Most Romantic Things to Give to Her

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1 A rose

Remember people don't give a rose with thorns on it because it might poke the girl.

I name my pets after flowers. I have a hamster named rose. Do I give that to her?

I never had my boyfriend give me a rose before but hey hopefully he will before he was going to give me something but he drew a picture of a horse even thow I like horses still is the romantic

If I want to receive any flowers from my man, it will be lavenders. Roses are very overrated.

2 A love note/poem

Oh! If I've done this... I usually write lovely poetic romantic songs and then dedicate them to the one I love... She always love them and every time I tell her a new cute verse, I can feel she's falling a little more for me. Even if they are short, the sweetness and personalism inside is so deep it usually turns to be enough to make your crush fall in love with you. If you don't believe me, ask my girlfriend. All The Top Tens know her. If you are reading this, you know who, I love you!

This is a total winner, if you're date hates reading. You can express all your love to her without saying something she/he might have not heard correctly, spit in his/her face, saying something wrong that you can NEVER take back and doing silly things that your date can't stand. You can also compliment her/him without getting tired of talking. If she/he doesn't understand your writing, TYPE IT! That way you can decorate it, add a colourful background, put number 3 in it, etc. It's easy and lovely at the same time.

I'm a woman myself and I am defiantly going to write a love and/or a poem to the man of my dreams.

As a female writer, this would probably be the only thing that would make me want to go out with someone :')

3 A picture of a heart with her face drawn in it

It shows she is in your heart

Really sweet, but my boyfriend is better at a lot more things than he is at drawing.

This might be hard if your not Picasso.

As I do art this is better than all, It reads what you feel.

4 A ring

The ring I got was cheap but it was the thought that counted

I first got a ring when I was 17 and up to now I still remember that day like it was just yesterday (5 years ago).

While giving it to her, say, “Will you marry me? ”

5 A hug

A hug is the easiest of them all because its free! :D (if you have arms)

It says I want you close. To feel me. To know I care.

I give hugs to a lot of people!

Hugs are warm and best

6 Love songs

Writing a song is even better than a poem

Love it loovvve iiitt

7 A bouquet of flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers

And if she’s allergic?

8 Love letters

Good idea going too start doing that

I know I'm just 14 but what I did had almos blown her head of, on you aniversary start wrighting a letter every night till the next anevursury then give it all to her (put PS: I love you on the en of all the letter and on the last letter say PS: did I mention I love you! )

9 A kiss

A good idea but if you mess it up then what?

Heck, maybe even a make out!

This is so sweet a French kiss or throat kiss is a lot better

To me it's the best way to let her know you want her in your life for good, done it many times, every time u do she always tells me how much she loves when u kiss her, an she always tell me how much she wants to spend forever with me

10 A stuffed animal

Girls love cute things

I gave one to my girlfriend for valentines day and she thought it was a bear but it was a dog but she still loves it like crazy

I gave a girl a big stuffed dog at school and she loved cause she loves dogs so she saved it.

I think that my crush would love to receive a nice, blue, stuffed elephant!

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11 A set of diamond earrings

How would someone ever afford that?

12 A sweatshirt with your scent on it

My boyfriends name is calum and he is in a band called 5 seconds of summer so he is NEVER home I always miss him but he gave me one of his santa cruz shirt and when I miss him I put it on

Guys this is the best thing to do for a woman to win her over... My boyfriend gave me his coat with his sent on it and I love it so much.. When I miss him a put it on..

DUH! ANY GIRL WOULD WANT THIS! Definitely... Unless you smell bad. Put your cologne on it or something. This will totally get her to like you even more!

No, they are obviously a kid who is obsessed with 5SOS

13 A jewel necklace/bracelet

My ex boyfriend when we were together gave me a necklace that I thought was very sweet and it had a heart and it was pink and I really miss him though but hey at least he is happy

My ex boyfriend when we were together he gave a necklace on Valentines day and it was pink with a heart on it, I thought it was very sweet of him to do that for me

I'm going to give my girlfriend a bracelet with a heart. On one side of the heart there's her name and on the other there's my name

I told her this and she said that she doesn't want anything. Because I am all she needs.

14 Your hand

She probably wants to hold your hand just as much as you want to hold hers.

A hand would be an exceptional gift indeed. It’s quite difficult to obtain healthy human body parts in a legal way.

15 Your attention

Just Listen to her. Asker questions about herself. Quit thinking of things to say and Listen to her. Don't look at her and go to La la land gazing into her eyes and drifting away.

That's all she craves for. So just take care of her and look into her eyes and smile. It's the most precious thing you can gift.

16 A bucket of KFC



17 A baby

*opens Amazon box* "What the hell dude I mean I'm glad you were thinking of me but what am I supposed to do with this thing"

What? send to her?

Big sex reference!

18 Your love

This should be number 1 honestly, I tell my girlfriend of 3 years that I love her, she asks why, I tell her that words cannot even begin to explain how much I love her, & she tells me she dies inside when I tell her that

Show her and tell her how much you love her. Actions speak louder than words.

19 A car

Well yes but you had enough money

20 A sex toy

Can't beat that. She will think of you.

21 Money

Are you sure because I would slap him if he did that

Money, what can say I say I prefer cash don't we all at least I do

22 Champagne

Great idea but it didn't work

23 Designer clothes
24 Your life
25 Ice cream

As I was eating with my girl friend the icecream finished $ she started kissing I feel so great

Who doesn't like ice cream?

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