesting and feisty relationship though. - Annabelle6

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12 Ace & Vivi

I think they are the best couple ever! I mean how could you not love them? When they talked and laughed next to the fire was simply amazing! Also when they were buried in the sand, he ran to her first. And I think she likes him, too. They make so much sense!

Their conversation by the fire made me realise that they just look good together. Impossible I know but oh well!

I love this couple, even though ace died they can still be a couple

I am not even sure why it exists. Ace is dead. Did he even meet Vivi? - Annabelle6

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13 Shanks & Makino

It would make a lot of sense because shanks is like a father figure to luffy throught the show and Makino is like luffy's mother figure so why not there from the same town and it seemed like might of had a connection in the flashbacks I could totally see them being together

I think at this point Shanks and Makino are pretty much canon, especially after the chapter cover.

I hope on the cover of the one piece manga of makino holding a baby, was her and shanks baby

I think they are canon? - Annabelle6

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14 Smoker & Hina

Simply amazing! They understand each other well, and were mates during their training years, plus who would ever be good enough for Smoker other than Hina

OOH these two would be adorably funny together! Hina would be the boss of the relationship, of course!

Smoker and and Hina are two close friends who always have each other backs and I think that they have good chemistry between them I would love to see them end up together. They would be one awesome marine couple

I love to see them together! they just look so cute together!

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15 Ace & Nojiko

What the hell who ships these people

Seriously! Ace and Nojiko don't even know each other!

Are people just shipping this because people ship luffy and nami? I'm fine with LuNa but this is just stupid


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16 Sanji & Baby 5

This ship was random and popped outta nowhere. First of all, she's married to Sai. Second of all, she looks way cuter with Law, not that I ship them or anything. Third of all, they have absolutely NO chemistry with Sanji, I mean like, come on, let's get real, they haven't even met, or even seen each other in person yet.

Baby 5 already got married with Sai so no..

? Where did this come from? Because they both smoke is that it? :/ - madrigaelle

That's rather... random. The fandom is strange sometimes. - lalonde_marilou

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17 Aokiji & Robin

Hmmm it seems this ship is not very popular but it makes sense to me, aokiji is the only person who cares about robin future since she lost her homeland, he tried to kill her because he thought she became someone dangerous and he assumed it was his responsibility since he spared her life 20 years ago, but at the end he figures that she found her place and he keeps an eye on her to protect her. When the manga will end I can't see a place where Robin could go back to, but next to aokiji, she has no homeland anymore and when world government will be crashed by luffy, revolutionnaries will have no reason to exist anymore

I can understand why people would ship it, but I guess that Aokiji is more of a father figure than a lover.

He is most likely her father so no

No, simple as that

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18 Rayleigh & Shakky

They are actually a canon pairing, and it's just so sweet that they are married!

I get it they're canon, but also quite an uninteresting couple. How did it make that list? - lalonde_marilou

They are actually married! So like it or not it's cannon!

4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 One Piece Manga and Anime �" Vol. 51 Chapter 498 and Episode 392, Shakuyaku calls Rayleigh "Uchi no hito" (うちの人; lit. PERSON OF MY HOUSEHOLD)

This is what the reference said bit it actually only means they live together but it doesn't say they are an esplicit couple. - menelao

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19 Kohza & Vivi

I really like this couple but nah

Vivi and Kohza have known each other for a long time unlike Vivi and Ace so I vote to STOP SHIPPING VIVI AND ACE I think that this couple is adorable and they are both perfect for each other!

Who ships them? This couple is like a crown pushed into a garbage can. First of all Vivi is with ACE.

I love this couple... but why does someone ship Ace and Vivi? Did they ever met each other?

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20 Luffy & Meat

The only true love in this world

I ship LuNa all the way across the world, but THIS... This is the most romantic love in the history of manga kind.

Let's be honest here... Meat is Luffys true love and always will be, if luffy ever decided to become a vegetarian or something the world would end

I can not see Luffy tied to a woman, he is clearly disinterested. But if it really must be coupled, Nami is the wisest choice.
But LuffyxMeat... A strong love story on which we could also write a series of books! - Sacramenta

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