Top 10 Teams That Deserve to Win the 2018 FIFA World Cup


The Top Ten

1 Netherlands

Deserve? Yes. 2018? Maybe, maybe not 2018, maybe a future one, but Netherlands probably does deserve a victory in the world cup sometime. Will they win 2018? Doubt it. Will they at least qualify? Possibly, possibly not, depends if they're able to get second place in their qualifying group, be within the top 8 second places of the UEFA qualifiers and on who their opponents will be in the play-offs if they make it here.

Orange is life the sea of orange will feel the World Cup in 2018

HOLLAND ALL THE WAY! They just have to win! They have been to three finals, have great players, and are awesome! Plus you gotta love that orange #seaoforanje - yoloeee

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2 Argentina

Argentina will rise again, after three lost in final. And if you know being second in major tournament means you have gone to next level. Let Messi comeback after retirement ARGENTINA SURELY NEW CHAMPIONS OF WORLD!

I go for Argentina and Brazil, I honestly don't know which one team to pick. But I don't think the Netherlands deserves to win, good thing Germany won. - AnimeDrawer

It has got the touch of best players and after losing three comprehensive finals they would surely win the world cup

They will beat the world

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3 Brazil

Getting betters players so they have a chance to win the 2018 world cup

Yo what are you talking about.Brazil had the best player of all time,Pele.

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4 France
5 Portugal
6 Germany
7 Belgium V 1 Comment
8 Italy
9 England
10 Wales

The Contenders

11 Uruguay
12 Chile

Most dynamic team in South America

13 Ghana
14 United States
15 India V 1 Comment
16 San Marino

San Marino all the way

Sure, why not

17 Canada
18 Spain
19 Norway
20 Greece
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