Reasons Why Minecraft Is Better Than Terraria


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1 Better Graphics


This is totally wrong.

Graphics should not be used to determine a game's quality. As long as the game is playable, graphics shouldn't matter (unless they are somehow ruining your eyesight, you might as well reconsider your choice of video game).

Minecraft is waaay more aesthetically pleasing

2 Bigger Worlds

You won't lose your house if you either bring a compass or a map! It really depends on the player, if they like exploring or if they just want to beat the game and get it over with.

Almost infinite

That means you will lose your house even with a beacon - Hummingbirdf

So? You really want to lose your house because you went to explore and lost your way?

3 Better Characters

Having a talk with the guide makes it sad to kill him just to advance. In Minecraft, killing villagers is the best part about them - Vlego

If by "characters", you mean protagonists in both games, Terraria takes the cake. Actual dialogue and quotes make Terrarian npcs actually worth talking to. However, if you mean character customization, Terraria is still pretty good, with 30+ types of dyes, 50+ vanity sets, 100+ vanity items and a large selection of haircuts, eye colours and clothing. Also, not everyone in Terraria looks the same (why does every skin in Minecraft have to have a fringe? )

Really? When I play minecraft I have a tiger skin, and I see lots of other tigers. In terraria, everyone's starting character is different. What if they are the same? Well, over 40 vanity clothes and armour sets should stop everyone in the same server looking like each other. Terraria is better than minecraft no matter what - astroshark

Terraria. Easy to be unique. Wanna be Link? Check. Minecraft? Barely anyone is creative. It's the same thing over and over. Bright red and black clothes, black hair, headphones. Girls, similar thing. - Theco

4 More Popular

Butter sword

Popularity does not define a game's quality. Sonic '06 got a surprising amount of sales, would you say it's good?

That means worse fanbae - Hummingbirdf

Terraria is still better

5 More Expansive

"More ExpEnsive"
FTFY - dingdonguropinioniswrong

It'd be nice if some actual reasoning was put into this argument.

Which makes it worst

More expansive means it's worse...

6 Came Out First

Minecraft came out in 2009. Terraria came out in 2011. Stop being idiots.

If a game's age is used to determine a game's quality, I assume Pong is the best game I've ever laid my eyes on. Am I right?

Terraia came out first! ARE YOU A NOOB?!?!

So in conclusion for first person shooters I assume halo combat evolved is the best fps game?

7 Its In 3D While Terraria Is In 2d

With that logic, that means Superman 64 is better than Super Mario World.

That makes Terraria better. Minecraft: I just mined 200 diamonds, looks behind himself, gets blown up by a creeper. Terraria: In a little bit further, I'm gonna smash a demon.

It makes pixel art building WAY easier you don't have to climb over your creation and your size of the building is mildly limited so when it comes to building Minecraft kicks terraria's butt

Yes but in terraria you get grappling hooks and literal wings. - JustSomeGuy123

Bubsy 3D is in 3D. If this is your reasoning for a better game it MUST be better than Super Mario Bros. 3.

8 Better and More Recognizable Characters

Exactly. How the heck do u know the difference between a, I don't know, Wiring expert and wiring expert?

Those great characters such as Steve, Alex. Does minecraft have a cyborg or maybe a pirate how bout a nurse to heal everything, the guide is possibly the best because I don't know jack crating recipes. - Vlego

By character it means your appearance and skin. This makes sense cause in minecraft you have hundreds of pixel to work with if not thousands. And I know some will say that minecraft has two default characters but when have you seen more than 5 steves standing in a giant serve of a 100 players. Minecraft is a game that encourages player creativity so it allows the players to make their own characters rather than have a million skins to choose from.

Disclaimer: the following gave reference to java edition only!

At least terraria has characters

9 Minecraft is fun, Terraria is not

There are SO MANY ITEMS in terraria, you don't even know where to start.

