Top Ten Reasons Why TNA Sucks

The Top Ten

1 They steal ideas from WWE

They used Eric Young as WWE's Daniel Bryan and MVP as Triple H. What were they thinking?

2 Bad storylines

For example, AJ Styles, his ex-buddies and his affair with that Lynch woman. Yeah, that storyline made my skin crawl.

3 Smaller crowd than WWE

No wonder TNA can't have big stadiums or arenas like WWE.

4 Bad promos

Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Daniels, Kaz, Bully Ray and even Hulk Hogan (who joined TNA way back) can't even do their jobs right for that pathetic company.

5 TNA Hall of Fame

They only induct just one TNA legend and it's absolutely boring. WWE inducts more legends than that pile of crap.

6 Dixie Carter

Hate that woman, she's worst than WWE's Stephanie McMahon and she's the head boss of TNA.

7 Waste of talents

But they do a better job than WWE.

8 Low attendance

Why, because nobody likes TNA. Plus, they ain't "Bound for Glory", they're more likely "Bound for Bankruptcy."

9 Pushing ex-WWE guys

Bobby Lashley and Alberto Del Rio SUCK - EliHbk

10 Their roster sucks

The guys and gals like Curry Man, Spud, BroMans, Angelina Love, ODB and Sharkboy, I don't even know these guys.

The Contenders

11 Arena and lighting is just awful
12 Boring matches
13 Unrealistic and clingy storylines
14 No ability to create any TNA Top Superstars
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