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1 Herobrine

Herobrine isn't real. He is a creepypasta, he's fictional. Honestly, I don't know why people make up stories that they've seen him, or heard him, or seen signs or buildings placed by him. Those stories aren't true, no matter what anyone says. The story is false.

Too bad he isn't real :/

I have seen HEROBRINE in Minecraft Pocket Edition, versions 0.5 and 0.6. I've seen my sheep being dyed gray, instead of white. I built a cow pen after the first version of 0.6 came out. There was a cow in it. I left the game, and logged back on. The pen AND THE COW was gone. Mojang later patched that update, saying that new builds made were not saved. This didn't say anything about animals... I later deleted that world. I never saw him again...

Guys, he's not real. There is no true evidence that he is. If he existed, Minecraft would be shut down for investigation. So far, any "proof" is either a hoax or a glitch. So no, there is no possible ways Herobrine could- *sudden silence* - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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2 Endermen

These guys are hands down the worst. they stare at you with those creepy purple eyes, yet if you even GLANCE at them, they teleport to you and kill you, that's why I hate the end. it full of those tall, purple eyed creeps!

They are so creepy, and when you run into them, they make creepy noises.

They are not scary, but when they teleport away from you then kill you, that sounds creepy.

Their cool, but jeez I guess they really mean it when they say it's not nice to stare!

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3 Seing a Slenderman

I will never think that a slenderman will appear during my Minecraft gaming, so it is the most scariest thing on this list, even more than Herobrine, which some people will expect.

Hey kid you don't know who slender man is you don't play the dang game and I'm 8 so quit it

I have minecraft for Xbox 360 and I have they halloween texture pack. And when I spawned an enderman he was dressed up as...

Slenderman's something to be scared of👻

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4 Seeing a Skeleton or a Creeper

Worst thing to happen one time I was playing minding my own thing building a house it was tall enough that nothing could get over it I then hop see a slenderman a scelecton and a creeper kinda light in a group like talking and then they disappear I look around and then I look behind the they were all behind me walking towerds me I started running but then the scelecton shot me the creeper exploded and the slenderman just stood their looking creepy

Wimps there just mobs there not that scary! Well unless you're on hardCORE mode

Last night, I was playing Minecraft with my brother and I WAS ON PEACEFUL and I placed three null signs down so people would not come near my house and I saw two boney gray legs walking under a tree So I hustled fast as I could so I could sleep and I rage quit and I keep remembering it but I didn't have nightmares

Nah, nt creepy...

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5 Being In the Dark In the Woods With Monsters Everywhere

I was in the forest with my cat and dog and a enderman killed my first dog (I have like 22 more) and my cat got killed by a savage player. I was alone, and I heard a angry enderman and it killed me while a skeleton shot me and a creeper exploded nearby.

It is creepy, after all, death could be just around a corner! Who knows how many mobs are out there, ready to kill you, it's a bit scary! - Asuna_Yuuki

When you get chased by 13 zombies, 7 skeletons, 4 spiders, 2 creepers and 1 spider jockey! Horribly scary!

I don't even feel scared because I used night vision posion to watch a little clearly.Sometimes the woods are very scary because it is the home of the overworld mobs

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6 Being In a Cave With Many Monsters In It

I think this should be the worst one of my games started in a dark cave I could not see a thing but then I saw the flash of light turned on a torch then a scelecton with a sword it was easy to kill but I died because then like a million creepers came out it is scary

I was in there at the most disturbing moment. Where did you think those monster spawners were born from, the sky? Also the spiders killed me for watching them make nests and they crawled up and my night vision turned off my weapon was damaged I was I. Cobweb and the spider killed me

I hate it when I'm just calmly exploring a cave then I turn around and BOOM there is somehow a creeper there. It annoys me! It's kind of creepy when you have the sound on and the footsteps in the cave. It's creepy! - Asuna_Yuuki

The scariest part in a cave is that when I found a monster spawner or more of it,it created more zombies till I ran everywhere or around the cave until I was stuck,the zombies who were chasing me didn't killef me because I already make spawn place and telepory before I was dead.

