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1 Fairy Law

It is a black magic that zeref taught to fairy tails first master mavis

Fairy tail law is very amusing, impressive, and very strong that only fairy tail master can use

I think fairy law, because it defeats the casters enemies and protects the one he/she loves and cares about. But I rly hate how The master didn't use it while everyone was being attacked by Acnologia. I mean seriously.. why didn't he use it?!?!

... IF I were to retire I would pick gray as a guild master and teach him fairy law... that would be awesome...3.

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2 Dragon Force

Stronger than fairy law because fairy law only effects true darkness and true enemies but dragon force effects anyone and with enough power in the dragon slayer it could be the most deadly and powerful attack

A stupendously powerful state of Dragon Slayer where Natsu's strength and speed increase a hundredfold and dragon scales form on his face. His power is such that Natsu was able to defeat Jellal, a former member of the Ten Wizard Saints. This state is first invoked when he ate highly unstable lacrima crystals infused with magic from the extremely powerful Aetherion satellite (or the R-System, or Tower of Heaven, whatever you would like to call it) and again when he ate the Flame of Rebuke. After eating the Flame of Rebuke, it was stated by Zero that Natsu has not gained full control or power of this ability. Even without it's full power, Natsu stated that his power has doubled or tripled in this form.

Dragon force is the power of an actual dragons and it was said that dragons were the strongest creatures on earth so therefore magic exactly likes theirs would automatically be the strongest.

Although dragon force is strong when sting used it on Natsu and gajeel it barly scratched them

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3 Fairy Glitter


It is the one that is given by mavis to cana. It was cool. But it's too bad it didn't work on bluenote.

4 Arc of Time

Time Arc magic CONTROLS TIME! It's really hard to master and a lost magic! It's my favorite magic. Go Ultear!



5 Fairy Sphere

It protected the island from Acnologia's attacks. Enough said.

I think fairy sphere should be number 1 because this spell protected everyone of fairytail from acnologia, s attacks

6 Sense Link

It is pretty strond cause its like Karma. What you give its what you take. Even Zeref would die if he shotted his ball at the user of the Sense Link

I hadn't thought of that

7 Heavenly Body Magic

I love astronomy! And Jellal's both powerful and awesome. This should be way higher. - Goku02

How can this not be up there?

In my opinion Heavenly body magic is more destructive and powerful than DS magic of any other spells...Of course other magic are also strong but...when it comes to destruction this must ranked 1st

8 Aquarius
9 Celestial Spirit King

He is pretty damn op

10 Dark Ball

Anything it touches is dead.. What can you ask for more

It is mira's attack

It's a move that zeref uses its really affective - Jahni200

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11 Gray Sama Love

Lol. A weird funny magic name. but it is strong - liong

Got to hand it toy you. By the way Juvia had mastered this move - Gabster

By far the strongest.. - Eva-san

Yes I know what your talking about. Juvia can use it because she used it when she fought meredy. You know it if you watched the episode against grimoire heart

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12 Urano Metria

It is powerful, but it takes too much time to cast in my opinion. If Lucy fought against speedy opponents like Jellal, he would just 'Meteor' to dodge it easily. Not that JELLAL would lose to Lucy under any circumstances anyway, just take him as an example as he's one of the characters with the best speed feats in the entire series. - Goku02

The Ultimate Star Spell.. What a kick ass spell!

This spell is a spell that will K. O anybody in one blow

Survey the Heaven, Open the Heaven...
All the stars, far and wide...
Show me thy appearance...
With such shine.
O Tetrabiblos...
I am the ruler of the stars...
Aspect became complete...
Open thy malevolent gate.
O 88 Stars of the heaven...
Urano Metria!

13 Death Magic

Why is death magic 15? It'd death magic it screws you over

14 Dragon Slayer Magic


Best magic ever

It's awesome

Acnologia and natsu are dragon slayers and they are ridiculously strong. stronger than mavis and zeref

15 Devil Slayer Magic

Bru this is a tank magic type, it should be like 3rd

If E.N.D is the strongest thing/demon in fairy tail then this is the only magic capable of slaying him and here it is in the 20th place, SERIOUSLY...

16 Requip

Yeah I think requip should be a " powerful" move as its allow different armours with different specifications against enemies. And I like it because erza uses this magic

This should be on the strongest!

I like erza because she can make any armors that she can

17 Lucy Kick!!

Lucy kick >>> Acnologia


It can take down Gray and/or Natsu. Boosh. - FennikenFan9

Lucy rules the world!

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18 Unison Raid

Awsomw Kick ass power

19 Take Over
20 Super Long Distance Anti-Material Magic Cannon

This is WAY more powerful than Jupiter and almost blew up the guild.

21 Ankhseram Black Magic

You are all wrong, Ankhseram Black Magic it destroys everything.

22 Etherion
23 Grimoire Law

It is as powerful as number one so it should be number two

24 Yami No Ecriture

Ultimate magic which can do almost anything

25 Crash

Crash magic crushes all

26 Gravity Magic
27 Maker Magic

Ice make, memory make all the things count

How is maker magic so low

28 Gray's Dance Moves
29 Mass Manipulation


30 Kamehameha

What Kamehameha is a DBZ technique not Fairy Tail. If it was though, it trumps all. - Goku02

31 Lightning Flame Dragon Mode
32 Seith Magic

Rarely seen but it was capable of assisting Freed win against Rustyrose

33 Solid Script

It a quite strong magic it will happen whatever levy write. - liong

This a strong magic. can make anything she want - liong

34 Curse Power

Enhance their senses + make them torture themself is pretty scary...

35 Blazing Fire Dragon Mode

Is cause a extremrly heat and give zeref scary face...
natsu is the best.
natsu can defeat zeref with this power.

36 Age Seal

It comes with a god soul too!

Age seal can stop time...This is the magic of one of the 12 Dimaria

37 Ice Make
38 God Slayer Magic
39 Earth Punch

A hella Punch

40 Iced Shell

Ice made from the caster's body, can't be melted.

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