Reasons Why Minecraft Is Better Than Terraria


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1 Better Graphics

Graphics should not be used to determine a game's quality. As long as the game is playable, graphics shouldn't matter (unless they are somehow ruining your eyesight, you might as well reconsider your choice of video game).

They Made the graphics like that on purpose, when you're moving with solar armor the shield is at an angle to show it's not just a bunch of big pixels, and plus if you still disagree it's honestly sad that terraria looks so, SO much better than minecraft with "bad" graphics

Terraria has WAY better graphics then minecraft


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2 Bigger Worlds

So? You really want to lose your house because you went to explore and lost your way?

Although there are bigger worlds, there are hardly any uses for them. Rarely, you'll find someone who will rob 15 different villages, fish in 20 dofferent oceans, mine 1500 stacks of diamonds and mine every single tree in the world.

They've updated it and now the large world takes 45 minutes to WALK across in terraria In Minecraft 15

That is not true minecraft worlds are infinite and you can never walk across them so they do not take "15 minutes to walk across"
You can never finish them

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3 Better Characters

If by "characters", you mean protagonists in both games, Terraria takes the cake. Actual dialogue and quotes make Terrarian npcs actually worth talking to. However, if you mean character customization, Terraria is still pretty good, with 30+ types of dyes, 50+ vanity sets, 100+ vanity items and a large selection of haircuts, eye colours and clothing. Also, not everyone in Terraria looks the same (why does every skin in Minecraft have to have a fringe? )

Really? When I play minecraft I have a tiger skin, and I see lots of other tigers. In terraria, everyone's starting character is different. What if they are the same? Well, over 40 vanity clothes and armour sets should stop everyone in the same server looking like each other. Terraria is better than minecraft no matter what - astroshark

Characters? What?

You mean the twerking 5 year olds and the villagers with their penis on their face?

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4 More Popular

Popularity does not define a game's quality. Sonic '06 got a surprising amount of sales, would you say it's good?

Because the 5 year olds found out about it

Terraria is still better


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5 More Expansive

It'd be nice if some actual reasoning was put into this argument.

Which makes it worst

I think that because of the small updates to minecraft, it makes the updates for minecraft way better, then that terrie or however you spell it

So u mean when Minecraft gets an update 1 new mob 8 new items
Terraria 50 new enemies 100 new items more expansive my but

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6 Came Out First

If a game's age is used to determine a game's quality, I assume Pong is the best game I've ever laid my eyes on. Am I right?

It came out first yes but they thought of the idea before Minecraft thought of theirs and it took so long to produce cause it's a big game with more items by the millions

Actually Terraria came out first - uros

Actually terraria was in development way before minecraft.

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7 Its In 3D While Terraria Is In 2d

It makes pixel art building WAY easier you don't have to climb over your creation and your size of the building is mildly limited so when it comes to building Minecraft kicks terraria's butt

Bubsy 3D is in 3D. If this is your reasoning for a better game it MUST be better than Super Mario Bros. 3.

3D is a hell of a lot better, because you have 360 degrees which means you can build amazing stuff, in minecraft

This is not even a reason. Why is this here

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8 Better and More Recognizable Characters

Terri A has so many characters, too many

At least terraria has characters

That does not mean Terraria doesn't have recognizable characters either.

So you get the dryad confused with the goblin tinkerer? Are you BLINDER THAN JAYBAE?

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9 It Doesn't Have Complex Tasks

I actually have no idea how this is a point. If players nowadays expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, I'm disappointed.

At least it gives you a challenge other than 'open your inventory! '

Getting a saddle is a complex task because it is really rare. Minecraft PLAYERS ARE

Terreria doesn't have as complex tasks. NOT

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10 It Has Creative Mode

You can get creative mode for Terraria via mods. Also, some of the Terraria staff are actually considering adding official creative mode to the game. However, unless you want to make giant pretzel dragons in the sky or building a full scale model of the mona lisa, there's no point in getting creative mode in Terraria. It only takes away all of the challenge.

Yeah but in Terraria you need the mod for creative mode.

Some of us don't get to have mods for terraria because we have the console version!