It is a close call but Terraria is better than mine craft

True, whats fun with terraria?

This is nowhere close to the worst point - Vlego

10 Better Multiplayer

In my opinion: the fact that less people play terraria's multiplayer makes the ambiance between players much, MUCH better than Minecraft. I can have fun while playing multiplayer Terraria, and I can't say that about Minecraft, where the average player's age is about twelve years old. And I don't know about the average player's age in Terraria, but at least they don't act like they are twelve year olds.

Actually I rather enjoy getting my cousins and me to band together to take on duke fishron via Xbox live. I played Minecraft with my cousin and we're like "what is there to do? " I already have a fort that nothing can get through. And diamond gear Minecraft gets boring online unless you're on a hypixel server which we console gamers do not have access to. - Katekat123

Minecraft haters keep forgetting about multiplayer which is fun - PeeledBanana

It has so much more depth, many more possibilities, more people actually use multiplayer.


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11 It Doesn't Have Complex Tasks

True. Do you know how long it took me to get a eyeball? Compared to ACTULLY KILLING THE EYE OF CHUTHULU

Man, I can make full iron armor with a diamond pickaxe and sword on the first day. So easy bro. - JayJayPlayzzz

I actually have no idea how this is a point. If players nowadays expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, I'm disappointed.

At least it gives you a challenge other than 'open your inventory! '

12 It Has Creative Mode

Creative is fun

You can get creative mode for Terraria via mods. Also, some of the Terraria staff are actually considering adding official creative mode to the game. However, unless you want to make giant pretzel dragons in the sky or building a full scale model of the mona lisa, there's no point in getting creative mode in Terraria. It only takes away all of the challenge.

And, there's so many items that it would overflow. I love Terraria, but Creative mode wouldn't even fit well. Not to mention all the spawn eggs they'd have to create... - KalloFox34

The thing is, minecraft is more of a building-oriented game whereas terraria, is more of a adventure-oriented game, so not having a creative mode isn't that bad for terraria, also, getting building resource in terraria isn't that hard, so you doesn't even need creative.

I'm MC u can cheat when u in C mode - JayJayPlayzzz

13 Better Creativity

Minecraft opens a world for creativity. In terraria, you have to do more. - WorldPuncher47592834

Only sandbox game where you can actually build a huge world-scale city - MChkflaguard_Yt

Uhm, have you seen Terraria? Minecrafts swords and weapons are just the same style except a different colour. Terra rua has from swords that shoot laser beams to swords that shoots rainbow cats. Terra rua is obviously more creative than mine craft.

It means the styles of building not swords, minecraft is not about combat. It's about building structures! NOT adventure and survival! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Can you summon a leprechaun in Minecraft and keep it as a pet?

14 Minecraft Has a Lot of Mods

Seriously it has less and they are TERRIBLE


The reason minecraft has mods because minecraft is SO limited terraria is not that's why it doesn't have as much mods. - JayJayPlayzzz

Isn't dis a bad thing because that proves the game is bland. - JayJayPlayzzz

15 Better NPCs

I agree. Have you ever had mutiple npcs at a village in terraria? No. 1 just spawns at a bed like someone was pregnant there.

Okay, whats better here, a squidward that wants to trade a useless gem for leather or, Having a npc with personality, that can sell guns, wings, or fireworks? - Yatagarasu

*cough cough* NOW WHEN HAS MINECRAFT AUCTAULLY HAD PROPER NPCs. Terraria has loads which u can talk with buy stuff heal craft sell etc. Minecraft only has villages which r rare and u need emeralds to only buy stuff and they just die they can’t shoot or defend themselves either so who ever said this is just wanting minecraft to be better

This makes less sense than Katy Perry's "your So Gay."