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7 Cave Ambience

I've never heard these before, even when I was playing PC for the first time ever. I was only familiar with PE so I was like WHOA! NO WAY! At everything. I didn't know about cave noises then. I didn't hear any, probably because they were turned off without me knowing. But I know enough about them to agree that it is the scariest thing in Minecraft. Especcially if they can occur ALMOST ANYWHERE! Like in the water, or dark locations! So glad these aren't in PE... And hope they won't add them!

I remember when I first played Minecraft and I was having fun, just mining and doing whatever. But then I hear the cave sound that sounds like a violin screech. I was so terrified to the point where I ran out of the cave, logged out of the game and had trouble sleeping that night. - DrewtheGamer98

That's even worse when you hear a footsteps and then find a green head + hundreds of red eyes looking at you from an empty space between to blocks you have dig one second ago.(+ that's your first map and one slender man was chasing you for nothing before entering the cave! )

Feel like beating notch up for scaring me with those sounds,Why on earth they would put those,dosen't make sense to add these sounds

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8 Starting Minecraft On Survival Mode

Look I am on survival with a FIVE story house that's 12 by 23 with a minecart leading to a nether portal and secret treasure room with full diamond gear two enchantment tables 5 diamond picks 3 enchanted diamond swords 2 regular a stack of lapis a secret mine with *ahem* DIAMONDS an extra stack of diamonds 3 stacks of gold 31 stacks of iron 43 stacks of coal/charcoal 8 furnaces 36 Wolves a private island secret garden that is 543 by 143 without keep inventory and I STILL fear this I don't blame you for it for everybody who thought I was braggy thank you for reading and believing in me

I'm paranoid so when I open a survival its on peaceful and I give myself tons of stuff and I make myself and obsidian house in creative and crouch there while I play it.

How is this scary? Only idiots think this is scary.

I like creative mode better every time I die I get so frustrated

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9 Creepers Blowing Up a New House

Yeah I hate when this happens I just rage quit... - jojo_man214

I had a nice house in survival with a few wolves, and one day a creeper came up to my house, exploded, and killed my dogs.

This is one reason why creative mode is better the survival

I use items creepers can't blow up and withers can blow up everything that should be first

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10 Being Attacked Without Knowing Who/What It Is

This is terrifying! It should be number 1! Once when I was building a house I hadn't realised the sun went down and my hearts started going down. I turned around and 2 zombies were right in my face! SO SCARY!

When I build scary temples or build something hostile to villagers, eventually the game itself appears mad, with rain and thunder, big lighting bolts suddenly appearing right over me. It's real virtual Life, I tell yah.

Smartest enderman I've ever seen. Hits me from behind, teleports before I can see him. Hits me from behind, teleports again. Hits me from behind... You get it.

This is creepy, alright. So, I was mining with my tamed wolf Joy. Something attacked us.
Good thing I brought porkchops and steak to heal Joy. (dangit I love that dog too much)
Mr. Thing kept attacking us so we ran back home with half a stupid heart left. Thank Notch we were alive. I think Mr. Thing was a zombie or skeleton

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? Subtitles When You Don't Realize it's You Making the Sound

I was on 1.11, and I noticed the setting "subtitles". I turned it on, but it said things like "footsteps", "eating sounds", "block mining", etc. I was on singleplayer, and I was so scared! I was freaked out until I realized that the subtitles were documenting MY sounds. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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11 A Sound When You're Flying and You Look Behind You Nothing Is There

I believe it is the scary random noises in the music. plus one time I was playing muiltiplayer and all the sudden the songs 13 and 11 started playing it was super spine chilling and behind me was herobrine but it was my friend trolling me. (p. S he had the herobrine skin and had a hack that made his nametag invisible

It's so creepy 11 and 13 are worth the loot! And there's nothing there just nothing I always jump.

Creepy, it would be like a ghost chasing you... On mine craft!

