Top 10 Signs You're a Bad TheTopTens User

I honestly want to quit.

Hate me if you must. This needs to be said.
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1 You Attack Others for Their Opinions

If you can't respect other people's opinions and attack them for bad reasoning on this website, than this isn't the website for you and it proves how extremely immature other users can be.


Um...The core of this website is opinions. If you can't turn a blind eye or agree to disagree, you really shouldn't have an account.

There is no reason for someone not being allowed to share their opinions. Telling someone to kill themselves for hating or loving something is just messed up. I give responses to how I like or hate that subject, but not attacking the user for their opinion.

2 You Send Hate Messages Towards Other Users

This is just plain wrong. Although. I've never gotten hate messages, it doesn't mean it's okay to do them. To anyone who HAS received hate messages, I have to imagine it is not fun.

That's not the purpose of messaging people. The purpose behind messaging is to interact positively and making new friends. People who send hate messages are people who should be banned.

This is literally one of the most pathetic things anyone can do. Wasting your own time to make others feel worthless is so monstrous.

You don't have to do that; you can just make him look bad in front of everyone else if you find a flaw in the person's actions.

3 You Don't Care About Quality

It is so cringe when you look at a list like "best movies of all time" and there are messages with horrible grammar mistakes, that make absolutely no sense, or randomly use caps all over the place. Or they just write. "Good, ya" or something like that. The whole point of commenting is to share your opinions, not write two words that make absolutely no sense. And what's even worse is that those comments generally have lots of likes, where the intelligent comments have none.

I'm trying to be brutally honest here but most of the list I see on the Newest tab are literally just redundant garbage with little to no effort to make at all. No love or dedication in it but just to make traffic. While the more detailed and intensive ones often go out of the radar and left unnoticed. Despite that however, these lists are what kept this site running for more material so it wouldn't be inactive.

It's like abusing the quantity of your list, except that you don't care about what you say in relation to your item that you put on your list.

Lists need quality nowadays, which could be solved through remixes with quality comments. I still prefer bposts, though.

4 You're Hypersensitive

Idiots who can't take criticism, jokes, different opinions, etc.

I really need to stop being hypersensitive.

Yet another crime committed by me.

Sont call me sensitive. You're hurting my feelings.

5 You Add Irrelevant Subjects For The Criteria

I should know; when I first made this account, this is exactly what I did. I'm not that way anymore, but it's annoying to someone who actually wants to have a little fun, (or be serious, for that matter.)

But Magikarp is the most sexiest woman of all time I had to add her

I know I've done this.

6 You Constantly Abuse Quantity

I haven't made lists in a while because I realized I have fallen into this category. Hopefully this list will be a start in my rehabilitation.

Pointless things need to be struck out and thought over differently.

Wow. The reason why I'm hated is at number 1? Sheesh, I only made 1 list hating on Justin Beiber and I learned from that mistake long time ago. I don't abuse quantity all the time now. @SwagFlicks, are you happy now? Can I recommend anime to you?

Quality is a very important thing for lists and blogs

I can think of a few

7 You Say Something Bad About a User Who is Deceased

This list is a hypocrite you complain that some users attack opinions yet this is on here

I think you mean "deceased."
I only heard of one deceased TopTenner, and I didn't even know her content well. How do I say something bad?

8 You Don't Try to Understand Users

Super annoying

9 You Receive More Negative Feedback With Each List You Make

This one is obvious, but the constant negative feedback means that you've lost or are consistently losing all respect from the users of this website. That or people can't handle that someone is different than them. Either way, it's challenging to overcome.

This only happened to me with one list which was "Reasons Why 2016 Was A Terrible Year For Music" and I did not like that list at all. Sometimes I just want to delete it, but other than that, my lists normally get positive feedback.

Negative feedback with each list means you have no reasons to defend it.

I receive almost no feedback actually.

10 You Make Racist or Sexist Lists

Who does this anyways? Although *cough*Most Hated Countries*cough is still the bane of this website's existence.

I am actually pretty politically neutral on TheTopTens

Cough cough top Ten stupidest countries cough cough

I hate seeing newjersey on 3 for worst places and seeing reasons to hate the United States

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11 You Constantly Insult People For Being "Stat Padders"
12 You Feed Trolls
13 You Made a List Saying that You're the Best TopTenner Ever

Actually I did the opposite LMFAO

Thebestuser did this and he's still thebestuser

14 You Have a Relentless Hatred Toward Justin Bieber

The hatred started on the internet when he was just a little 15 year old. He still had a little kids voice, looked like a ten year old. He then did some mad things, but he has calmed down now, more mature.

So please grow up haters.

Everyone hates him because - well, I can't really find a great reason! He's just another crappy pop-star, don't know what everyone is always up his anus.

All pop stars nowadays and 90s get hatred. Imagine if social media was around when Aaron Carter was singing. He was only nine when he became famous.


The hatred of him needs to stop. The people who say that are still hating on him even today.

God, this makes me angry.

15 You Have Unoriginal Ideas

I'll have to admit, most of my blog post series are unoriginal, but I do my best to give my own distinct feel when writing them.

Plenty of people have unoriginal ideas, including our favorite users that "take their time."

A lot of my ideas were inspired by other users, including AggressiveBlaze and his troll account BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo.

Don't we ALL have unoriginal ideas from time to time?

16 You Lied to Get Attention

No I didn't

17 You Don't Do Enough Research

I know I'm gonna lose a lot of followers by saying this, but I'm actually guilty of this. Mainly because I have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions (that and I've been suffering from headaches which have drained me of enough energy to take my time). I don't encourage anyone to jump to conclusions. Instead, take some time to do enough research and don't rush into making a list (something I need to know).

18 You Do Nothing But Hate on a Single Thing

Some of greatest users are Frozen haters. Others have better stuff to do then bash Frozen all the time

just don't hate. there you go. all fixed.

19 You Bash on Other User's Lists

It's fine to criticize people, just don't go overboard by telling them they should get off of the site or make death threats or something

20 You Bandwagon

Don't be like that. It's the Internet Nobody needs to like everybody and you have the freedom of speech.

Forgot "Are A"

21 You "Beat a Dead Horse"

What kind of monster would beat a dead horse!? That's horrible!

In other words, hating on something which’s completely irrelevant

22 You Have a Relentless Hatred Towards Barack Obama

Why wasn't this on the list yet? A lot of people on here hate Obama. Seriously, the hate for him has got to stop. I know he isn't the best president, but he isn't the worst. James Buchanan is the worst president. Also, think about how worse the country will be if Donald Trump gets elected. If that happens, come back and we'll talk. It's ironic how Turkeyasylum respects Obama and he isn't even American! Yet, Americans on here don't do just that! I apologize if anyone hates me for this, but I just needed to get this off my chest.

Seriously, I'm tired of people hating on Obama on this website. He's not even that bad and the problems he's dealing with right now is all because of George W. Bush. Also, it's sad a lot of popular users on here hate Obama. I guess I'm probably one of the only users who actually likes Obama.

In fact, I just saw another user put Barack Obama as number 1 on his remix of Top 10 Worst United States Presidents, recently... with James Buchanan at number 9. How stupid can this website get? Pure bias at its worst.

Just leave him alone already!

23 You Make a Lot of Mistakes

... Who doesn't make mistakes?

24 You Have a Relentless Hatred Toward a Good User on the Site

I don't hate anyone.

25 You're a Spam Voter

I am? I find that hard to believe

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