16 The Minecraft Villagers Are Sexier

No they are bald

I must agree, how isn't this #1 - Sawd05

Very sexy

Ok which dumb person made this minecraft is better than terraria but I have much better reasons

17 Vanilla Minecraft has more items than vanilla Terraria

Terraria has thousands of weapons while minecrap has only 6

First hour of terraria over 5 chest of unique fun items. First day of minecraft, 20 chests, 19 of them full of cobble, the other full of wooden slabs. - Vlego

Terraria vanilla has over 5000+ plus stuff while minecraft has only 100

Dis dude cleary has never played terraria before - JayJayPlayzzz

18 Armor & Weapons

SOLAR FLARE IS GOOD... for melee - JayJayPlayzzz

Terraria is better with armour

1st thing, do you need mods for good armour because if so, terraria would still win and anyway terraria has more armour and weapons than just one which has another colour

Terraria makes it harder. Compare the strongest minecraft player to a player that has just gotten a terra blade. - Theco

19 It's About Building and Exploration

It's a sandbox game.

In all of it's simplicity, Minecraft has no goal. I think of it as a good thing because you do whatever you want with no rpg limitation. Of course terrria has more swords items etc. BUT Minecraft doesn't need this Minecraft is about exploration and building without any sort of rpg. So here's my point: if you prefer adventure play terraria if you prefer building go out and let you're creativity to build something.

Terraria:Win the exploration Minecraft:Win the building.

Terraria need more building and exploration for you to win. If you don't try and get materials, YOU WILL DIE. - Theco

Usually I would say terraria is better but in this case I say its about what type of person you are if u like building Minecraft action terraria

20 You can fly

Elytra also works with fireworks, which are really cheap if you know a nearby cave(gunpowder), and sugarcane(paper) is really easy to find now that they can grow on grass and dirt

Flying is for creative ya bilge rat - Vlego

Terraria has over 82 collective wings from every version of the game, which retain special abilities like increased vertical and horizontal movement, the emitting of particles, unique animations and colourizations, (and a virtually infinite number of ways to dye them, there being a total of 100+ dyes in-game) not to mention that that is not the only mode of attaining flight. There are also three different types of rocket boots (which have the same flight time and are obtained pre-hardmode so I won't be counting this as a plus) and several clouds in a bottle which allow the player to jump multiple times consecutively (ie the Sandstorm in a bottle) and they vary in power according to the difficulty they are obtained. Not to mention the 12 mounts in the game, a few having the ability to fly and two even able to fly INDEFINITELY. - duu_oui

"But minecraft has elytra" Great, cool, wings were terrarias idea but can you fly up with the elytra. No not really, you gotta fly from going off a cliff or by building a huge dirt tower. For what? A 20 second joy ride? - Yatagarasu

21 Terraria is a ripoff

Just just... For the love of god! This is not a ripoff or a spinoff! - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

Terraria's global release is actually 1 week before Minecraft's. - Vlego

So is Minecraft, lol. - MrCoolC

I may like Minecraft more than Terraria, but even I know this is stupid. - TheRedstoneWiz

You get it. You are a logical, rational thinker that puts its emotions aside from facts. - Yannick1124

22 More Awesome Things To Do

Actually you can in terraria.

Kill the moon lord with a diamond sword. You can't. - Theco

Build an awesome modern city.
Lots of comments and people still can't let go of those RPG crap. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Can you ride a magical unicorn while fighting off enemies with a sword that shoots nyan cats in Terraria?
No. In Minecraft you can do that and even more!

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23 Terraria is just a sandbox

A 3 year old made this list. they never played this game before - JayJayPlayzzz

Same with Minecraft. - MrCoolC

And minecraft is a dirtbox

Terraria is actually just a poopbox

24 Minecraft is overhated

I think a 3 year old wrote this because overhated is not even a word

Is that even a word? - JayJayPlayzzz

Terraria has a mature community that isn't filled with screaming cussing 6 year old kids

Because it's filled with 6 year olds that scream into microphones... Like you?

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25 Minecraft has way better guns in Vanilla

Yea, I'd love to rapid fire some creepers.

