Top Ten Most Overated But Not Bad Minecraft YouTubers


The Top Ten

1 StampyLongNose

Stampy content isn't bad but it just isn't intresting

2 DanTDM

He used to be good, now his content is just disgusting and boring - darthvadern

He is amazing

3 PopularMMOs

Ugh, my sister watches them all the time. The girl's voice is like a jackhammer to your head, so annoying. - WheresMyGuitarPick

4 SkyDoesMinecraft
5 BajanCanadian
6 IBallisticSquid
7 ASFJerome
8 LittleLizard
9 ExplodingTnt ExplodingTnt
10 Ssundee

The Contenders

11 Pink Sheep Pink Sheep
12 GamingWithJen
13 Robovian
14 Purple Shep
15 01G
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