Best Teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup


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21 Greece V 1 Comment
22 Croatia

Nice team very hardworking

23 Ghana

Ghana will reach semi final and even make it to the final to be on the world heroic teams and put smile on the face of African citizens. Ghana is you turn because it they time.

Best team Africa has had in any world cup so far they will make it to the semi finals even go on to win it and make history for the first time.

They almost did last time, best African soccer team so far. Hope they win. They are young and string

Ghana is the best they should beat usa 2 times wow

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24 Iran

Best Team I See In The World Cup.
You Must Be See The Game Iran Vs Argentina To UnderStand Me. - RaminLp

25 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ya you have the potential

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26 Algeria

Algeria are the best because they are going to beat every country in group H

27 Northern Ireland
28 India V 1 Comment
29 Nigeria

Probably best team put together with structure and organisation. Hungry and determined players compared with previous outings.

Assuredly, they'll surprise the best in 2014 wold cup. Predicted to reach the last 8 in the tournament.

I believe in the Nigerian squad. They enjoy a team-spirit and have a determined and hardworking coach.

Nigerian team will pull surprises. The players are hungry for goal, I can see team play

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30 Russia
31 Switzerland
32 Ivory Coast
33 Honduras
34 Cameroon
35 Canada

You should have made it.

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