A bow is not a gun - namesnipe

Minecraft doesn't have guns

You what? I can't shotgun creepers in the face. - MrCoolC

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26 Minecraft is easier

Minecraft is harder

Ill find a diamond on that first NIGHT. - JayJayPlayzzz

Minecrap is too easy - namesnipe

27 More Combat


Terraria also has thousands more enemies than Minecraft and loads more bosses - FennikenFan9

Mods are NOT the same as terrarias vanilla. If you're implying that minecraft + mods = terraria then WHOOP-DEE-DOO

Terraria has more. - Theco

28 Infinite Possibilities

Infinite? MC struggles to add emerald armor into the game. - JayJayPlayzzz

I can't make a car that moves - Hummingbirdf

You can do working automobiles in Minecraft. What about Terraria? Plus, you don't NEED wings to fly. (creative mode people! )

Is the car fast and simple no, average players will not know how to do that. Terraria has a mount which is a FLYING SAUCER and you can fly forever in that while not in a useless creative setting - Vlego

I really wished that some common sense was used here - Yatagarasu

29 Command Block

It's very helpful for anyone wanting to learn how to code and what not which I can agree which Minecraft does do better.

But I don't like how you cannot get it through even normal creative mode. You have to actually type out its spawn info just to get a good number of them which I don't really like... Same goes for the mob spawners... - Sync

If you wanted to learn how to code, get a program with the coding language you'd like and not waste $25 on a garbage game you will never play. - namesnipe

Command block is really hard to master and learn. Terraria commands: Easier - Yatagarasu

A good start to learning how to code a computer. Makes custom maps powerful and like a minigame. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Really though you can't code a computer. Did you mean AI or build a computer? - Theco

It takes too long and constructs lots of lag. - Theco

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30 Minecraft has a better building and mining root

Please... say this is a joke

In Minecraft you can punch a tree with your hand as terraria you just need a stupid axe to cut trees and the building part is that it's a bit quicker and easier than terraria

31 Better PVP

Its not like you can go around someone in terraria. also you can enchant weapons in minecraft

Try fighting a friend with a sword that fires cats while dodging the moon lord. Then make a rule where you can't hurt the moon lord. - Vlego

In Terraria you need to aim and shoot magic projectiles. Mine craft? Spam clicking a sword.

Well, Minecraft PvP is "funner", but Terraria is better. Better bosses as well (excluding the Wall of flesh, it's possibly the easiest boss I've ever beaten).

32 It Has More Mods

The reason it has so many mods is because the vanilla is so boring - Katekat123

If minecraft has more mods, it needs more mods to be less limited - Yatagarasu

It has more mods that adds a bit of content in Terraria one single mod adds what a Minecraft modpack does and I can't believe when I found a mod named "wooden shears" rly one useless item mod!?

To make it stay alive. - Theco

33 Shrek is Not in Terraria

It's not in minecraft either

Have you ever heard of vanity? Terraria has dyes, clothes than can match Shrek... and you say it doesn't. Salt.

A valid reason

What does this have to do with anything?

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34 It Has More Biomes

Man I wish some research was put into this. Minecraft has forest, desert, deep ocean, ocean, tundra, mega taiga, jungle, nether, end and underground. Terraria has forest, desert, ocean, crimson, corruption, mushroom, spiders nest, jungle, dungeon, hallow, underworld, cavern, underground jungle, underground crimson, underground corruption, underground mushroom. So yea - Yatagarasu

There are granite biomes marble biomes living trees ynderground cabins lost homes what ever the black towers are in the underworld uh we have space floating islands pull your crap together minecrap because your @$$ must be jealous of the amount of crap that is in your game