This makes minecraft the best lololo

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? Has animals

Terraria is terrible, it barely has any animals

? Better Designed

It came out better

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11 Minecraft Has a Lot of Mods

Terraria has mods too. And if Minecraft needs mods to compare itself to Terraria, that's sad.

Wow you guys. MODS?! Terraria has mods too, plus mods just means the game wasn't Good enough for them

Terraria may have won the battle but Minecraft will win the war.

Minecrap only has mods because it NEEDS them otherwise it gets boring

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12 Vanilla Minecraft Has More Items Than Vanilla Terraria

Terraria has well over 3,000, that's right, THREE THOUSAND items. While I'm sure minecraft struggles to reach 500.

Check the wiki because I have nothing to say

I agree. Terrarians always say that they have more items but we have literally infinite items. You want an atomic bomb? Rename a piece of obsidian "Atomic Bomb". You want an iphone 7? Rename an iron bar "iphone 7".

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13 Armor & Weapons

Minecraft makes it more challenging with weaker armour

Terraria is better with armour

1st thing, do you need mods for good armour because if so, terraria would still win and anyway terraria has more armour and weapons than just one which has another colour

Terraria has way more armor than Minecraft! Minecraft only has, like, 5 types of armor without mods(And mods are just there to make Minecraft have more content. Minecraft is boring without mods)! Terraria has way more armor, somewhere to 90 types. But here's something else: in minecraft, the armor designs are practically the same! All the same shape, just different colors. In Terraria, however, they all look unique and interesting. Plus, most of them give u more than just more defense, they add other stuff like +x% magic/ranged/throwing/summoner/melee damage, +x% movement/attack speed, +x% damage, and much more. Now tell me Minecraft has better armor than Terraria. And by the way, it's the same with the weapons! But I'm too lazy to get into that because it's basically the same issue. u get the idea

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14 It's About Building and Exploration

It's a sandbox game.

In all of it's simplicity, Minecraft has no goal. I think of it as a good thing because you do whatever you want with no rpg limitation. Of course terrria has more swords items etc. BUT Minecraft doesn't need this Minecraft is about exploration and building without any sort of rpg. So here's my point: if you prefer adventure play terraria if you prefer building go out and let you're creativity to build something.

Terraria:Win the exploration Minecraft:Win the building.

Usually I would say terraria is better but in this case I say its about what type of person you are if u like building Minecraft action terraria

This is why it's awesome it's not like well finished the game better go get a new one

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15 You Can Fly

You can glide in Minecraft, not fly and terraria has mmore types of flying anyway

It is changed. You can use elytra to glide over the air in survival in 1.9 update.

You can also fly in terraria in and Minecraft the only fight u get in survival is falling of the edge of a cliff

How minecraft flying works: walking on air
How Terraria flying works: Get a jetpack or wings and soar the skies. - Ahleaxt

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16 Better Creativity

Can you summon a leprechaun in Minecraft and keep it as a pet?

You can build almost anything on Minecraft. On terraria you are very limited

Uhm, have you seen Terraria? Minecrafts swords and weapons are just the same style except a different colour. Terra rua has from swords that shoot laser beams to swords that shoots rainbow cats. Terra rua is obviously more creative than mine craft.

Terriria is like a load of rubbish with there swords

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17 Better PVP

In Terraria you need to aim and shoot magic projectiles. Mine craft? Spam clicking a sword.

Can the character in Terraria fight a zombie with bare hands?

Minecraft pvp: strafing and aiming
Terraria pvp: depends on your weapon on armor
No hate I love both if these games

It is changed you can not spam click a sword anymore in the 1.9 update.

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18 Vanilla Minecraft Still Better

No, no it isn't

If you've noticed no you tubers have made episodes on minecraft survival lately

Without mods

Vanilla Minecraft : 10 weapons, 10 hostile mobs

Vanilla Terraria : over 100 weapons and over 200 monsters

Surely vanilla mine craft Is better

19 Better Multiplayer

It has so much more depth, many more possibilities, more people actually use multiplayer.

its true

20 More Combat

Terraria also has thousands more enemies than Minecraft and loads more bosses - FennikenFan9

Mods are NOT the same as terrarias vanilla. If you're implying that minecraft + mods = terraria then WHOOP-DEE-DOO

More animals mod seriously animals won't eve hurt u idiot

Terriria has too much combat

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