10 Reasons Why Call of Duty Is Better Then Halo

The Top Ten 10 Reasons Why Call of Duty Is Better Then Halo

1 the graphics are much better

Because the engine they used was based off the original xbox and before you say "WhY wAs It NoT uSeD iN tHe FiRsT gAmE" that is due because of the technical limitations at the time

Does anybody know that halo pretty much caused Call of Duty to exist

Because the Spartans are wearing a $309 million super suit the plasma grenade doesn't break the armor

The ps3 didn't want it because they were dumb at the time I'm glad they have a couple new brain cells since 2001

2 Call of Duty has a better campaign mode

I like both but in my opinion Halo is better in this aspect

Then why Call Of Duty ain't on the Metacritic best campaign games list? Huh?

Skulls, laso, halo 2 legendary, achievements, eastereggs, vehicle runs,secret weapons, secret vehicles speedruns, no screaming kids every time they get killed, *cough*what Call of Duty is known for *cough*

The best is Call of Duty bo ii

3 Call of Duty is available on multiple systems
4 better variety of maps
5 more realistic

It's a game it doesn't have to be realistic

Realistic =/= better. - KalloFox34

Halo is in some futuristic universe that in no way in hell would otherwise exist.

6 better weapons
7 better sounds
8 when playing Call of Duty you feel like you're in the game
9 better weapon selection
10 You can aim down your sights

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11 better online server
12 Call Of Duty actually references real dictators and events
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