Reasons Why 2014's World Cup Has Not Been a Success for Brazil

Brasil, decime que se siete tener en casa a tu papá!

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1 The Unforgettable 7-1

Well thanks goodness Germany was sorry!

My eyes bulged in their sockets! Five goals to nil in the first half! You are right, keyson - unforgettable -but excellent viewing! - Britgirl

Brasil, decime que se 7! The new Maracanazo: The Mineirazo! - keyson

2 They Lost Their Own World Cup
3 They Lost A Lot Of Money
4 Argentina

Why? - Gabo147

5 Their Football Was Horrible
6 The world now either makes fun of them or feels sorry for them

True dat. When he lost 7-1, Colombia was the only country that mocked my country. I think they did that, because they want to pass the Cup, but Brazil won them. And Germany is sorry because he eliminated them in their World Cup! - Gabo147

7 Incidents
8 Illusions of millions and millions of people are now broken
9 Miroslav Klose Passed Ronaldo As The Top World Cup Scorer

And in the 7-1! - keyson

10 Neymar's injury

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11 Poor Defense
12 Economic crisis due to World Cup related expenses

This really hurts me that a country forgets its economy and budget just for a sport - yatharthb

13 Thiago Silva's Suspension
14 Silva's Yellow Card
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