Top 10 Strongest Minecraft Mobs

Not Including Removed mobs such as Herobrine and Human and all mobs are from Vanilla Minecraft

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1 The Queen

This is not the strongest mob because the ultimate king and the wendigo are stronger.

I think the queen should be 2nd

It's the strongest mob

I like the quwen

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2 The King

This is weird the king must be number1 because of the ultimate king

The greatest person ever in Minecraft

He is way stronger than the queen


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3 Wendigo

It killed the ultimate king

The wendigo is so op

This is buy far the strongest mob EVER

Wendigo should be #1 but it cheats pay attention it spawns leeches artic scorpions and a chance of duplicating itself

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4 Player/Steve

Players are not a mob they play Minecraft and they don't have limited intelligence either - handel

Um, like, Steve can basically kill anyone because he is YOU! So you can like, install mobs and stuff or put on armor and slay everyone on this list.

Steve is the best you can play as him and lots other cool things

Man,this list doesn't include Herobrine,his not even removed,i just killed him in 27 october

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5 Godzilla

Wow all these mobs are strong but don't forget about updating! ! There, s a mod coming out soon. Well igues that I should talk about godzilla. Godzilla is really strong! !

6 Minecraft Steve Minecraft Steve
7 Ender Dragon

I think the wither is more powerful than the ender dragon cause when you fight him you usually do it with range so he can't get hits on you

8 Wither Skeleton

Wither is pretty good but there are bosses that are way more powerful

Just my opinion

So please don't hate

This shouldn't even be in the top ten


9 Arctic Scorpion


10 Mobzilla V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Giant

When the Giant and Wither Boss fought each other they tied twice and the giant won the other...

So the giant should be 3rd - Epd12

12 Elder Guardian

The elder guardian is so easy to kill if you have depth strider


13 Burning Godzilla

Are you kidding me? He should be 5 or 6

14 Charged Creeper V 1 Comment
15 Iron Golem

I like iron golems becuse they protect us and very strong

It is beast

16 Witherzilla

Witherzilla is the strongest mob in Minecraft he can kill the king and also the queen and windigo he is the best

17 The Emperor Scorpion

How is the emperor scorpion strong! It could not even kill the artic scorpion


18 Creeper

Creepers and Endermen work together forever!

19 Akura Vashimu
20 King Bowser V 1 Comment
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1. The Queen
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1. Player/Steve
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