Top 10 Signs You're a Bad TheTopTens User

I honestly want to quit.

Hate me if you must. This needs to be said.

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1 You Attack Others for Their Opinions

How dare you not have my opinion! - sadical

I get attacked all the time - Breadwinnersislofe

I admit I might disrespect others opinions sometimes, and to that I'm sorry. - Pokemonfan10

In the list of Top ten reasons fortnite sucks I just say why the reasons are flawed and how a game being overrated doesn't make it bad, but it's cool if you don't like it, everyone is entitled to their opinions - B1ueNew

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2 You Don't Care About Quality

I'm trying to be brutally honest here but most of the list I see on the Newest tab are literally just redundant garbage with little to no effort to make at all. No love or dedication in it but just to make traffic. While the more detailed and intensive ones often go out of the radar and left unnoticed. Despite that however, these lists are what kept this site running for more material so it wouldn't be inactive. - Bolshoy_Brat

It's like abusing the quantity of your list, except that you don't care about what you say in relation to your item that you put on your list. - SwagFlicks

Leave man. I'm not saying I don't like you, I have no issue with you, but I feel you man, this site really declined, I'm retiring, you might as well retire now too. - Therandom

You should make lists and blogs at the right time - Nateawesomeness

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3 You Send Hate Messages Towards Other Users

Ah, yes. That's not a good thing to do at all. - Misfire

Very rude. - Luckys

That's not the purpose of messaging people. The purpose behind messaging is to interact positively and making new friends. People who send hate messages are people who should be banned. - TheDarkOne_221b

This is literally one of the most pathetic things anyone can do. Wasting your own time to make others feel worthless is so monstrous. - SwagFlicks

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4 You Add Irrelevant Subjects For The Criteria

But Magikarp is the most sexiest woman of all time I had to add her - styLIShT

I know I've done this.

No I don't - Breadwinnersislofe

5 You're Hypersensitive

Idiots who can't take criticism, jokes, different opinions, etc. - DarkBoi-X

I really need to stop being hypersensitive. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yet another crime committed by me.

Sont call me sensitive. You're hurting my feelings. - BeatlesFan1964

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6 You Make Racist or Sexist Lists

Who does this anyways? Although *cough*Most Hated Countries*cough is still the bane of this website's existence. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hate seeing newjersey on 3 for worst places and seeing reasons to hate the United States - Masterofal

7 You Don't Try to Understand Users
8 You Constantly Insult People For Being "Stat Padders"
9 You Constantly Abuse Quantity

I haven't made lists in a while because I realized I have fallen into this category. Hopefully this list will be a start in my rehabilitation.

Pointless things need to be struck out and thought over differently. - SwagFlicks

But dis coment hi qually, u no? - Cyri

Quality is a very important thing for lists and blogs - Nateawesomeness

I can think of a few - bobbythebrony

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10 You Have Unoriginal Ideas

Me in a nutshell.

I will admit that of all of the "high quality" users on the site, I probably have the least original ideas. However, even if my ideas are stale, I can spice it up a bit (usually with my musical inclination; probably the best on the site). - WonkeyDude98

Plenty of people have unoriginal ideas, including our favorite users that "take their time." - SwagFlicks

I'll have to admit, most of my blog post series are unoriginal, but I do my best to give my own distinct feel when writing them.

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The Newcomers

? You Always Write in Caps Lock

I’m looking at you, JUSTINBIEBERLOVER - IceBearRules

The Contenders

11 You Have a Relentless Hatred Toward Justin Bieber

Everyone hates him because - well, I can't really find a great reason! He's just another crappy pop-star, don't know what everyone is always up his anus. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak


The hatred of him needs to stop. The people who say that are still hating on him even today.

God, this makes me angry. - SwagFlicks

The hatred started on the internet when he was just a little 15 year old. He still had a little kids voice, looked like a ten year old. He then did some mad things, but he has calmed down now, more mature.

So please grow up haters.

I just don't like him and his music and I don't hate him because we should just move on

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12 You Made a List Saying that You're the Best TopTenner Ever
13 You Receive More Negative Feedback With Each List You Make

My two most recent ones - Camaro6

This one is obvious, but the constant negative feedback means that you've lost or are consistently losing all respect from the users of this website. That or people can't handle that someone is different than them. Either way, it's challenging to overcome. - SwagFlicks

This only happened to me with one list which was "Reasons Why 2016 Was A Terrible Year For Music" and I did not like that list at all. Sometimes I just want to delete it, but other than that, my lists normally get positive feedback.

Negative feedback with each list means you have no reasons to defend it.

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14 You Are a Troll

I've seen trolls and most can be really rude. Such as saying you're not a true fan if you like this. Those people should be banned. - TheDarkOne_221b

Trolls can actually be very hilarious and actually nice. I dislike users that have been rude to others and did terrible stuff like create offensive lists. Trolls may not like what we like, but they really provide entertainment to the website and make us laugh. But some trolls are just not funny and try too hard to be it.

It depends. Some trolls prove to be hilarious, but that's only a certain few.

No trolls are good.-LitSavage

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15 You Make Lists Trying to Dictate What Makes a "Good" or "Bad" User

It's actually better to make a post about it instead of a list. I believe it's more effective that way.

16 You Have a Relentless Hatred Towards Barack Obama

Why is Obama hated anyway? - GehennaTheSecond

Just leave him alone already! - Peppapigsucks

Why wasn't this on the list yet? A lot of people on here hate Obama. Seriously, the hate for him has got to stop. I know he isn't the best president, but he isn't the worst. James Buchanan is the worst president. Also, think about how worse the country will be if Donald Trump gets elected. If that happens, come back and we'll talk. It's ironic how Turkeyasylum respects Obama and he isn't even American! Yet, Americans on here don't do just that! I apologize if anyone hates me for this, but I just needed to get this off my chest. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Seriously, I'm tired of people hating on Obama on this website. He's not even that bad and the problems he's dealing with right now is all because of George W. Bush. Also, it's sad a lot of popular users on here hate Obama. I guess I'm probably one of the only users who actually likes Obama. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I do not hate Obama either to be honest, I actually kind if like him, I thought of him as an okay president. Andrew Jackson was much worse, he made the "Trail Of Tears" which was a cruel act to American Indians.

