Top 10 Most Shocking World Cup 2010 Moments

The Top Ten Most Shocking World Cup 2010 Moments

1 Lampard's Disallowed Goal
2 Suarez's Defensive Hand of God
3 Nigel de Long's Kung Fu Kick Was Not Red Carded

What a kick that was to be fair

4 Robert Green's Terrible Save
5 Yakubu's Missed Goal
6 Argentina Offside Cheat
7 Melo's Stupid Decision
8 Spain vs Paraguay Three Penalties
9 Kaka Red Carded
10 Podolski's Poor Penalty

The Contenders

11 South Africa Defeats France
12 New Zealand stuns Paraguay, Slovakia and Italy in the group stage.

They didn't have enough points to progress to the Last 16 round but thanks to Spain's group stage defeat to Switzerland, New Zealand left as the only undefeated nation in the tournament.

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