Well,this happen when I first make my first and big house,i was at the second floor checking my rooms,cells,went to the 3rd floor check the stuff,then there was a spider sound,it sounds like it was moving on the roof,but when I checked nothing was there

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12 Having Half a Heart and No Food With Diamonds In Your Inventory

In this scenario, everything scares you

Guys I made a new mod is that when you have half a heart you die and have no food well if you eat this mod and you have things don't worry it wont lose

I would just use wood to make a chest and crafting table and put it in the chest asap then die and look for the chest :3

UH OH Hate it when this happens


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13 Being Killed by Your Truly Trusted Friend

To wrords peeps never ever trust anyone on Minecraft one second your living happy with your friends hanging out your pet wolves as happy as they can be then the next second you walk in your house and tnt explodes and you die simple

I played multiplayer once with some friends, and an intruder (we had the Trust Players) appeared to be in our world hiding, it was creepy.

My twin always kill me every time I did something wrong in his server.

I was the truly trusted friend. I put a pressure plate in front of his door and with TNT and died

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14 Getting Killed

You used to get banned if you killed someone on a survival world server then a few years later it changed.

This is the worst but is not scary it just HAPPENS

You used to get banned if you did that on a survival world server then a few years later it changed.

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15 The Sound A Horse Makes When It Dies

I still have nightmares (get it, mares)

I remember my first time in Minecraft I hit a horse and it made that weird noise and I almost had a heart attack

The sound is wretched, scary, and sad at the same time! Poor horses.

I hate horses so a horse was in my garden I killed it but it just made a teribble loud noise I fell of the chair

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16 Stupid Statues That Look Like Clowns

I hate clowns, but I don't think I've seen a statue that looks like a clown before.

It's made out of stone it's a kinda herobrine sign

You know that's called Jeff the Killer

Lelelelel I seen something like that before mae of stone, and yes... it is creepy

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17 Disc Number 11

Sounds like notch being sick and forcing while adding the enderdragon boss to minecraft or yeah this guy there is right it sounds like an old man dying in a hospital

It sounds like an old man dying in a hospital and I think it was created when notch was creating server 666 and having a good time doing it

I was testing all the music disks when I got to this one I screamed and didn't sleep or play minecraft for 4 WEEKS

I didn't play Minecraft for 9 months and a year

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18 Server 666

I was on this server around 11 at night and someone said I'm watching you I reported that person to server staff logged off and ran to my parents room and locked the door I never went on a mine craft server again late at night.

On the splash it was written don't go on server 666! So I went on it someone was saying I am watching you and I also had a sighting of herobrine so creepy *br*

Just by looking at it I know you go to a much, much worse version of the nether. Fact: 666 is Satan's number or the demon number.

In america a girl called katy was playing minecraft so one of her freinds said don't go on server 666 katy was a bully and cool she said you dumb girls and went on the server and then something said I'm watching you so she ran away home and she was lost-police chief of turkey ERVA

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19 Enderbrine

Who put this crossbreed here? It's more unlikely to exist than herobrine

When was in minecraft I was in a island suddenly a enderbrine killed me

Check Disk 11 Herobrine+Killed by Enderman= this

I think I did remember one thing about watching youtube and then saw a video about an Enderman in the end,its eyes were white,until I think probaly its just a joke,and the guy who put it in the list is so a fooleedd

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20 Eating Poisoned Food

It takes 5 years to make it but one of my friends on Mincraaft secretly made it put in on my dinner table with a sign that said for you from mystery person it was cake and mushroom soup I ate it of course then I was like not bad and without noticing I was on fire I walked to that friend and she said do you notice your on fire I was like A but when my friend even touched me I died AND SHE GOT MY STUFF STUPID FRIEND

When you eat a pufferfish, you get nausea, poison, and hunger all at the same time. The funny thing is, when you get nausea, the logo looks like Steve's head with a green face, and he is throwing up. The effect is annoying because it makes the screen distorted.

Me and my brother were playing Minecraft on the Xbox on creative online when he killed a chicken and ate the meat. Then he was poisoned. Nobody was around him and there was no noise of a potion being splashed. It only happened once...

Eating raw chicken has a small chance to poison you, whereas spider eyes do it every time.

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