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17 You Do Nothing But Hate on a Single Thing

Some of greatest users are Frozen haters. Others have better stuff to do then bash Frozen all the time - 445956

18 You Define the Community Based On One Person

Half of the things on this list people are basing off of just a few comments they've seen, we're not all bad!

I wouldn't have had made this list if the reason was basically what you had just said. I've seen a lot of bad people and that's basically why I made this list. Because I've seen so many bad people. - SwagFlicks

You need to see many annoying people in the group to define the group bad - Nateawesomeness

And what person would that be?

Any person. Every person is entitled to their own opinion but generalizing based on that one person is stupid and immature. - SwagFlicks

If you see my profile, you may see that I have picked out key people as people I find my least favorite. They're my least favorite, not the community. You say the community is nice based on your friends; bitch, you haven't seen the people I've seen. They make me want to just give up on humanity right there on the spot. - SwagFlicks

19 You Provide No "Logos"

Logos - argument from reason

Many of you provide literally no legitimate argument in your comments when you are trying to prove something.

Wow, rhetoric is fun. - SwagFlicks

I provide logos on my lists - Nateawesomeness

If you hate something, like Justin Bieber, with "Logos" plus "ethos" and "pathos", then you aren't a bad TopTenner at all.

I agree with this - comments like "X is the best. enough said", haha. - Metal_Treasure

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20 You Make Lists Criticizing Lists That Contain a Different Opinion Than Yours

I remember making one months ago, just how much I regret about it... - SamuiNeko

As long as you have the arguments, it's fine.

I only did this once, and I hope I never do it again.

I've done this too many times.

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21 You Abuse the Stats
22 You Say Something Bad About a User Who is Decreased

This list is a hypocrite you complain that some users attack opinions yet this is on here - Hummingbirdf

I think you mean "deceased."
I only heard of one deceased TopTenner, and I didn't even know her content well. How do I say something bad?

23 You Bandwagon

Don't be like that. It's the Internet Nobody needs to like everybody and you have the freedom of speech. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Forgot "Are A" - Neonco31

24 You Don't Do Enough Research

I know I'm gonna lose a lot of followers by saying this, but I'm actually guilty of this. Mainly because I have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions (that and I've been suffering from headaches which have drained me of enough energy to take my time). I don't encourage anyone to jump to conclusions. Instead, take some time to do enough research and don't rush into making a list (something I need to know).

25 You Never Shut Up About Something You Hate

That was me a few months ago with What About Us! - allamassal

26 You Have a Relentless Hatred Toward a Good User on the Site
27 You're Childish and Bigoted
28 You Make a Lot of Mistakes

... Who doesn't make mistakes? - SpectralOwl

29 You Always Use the Term "Overrated" When Talking About Something You Hate
30 You Submit Dimash Kudaibergen to Every List

Dimash who? - 3DG20

31 You're a Spam Voter
32 You Lied to Get Attention
33 You Get Your Panties in a Wad Over Things that Don't Really Impact You

AKA: this list. - purpleyoshi98

34 You Hate Indie Games for No Apparent Reason Other Than That They're Popular
35 You Hate on Perfectly Good Video Games for the Stupidest of Reasons
36 You're Bitterly Biased Against Certain Video Games, TV Shows, etc.

I hate Sanjay and Craig.

37 You Overuse Exclamation Points

Yeah, I don't really like when people do spam exclamation points, especially when it takes up more than a whole space. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't caer I can put as mane exclamatin poynts as I want! - CrypticMemory

38 You Have a Downright Ridiculous Obsession with a Certain Fictional Character

"I want to snuggle UmJammer Lammy and then live in her brain" - xandermartin98

39 You attack entertainment for girls.

Yeah, stop hating on girly things, people - Nonpointed

40 You Put Your Least Favourite TopTenners in Your Bio

It’s okay not to like certain users. I think everyone has at least one they don’t particularly agree with, but to me, putting a list of your least favourite users in your bio just feels like a way to stir up beef with the users you put on it, and it’s not only childish, but unnecessary. - 3DG20

41 You Feed Trolls
42 You Make This List

Oh, the irony.

True though - BlazingPhoenix

43 You Put Princess Peach As Worst Mario Character

Huh? I don't really like Peach because she gets kidnapped so many times and after Mario saves her she doesn't improve the security and just don't care. Well at least she doesn't twerk - AlphaQ

44 People Hate You

Yes, yes they do. - saturatedsunrise

That's me right now.

Some people can't stand me and my opinions with a burning passion. Just because of my opinions. Example I say I don't like this about [Insert something that is almost loved by everyone here]
Most People go crazy over it. But some people agree with it. Does this make me bad user? It doesn't I just told my opinion on something and people thinks that I'm the devil or something - Aguythatpeopleignores

45 You Have Condescending Wonka as Your Profile Picture
46 You Have a Sense of Humor

What’s bad about that?

47 You Hate Good Movies
48 You Always Make Justin Bieber Jokes
49 You Hate Things Almost Solely Because of Their Fandoms
50 You Call Things "Infamous" Just Because You Personally Have a Negative Opinion Toward Them
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1. You Attack Others for Their Opinions
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1. You Attack Others for Their Opinions
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3. You're Hypersensitive
1. You Attack Others for Their Opinions
2. You Constantly Abuse Quantity
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