Worst Stables In Pro Wrestling

The Top Ten
1 Aces & Eights
2 Immortal

There's also a band called Immortal.

3 Right to Censor
4 The Corporate Ministry
5 nWo

Nwo weren't bad at all

6 Spirit Squad
7 The Disciples of Apocalypse
8 Dungeon of Doom
9 The Million Dollar Corporation
10 Los Boricuas
The Contenders
11 Legacy
12 The Union
13 League of Nations
14 The Corre
15 The Un-Americans
16 The Four Horsemen

A song by Metallica

17 The Job Squad
18 The Mexicools
19 The Real Americans
20 Mexican-America
21 Team Canada

I accidentally voted on this. I have no idea what this group is.

22 The Nexus

Nexus could have been better in my opinion

23 Kaientai
24 The Bullet Club
25 3MB
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