This is really good

It is way better

35 Minecraft has the best mods

Umm... Compare Minecrap mods to Terraria's Calamity and others. - LordDovahkiin

Calamity. - Theco

36 Minecraft has great mobs in survival mode

So, there's only a few hostiles in Minecraft that spawn commonly in the Overworld's surface (Creepers, skeletons, spiders, zombies, endermen, witches and also slimes, if you're using superflat). Terraria has: zombies, demon eyes, tons of slime variants, eskimos, crimeras (tested this, they still spawn after I blocked the holes in the crimson), goblin pirates, vultures, antlions, and that's just the surface. Other mobs that don't spawn around sea level are things like undead miners, skeletons, nymphs, harpies, mushis, other types of slimes, several kinds of spiders and so much more! I love both games, but aside from the sandbox aspect, they have barely anything in common. - KalloFox34

Compare a dragon to a literal god. - Theco

So you would compare a green bug to a demon. We know who's winning. Demon. - Theco

Oh yeah

37 Less mature community

In my humble opinion a more mature community that is nicer and gives you stuff back when you accidentally drop it and is nice to everyone is better than someone who takes your stuff and calls you swear words that don't even exist.In minecraft 22 year olds are as mature as 12 year olds, while in 12 year olds are as mature as 22 year olds.

Bad. More mature community is better. in terraria there are 12 year olds who act like 22 year olds... in minecraft there are 22 year olds who act like 12 year olds - namesnipe

38 Terraria is more violent

It DOES have more monsters to fight, but that makes it more violent. Plus, Terraria has blood.

39 Terraria does not need mods to be fun

Neither does mc

Minecraft can be boring after a while and plus the main vanilla game has really no replay value. I have played terraria many times and it still never gets old to me

This makes no sense in the context of this list

40 Better for Kids

Better for kids who call h4x every time you win and are annoying squeakers

Trust me don't let them get on they will give you noise complaints. - Theco

Sometimes that's not really a good thing…

41 It's Blockier

What? I don't know there both pretty blocky

Since when was blockiness used to determine how good a game was?

MC kid: Slopes suk - Theco

Wut reason... - JayJayPlayzzz

42 Better Designed

Minecraft used to be amazing to till I saw terraria but I'm only interested when hytale Comes out

Terraria has more stuff and took a long time to make the textures. - Theco

Then I guess sonic 06 is wayyy better than the original sonic - Yatagarasu

It came out better

43 Has animals

But do you have... GOLDEN animals..? - Sync

Really wish the guy that posted this actually looked at terraria - Yatagarasu

Terraria has more animals. - Theco

Terraria is terrible, it barely has any animals

You said terraria has less animals but you listed more animals for terraria - JayJayPlayzzz

44 You have survival mode in Minecraft

Who made this list... they r retarted - JayJayPlayzzz

Terraria is only survival mode? Without mods, that is. - JustSomeGuy123

I don't even - Theco

45 You have prisons in Minecraft

U mean on the server? LOL.

Prisons? What for? I haven't seen any prisons in minecraft. - JustSomeGuy123

By kids - Theco

46 You can make bottomless pits in Minecraft

You can too in Terraria - ClovertheAverageCat

Eventually you will stop. Also, you can have an ASHPD to make in infinite loop in Terraria. - Theco

Creative required for this. - KalloFox34

47 Minecraft has the best characters

What characters? - JustSomeGuy123

Like kids? - Theco

48 Minecraft has the ability to do anything

There both good so stop arguing

Nope not true... I can't make emerald armor - JayJayPlayzzz

No it doesn't... - Razzorz

Like make a huge replica of Cthulhu and remake the Empire State Building. Your game will crash. - Theco

49 Some Part of the Fandom Isn't Actually Cringe

Of course.

There are fandoms that do have a light side to them.

Yes even Fnaf, UT, etc...

but no one can deny that a lot of MC fandom is not cringe. - Sync

wot - Theco

50 Minecraft has servers

At least terraria takes a hours to make a server/world while minecraft takes seconds. You don't know how long it took for terraria to load my world.

So does Terraria

fr though - JayJayPlayzzz

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