France & Mexico, Portugal Struggled qualifying for the world cup & there ranked higher then Colombia then. Colombia made it second in there qualifications & not only that they Beat Belgium 2-0 in there home. What a shut out? There ranked #4 by FIFA & a lot of there players play in big teams in Europe.
Colombia is Beast.

Colombia knows how to play fair and doesn't need to play dirty to win a game, and we can see that when they won against Uruguay on Saturday. Even though this is only their second time entering the World cup, they know how to play and have fun with it. Every time they have a game you can expect that stadium to be filled with yellow! Colombia hasn't lost a single game and we can say the next challenger will be going home, as well.

Colombia has proved that they can do it. The are strong and maybe they don't have star players like Brazil, Argentina, Spain and more but they have the guts and they're willing to try and do their best. They play as a team all united they cheer up the stadium they dance they smile they laugh they bring joy to peoples faces and maybe they do have a chance to be at the quarter finals.

Solid team, has a tremendous coach that made it possible for colombia to go to the world cup, and has awesome player known in Europe and have the best game quality

Great team, with awesome players that are having a big time in Europe like Radamel Falcao, James Rodriguez, they have a great goalkeeper, a little troubles in defense but they all are in a great condition with a strong lead

I think they have a fantastic team this time around. They have proved themselves against Greece and showed they can still do very well without Falcao. The team is just so good looking, number 10 James Rodriguez is a gorgeous looking man. I wish they will go far, they deserve it.

Colombia should be down in the top five we can hold our own against European teams and if any country can do that they deserve to get in the World Cup and Portugal is just a little overrated but not too much. Colombia plays with respect and leadership. We deserve to win

Good bye Uruguay!, james rodriguez proved his worth with a tremendous long distance volley!, the kid is awesome! The team is solid, skilfull and plays the ball really well, like they did it in their second goal against Uruguay, watch juan cuadrado, he is also very talented, they enjoy what they do, love their dances and overall positive attitude, hope they can put a great match against Brazil, and hope they can win, its time to see other teams and nations on the soccer spotlight, Colombia you deserve good things, blessings from a viking fan!

Check the FIFA World Ranking after the first round and take a look for yourself. Then you must think about before making your predictions of teams that already gone form this world cup. But Colombia will take the cup Brazil 2014... Viva Colombia

The only team that has convinced me so far in the world cub is Colombia, they play as a team and I have enjoyed every one of their games, I am predicting the final will be between Colombia and Argentina and Colombia will win 2-1

Colombia is going to make the difference in this tournament... History is against them but this team is a different one from 1990, if anything they have an entire country behind them. I expect Colombia to be in the top 8.

Colombia is a great team they beat Greece 3-0 they beat ivory coast 2-1 they beat Japan 1-4 and they beat Uruguay 2-0 they might have a chance to beat Brazil and win the world cup. Colombia has great strikers and honestly I think the best one they have is James Rodriguez. Also even without falcao Colombia is a great team and they show a lot of teamwork and who can forget there celebration dance moves they are the best. So Colombia definitely has a chance to win the world cup #Colombiacandothis #Colombiaisthebest

Unknown, brilliant, attacking, fearless and pretty much at home. Brazil flatter, Argentina too, Colombia are really South America's hopes this time. And for Colombia for once, they're not just being overrated.

I think Colombia should win because they should also have the chance to win for the first time. It wouldn't be fair if other team win and not Colombia unless Colombia doesn't tried the best that they can do.

Has anyone actually seen these guys playing so far? Granted, they were in a weak group, but they've rampaged through them and will do the same to Uruguay soon. Definitely underrated

Colombia is a team not very known but shining behind everyone else. still I think that they have a huge chance in winning the world cup this year.

Well... They're in the quarter finals, they haven't lost a game yet and James has scored more than any other player in the tournament. And they don't even have Falcao.

Colombia has to be in the top 4 teams, and please remove immediately england, Spain and Portugal, and soon you must remove Uruguay and Mexico

Colombia also has more of a chance of winning then Mexico, Portugal, etc. because Colombia's neighbor is Brazil

A lot of the teams mentioned above are already disqualified. Also, Colombia's performance has been impeccable during the whole cup

Literally the best goalie in the entire world cup. The best shooter James Rodriguez, and the best victory dance laugh out loud.

All of You are WRONG Colombia is MY country and I know for a fact that we will win not Germany or Brazil I'll even ver money on it

Colombia has the best player and they have not lost one game so. Anyway I'm from New York but my family is from Colombia so haha

They are doing so well, they can win and they have Rodriguez so lets see what happens between Neymar and Rodriguez

They are the dark horses. DO NOT underestimate them. Even if Falcao is out they will do fine