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21 Episode 2 Is dumbed down and lame

In the middle of episode 2 you will see the characters exploring the land and the rest of the world. But the big issue is the characters were travelling across half of the worlds surface about 10 minutes on foot. - BadBoiDrummer

@BadBoiDrummer. So not true. The nether portal is like, REALLY close to the temple. And they take the minecart in the nether RIGHT to the portal in Boom town/ Redstonia

22 The villain isn't used much in Episode 2

If you ever played Tales from the BorderLands you will know that they will crack jokes once in a while, which makes you laugh. This Villain felt so serious that it just makes you clueless. - BadBoiDrummer

Um... the wither storm at least appears once, and there's a choice which you can see it twice in the chapter. And if you mean Ivor, well just play to the end of the chapter. That boss battle with Ivor was EPIC! You actually control it a lot unlike some scenes.

23 Episode 2 was rushed

Episode 2 was released two weeks after the first. It felt like they were in a hurry to get the 2 Episode out. - BadBoiDrummer

No it wasn't. They had already half finished episode 2 when episode 1 just came out.

24 The Giant Boss in Episode 2 doesn't make any sense

Your basically trying to stop the Villain and the giant boss and save the day. If you want a review, Check out the post that I posted. "Minecraft Story Mode (The 2nd Chapter)" - BadBoiDrummer

25 Episode 3 is better than Episode 2

They both have their good and bad parts.

Episode 2: If you choose Boomtown, the WHOLE of that is fun and enjoyable. But Redstonia is a little boring since it is mainly puzzles. And the boss battle with Ivor at the end is EPIC!

Episode 3: Most of it wasn't too good. The beginning was alright, when your in the mob grinder. The middle of the episode when your in the end and other parts of Soren's lair are quite boring. But the end COMPLETELY makes up 4 it. The wither storm battle is epic, when you craft the Formidi-Bomb and blow it up. It is also cool when you find out that gabriel/Petra is alive.

Which means basically they fix the good problems that Episode 2 had. - BadBoiDrummer

The only episode that sucked was 4 (ending part)
Episode 1: 8.7/10
Episode 2: 10/10
Episode 3: 9.5/10
Episode 4: 6.1/10 (RIP Reuben you are going to be remembered :'-( )

26 Episode 3 had way too many cut off voices

Believe me I was playing for myself and I noticed it. - BadBoiDrummer

27 The chapters are being released too early

For an Example: Chapter 4 was suppose to come out the 22nd of December, but on December 17th I see people on YouTube playing the chapter already. - BadBoiDrummer

28 It's boring

Yeah seriously. This category is already on here as "The game gets repetitive and really boring". What part of "My opinions" don't you understand. He's played the game, he knows what it's like.

[A message for the comment below] He is not a critic, this is all based on his opinion. He is just doing his thing on what it's like playing this game.

I agree, it gets super boring after awhile. People on YouTube pay to get Story Mode earlier. BadBoiDrummer, I think that you are just a critic. Inappropriate language is stuff like "crap" and stuff. I agree with you, but don't make it sound menacing. It's not 25$$ or whatever, buy it on! People viewing this, at least play it.

29 It is not a video game. It's an interactive movie.
30 It says my Apple ID is wrong

I did the first episode but when I want to go to episode 2 it asks me for my Apple ID but when I put the wright passcode it says it's incorrect

31 Too many stop motion events
32 Too much political correctness
33 Episode 1 is so hard to save Petra don Gabriel
34 We don't know anything about anyone

Okay, I love MCSM so much. Seriously, if I was in the game, I would be no help whatsoever and just fangirl around, squealing. Petra would probably do a YandereDev when I ask annoying questions and stab me in my forehead saying " SHUT. UP." God, I wouldn't survive the first episode. Anyway, the disappointing part is that we don't know any character's backstories or even any interests or dreams or goals they have. Heck, we don't even know their weight, heights, or age's. Maybe some stuff will be revealed in Ep 9 or this is one of those" Choose it yourself" things. At first it was kinda funny but now I'm steamed. I mean, nobody is curious about this ( I hope a you tuber does a discussion video on this I would love that and die of happiness) and the people who are make some pretty cringe theories. Here they are:
1. She is Herobrine. Me : What... the... heck?
2. She is an orphan or a runway from home. Me: Actually this makes the most sense.
3. She is a zombie. ...more

35 No colors

I can only see players not the other things

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