Most Popular Birthday Months


The Top Ten

1 June

Best month of the year!

2 September

Technically speaking, this should be number 1 because it is the most common worldwide (the US most common is august with September 2nd but worldwide September has a pretty big margin on the other months).

That’s when mine is!

Most common

3 February
4 January

I live in Australia and it's summer in January.

5 July
6 August
7 May

I was born n May - Cartermd

8 April

My bday in April - Dawnheart

April is the best! The gemstone is diamond! I also love the name!

My bday

9 November

November 9th is a special day for me. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY.

My Birthday is November

My birthday!

10 March

My birthday is the same day as the rapper Common's. (March 13) Except my exact birthday is March 13, 2009.

The Contenders

11 October
12 December

Mine's in December.

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